"9 18 turns " , is crankshaft machined why so difficult?

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Crankshaft is one of core component of car engine, its quality is deciding the character of service of engine and life greatly, affect what to the car truckload fuel economy, environmental protection discharges to amount to mark rate directly. The crankshaft in the job can be rotated the joint action of the aeriform force of the centrifugal force of quality, periodic change and force of move back and forth, make crankshaft bears curve the action that reverses load, this is about to beg crankshaft not only should have enough strength and stiffness, even exterior wear-resisting, job sex of even, balance is good, the target of two crucial quality that became crankshaft because of this appearance outline and surface roughness. When machining crankshaft so, choice appropriative emery wheel and car mill get cutting tool ability to assure to produce efficiency and quality better. Give emery wheel of CBN of bond of pottery and porcelain of everybody introduction 3M VT and Xiamen Jin Lu today Che Xi gets cutting tool. Emery wheel of CBN of bond of 3M VT pottery and porcelain 1.

Emery wheel of CBN of bond of pottery and porcelain of 3M VT of treatment craft, solution introduction used brand-new bond system, adhesion is stronger, the organization is opener, distinctive stomatic technology can provide all sorts of stomatic thickness and assure to organize in-house stoma to distributing more even. Coequal union strength, can raise an organization to open thereby with fewer bond degree, the machine tool of grinding loss of efficiency that raises emery wheel is laden, reduce the exterior cut that Zhen Wen risk, burn risk and scrap or small grain bring about. This emery wheel still used metallograph of organization of emery wheel of CBN of bond of VT of emery wheel of CBN of bond of 3M VT pottery and porcelain to section type is designed and be stuck receive technology. Of section type expect a design is OK the control with accurate essence expects a dimension, get used to the demand of appearance of all sorts of emery wheel form thereby, individual expect a design and appearance of integral feed group are compared, when suppress, in-house density is evener; Overall material utilization factor of production process Central Plains is high, fire becomes a useful person rate is higher; In later period use process if produce accident collision, the makings that can change to be destroyed piece, and do not need to discard as useless whole emery wheel. Emery wheel of CBN of bond of 3M VT pottery and porcelain has what this locality changes to supply catenary and production, reduce effectively cost and shorten date of delivery, later period is safeguarded and technical support also has actual effect sex more. Above character made sure emery wheel of CBN of bond of 3M VT pottery and porcelain is in the working procedure of grinding of neck of connecting rod of & of main shaft neck of crankshaft offer taller, stabler workpiece quality, lower sheet cost and shorter date of delivery. After in polishing working procedure, most the company also offerred the 3M that advances accurate polish idea first to be able to offer a series of chosen products, among them inside course of study most commonly used for 372L, 373L and 382L these a few kinds of film are carried on the back base abrade product, they already were used by place of manufacturer of each old car engine widely. With the tradition that is back radical with paper or cloth arenaceous belt is compared, filmy back base arenaceous belt more apply to include car engine bent axle inside all sorts of accurate treatment industries. (see figure below filmy back base abrade product, abrade product mixes cloth radical paper radical is abrade the contrast of the product) the characteristic of this kind of arenaceous belt is it is back radical with high grade polyester film, use electrostatic plant arenaceous, implementation mine is arenaceous the normal school with convergence. Because film is carried on the back base unusual level off, use in lubricating fluid of refrigeration of ability in swimming at the same time won't appear the systole of tradition arenaceous belt, be out of shape wait for blemish problem, so film is carried on the back base arenaceous belt can supply consistent part in machining a process bright and clean degree, even cutting function and very good circularity, form tolerancepublic errand and size control ability. 2.

Machine name of example spare parts: 2.

0T engine data of hardware of 4 crocks of crankshaft: Forged steel processes a type: Equipment of grinding of neck of connecting rod of & of main shaft neck: Crankshaft grinding is special the machine tool is abrade product: 167VT of neck of main shaft of solution of application of emery wheel of VT bond CBN reduces sheet cost, eliminate 177VT of neck of connecting rod of neck of cut main shaft to reduce sheet cost grinding parameter processes a type: Equipment of crankshaft surface polish: Crankshaft polisher is abrade product: Back radical arenaceous belt handles 372L, 373L and 382L film actually parameter: Feed Index Length: 20mm pressure Clamping Pressure: 100PSI speed Velocity: 100RPM oscillatory Oscillation: Working Time of 1/8 bandwidth time: 20 seconds press a hardness Shoes’Hardness: > limited company of alloy of 90 special type, it is the mainstay business with subordinate Inc. of Xiamen tungsten course of study, held water 1989. The company is had arrive from tungsten pink, carbonization tungsten pink, hard alloy the whole industry catenary of cutting tool, it is supplier of famous tungsten pink, carbonization tungsten pink and exporter, the manufacturer that also is high quality hard alloy and accurate cutting tool and service business. 1.

