Ball guide screw deputy reach scroll standard of linear slideway deputy experiment and test facilities

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By Nanjing manage is versed in the university takes the lead, combine enterprise of bibcock of component of function of scroll of domestic much home to be carried out jointly " research and development of technology of general character of component of function of scroll of machine tool of high-grade numerical control " task, with " build system of system of theory of foundation of component of domestic scroll function and standard, solve scroll function component to stabilize batch to produce crucial technology issue and dependability project problem " for the target, ensure implementation industry innovates independently the promotion of ability, drive component of homebred scroll function to satisfy the applied requirement of machine tool of high-grade numerical control stage by stage. Since this task is carried out at the beginning of 2012 oneself, college of Nanjing grain industry rolls the current situation with standard and defective method experiments related functional component in the light of home, combine company of component of function of domestic mainstream roll, made ball guide screw jointly deputy, scroll is linear slideway deputy relevant precision and function experiment method. Current, unit of this task collaboration already held relative standard seminar for many times, compose 12 ball guide screw deputy, scroll is linear slideway deputy test and experiment standard, needing application state level, specific include: " guide screw of ball of high speed nicety deputy the first part: Function experiment standard " , " term of dependability of scroll function component and symbol " , " standard of experiment of deputy dependability of ball guide screw " , " deputy precision of ball guide screw maintains sexual experiment standard " , " standard of experiment of deputy function of ball guide screw " , " ball guide screw deputy rated and dynamic carry on one's shoulder or back, and " roll linear slideway deputy dependability experiments standard " , " roll linear slideway deputy precision maintains sexual experiment standard " , " roll linear slideway deputy function experiments standard " , " scroll is linear slideway deputy rated and dynamic carry on one's shoulder and standard of fatigue life test " with " scroll is linear slideway. Combinative ball guide screw deputy, scroll is linear slideway deputy test and experiment standard, developed corresponding ball guide screw deputy, scroll is linear slideway deputy function detects, precision holds gender, dependability and life test unit. The structure that is aimed at afore-mentioned test facilities innovates, apply for 11 to invent patent in all, practical and new-style patent 10. Nod one introduction to structure of each testing stand and innovation now. Scroll slideway precision maintains testing stand of gender, dependability the main use of this series testing stand is: Check condition of certain to load to issue linear guide deputy precision maintains a gender, the precision that falls to operating condition maintains a gender to undertake experiment test and verify; Below to load condition, real time checks linear slideway to walk deputily parallelism (include the parallelism alignment error inside plane is made the same score with water inside perpendicular plane) metabolic quantity. This series testing stand includes: Use at detecting the light-duty precision of slideway maintains sexual testing stand under 55 norms, and the heavy-duty precision that is used at 55 norms above or roller linear slideway maintains sexual testing stand. Its are main the structure is shown 1 times like the graph. The technical characteristic of this series testing stand is: Use means of symmetrical to load, to load force is mutual and quits, improved the life of testing stand; Can realize a hand to move upright disappear to carry to load unoccupied placely, automatically, the biggest to load measures 15t, can assure to load precision through high accuracy force transducer; Use can change design of pressure head of much position to load, can get used to a variety of to load mode at the same time; Slide block workbench deserves to high accuracy is not osculatory displacement sensor on the face, but slideway of real time monitoring deputy precision changes, linear repeats precision to amount to 0.

02 μ M; Measure accuse depart, numerical control system is in charge of athletic control, labour accuses the machine data that finish to collect with the analysis. Slideway life and rated and dynamic testing stand of carry on one's shoulder the main use of this testing stand is: Linear to the target slideway deputy have batch exhaustion life test, include: Determine condition of certain to load issues linear guide deputy actual and fatigue life, the full life test below the operating condition that finish or quicken life test; Deputy to linear slideway below standard condition nominal rated and dynamic carry on one's shoulder undertakes test and verify; Detect the oscillatory noise signal when condition of linear slideway deputy exhaustion, draw fatigue feature. Structure of this testing stand is shown 2 times like the graph, among them, to load orgnaization is comprised by proportioning valve of crock of two kinds of hydraulic pressure, feedback and accumulator, can provide the to load power of 30t greatly most, prep above of to load precision 5% ; Procrastinate use a system by electromotor, reducer, boil sell gear and adjustment composition, can offer the thrust of 13990N, the biggest linear velocity is amounted to 1.