Crankshaft of treatment craft, solution introduction machines a solution: Wait for place in the light of differ in roll end diameter of main shaft neck, connecting rod neck, crankshaft, oily aperture, comfortable the Che Xi that matchs contented client operating mode gets cutting tool to undertake machining, following plan institute are shown. Crankshaft machines a solution 2.

Appearance of treatment difficulty crankshaft is irregular, mental allowance is big and inhomogenous, its material is steel of high strenth structure or iron of ball Tie Zhu more, treatment difficulty is great. Neck of crankshaft main shaft and connecting rod neck are used inside mill or outside treatment of private plane of mill bit body, treatment contrail is complex, bit body diameter is big, the biggest diameter can amount to 1000mm, the amount that hold a knife is much, the 5~10 that is groovy milling razor blade times, to the structure of bit body and razor blade function of precision of design, treatment, cutting has higher demand. 3.

The mill inside aigret of gold of treatment method Xiamen uses high accuracy, tall rigid cutter hub, tie-in LNE razor blade, realize efficient treatment, mill uses high accuracy to exceed close tine bit body outside, realize high speed, efficient treatment. Already rolled out CS1 and CS2 series razor blade at present, among them intensity of point of a knife of CS1 series razor blade is high, apply to treatment of crankshaft of large surplus diesel engine, point of CS2 series blade is sharp, apply to gasoline engine and treatment of crankshaft of small-sized diesel engine. Razor blade of series of CS2 of CS1 series razor blade 4.

Machine name of example spare parts: Crankshaft hardware data: SAE1538MV, hardness 27~33HRC machine tool: Means of refrigeration of special machine tool: Dry cut treatment type: Mill machines cutting tool outside: LNE141109M, LNE221107M, parameter of cutting of tie-in GK4125 brand: Vc=220m/min, f=0.

37mm/r, ap=1.



Cutting tool advantage and aigret of effect Xiamen gold the bit body of mill of inside and outside to diametical 150~750mm, axial and control of radial and jumpy precision are in 0.


03mm, accept common reach adjustable clip of milling cutter of type essence of life is custom-built, precision of dimension of key of dimension of crankshaft razor blade can amount to ±0.

01mm, consistency controls a standard 0.

008mm. The razor blade of the 2 mill outside the paragraph that collocation of bit body of LH of the mill outside this case is not demarcate to make, among them life of LNE141109M razor blade promotes 1100 800 times by set, life of LNE221107M razor blade promotes 2200 1600 times by set, work measure and exterior quality satisfy client requirement, wear away normally to birthday razor blade, help client reduces the cost that use a knife. Razor blade of machine tool of treatment effect treatment wears away to achieve major of limited company of intelligent science and technology to produce the engine that note model to rich of sea of birthday Dongguan city normally Piao carries robot of spot welding of Piao of equipment of automation of special manipulator etc model Piao is general-purpose robot Piao is robot Piao spray. Our company make Piao assemble Piao to sell Piao to serve Piao to offer solution of first-rate whole automation and service Piao integratedly to apply extensively at the domain such as home appliance of Piao of car of Piao of electronic Piao communication for the client from Piao of product program design. Offer high quality Piao for plastic industry efficient the automation product with Piao reasonable price. Average project: The research and development of intelligent robot; Industrial robot is made; Industrial robot installation, maintenance; Industrial robot is sold; Intelligent foundation makes equipment sale; Intelligent foundation makes equipment; Unit of industrial automation system is made; Unit of industrial automation system is sold; Instrument appearance is made; Intelligent apparatus appearance is sold; Electric power electron yuan parts of an apparatus is made; Electric power electron yuan sale of parts of an apparatus; Common and mechanical equipment installs a service; Network and information safety software are developed; Development of technical service, technology, technology seeks advice, technical communication, technology is made over, technical promotion; Goods imports and exports; Technical imports and exports. Lathe of acting nicety CNC, CNC milling machine, gear oil Piao of oily Piao of main shaft of oily Piao of slideway of oily Piao of hydraulic pressure of CNC grinder sale compresses engine oil Piao conduction oil Piao is antirust Piao of vavuum pump oil of Piao of engine oil of pneumatics of Piao of engine oil of scintilla of quenching oil Piao of oily Piao of oily Piao emulsification shapes metal of oily Piao of oily Piao drawing machines oily Piao. CNC Milling