3m/s; Use can change turn receive board, face 35 ~ all sorts of model slideway of 65, can have a test to 3 pairs of slideway at the same time at most. Nextpage rolls this testing stand basically uses testing stand of linear slideway deputy integral performance at detecting length ≤ 3m, norms 35 ~ the linear slideway of 65 deputy function index and precision index, specific include: Attrition force, noise, temperature rise, acceleration, vibration and athletic precision. Structure of this testing stand is shown 3 times like the graph, among them, the lathe bed structure of granite ensured the test is fiducial precision of form decrescent, test is tall; Can measure slide block photograph to slideway roll corner, slant place horn and pitch angle, adopt linear electromotor drive, can measure the performance data that gets high speed to fall; Slip and float connection is used between the slide block that be measured, can measure inside vertical plane and horizontal walk parallelism; Measure a design gently procrastinate move mesa by the world top class linear electromotor procrastinates use systematic drive, peak value speed can amount to 5m/s, acceleration 3g; Workbench face layout of two side semmetry, the installation on its has sensor of displacement of 6 high accuracy, can measure two groups of slideway independently at the same time. This testing stand basically is aimed at testing stand of deputy dependability of ball guide screw the ball guide screw of 170mm of ≤ of external diameter of 63mm of ≤ of guide screw external diameter, nut and 2000mm of ≤ of length of part of guide screw whorl deputy undertake dependability experiment test and verify. This testing stand is had be measured the condition of a lubricant, refrigeration and imitate work to load, can detect the vibration when condition of deputy exhaustion of ball guide screw and noise signal, collect diagnostic signal. This testing stand involves two patent technologies. The graph shows the structural sketch map that is this testing stand 4 times. Among them, to load system is comprised by the servo electromotor of 15kW and dynamic torque sensor, can be opposite from two direction to load of the guide screw that be measured, 2t of force of the biggest to load, still can measure output torque in real time at the same time; The nut of special design is propped up and system of internal force to load, can get used to the nut of different type; Head end props up unit stretch awl to cover a design, union can slide rear push frame, can satisfy fixed - fixed, fixed - free, fixed - impending the test test demand of all sorts of length guide screw of means of 3 kinds of installation, can raise imitate beforehand drawing platform. Deputy precision of ball guide screw maintains sexual testing stand the experiment target that this precision maintains sexual testing stand agrees basically with afore-mentioned dependability testing stand, the structure is shown 5 times like the graph, its lathe bed, guide screw secures the likeness of structure and system of guide screw drive and dependability testing stand, distinction depends on: High accuracy was installed to grow grating and round magnetism bar on head wearing, can detect in real time precision change circumstance; Used two-way and double stranded steel cable structure and tensile balance structure, the change of load of axial move back and forth that will last is torque load and can give bring to bear on, union pulls force transducer to constitute closed circuit pattern, make the precision that use power is achieved 2% . Be based on above characteristic, this testing stand is used at precision to maintain sexual experiment test and verify commonly, determine namely deputy precision maintains guide screw of the ball below condition of certain to load quality. Testing stand of deputy integral performance of ball guide screw is aimed at the issue that at present home lacks deputy integral performance of ball guide screw to check test facilities, on the foundation that in integrated above innovation of each testing stand nods, deploy grating of torque of acceleration, noise, temperature, lukewarm displacement, static state, dynamic torque and high accuracy to wait for sensor through be on testing stand of deputy integral performance of ball guide screw, realized the function index such as deputy to ball guide screw precision, tigidity and load to have the objective of synchronous monitoring. Testing stand structure is shown 6 times like the graph, the head remaining part that used special design props up unit and nut to support unit, among them, head end props up unit to use stretch awl to cover a design, satisfied bear the weight of the functional requirement of big axial force, went to the lavatory of experiment object change often; The nut unit that prop up can satisfy high speed and low speed requirement of two kinds of operating mode, the static torque sensor that installs among them, can be in bear the weight of below big axial load, real time reacts nut tightens the metabolic condition of force beforehand. Guide screw of epilogue high speed, burden, accurate ball and linear slideway are machine tool of high-grade numerical control the main element of athletic drive, the discretion of its level affects the performance of machine tool of high-grade numerical control directly. The test test instrument that this task develops and equipment can be in to action ball guide screw deputy with scroll linear slideway deputy on the load of different measurement, direction and change undertakes imitate, the applied demand of product of test of industry of component of function of contented home scroll, experiment, for our country machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make those who equip to develop ability independently increase the technical foundation that laid a key, the development that is relevant domain offerred relevant technology to study achievement, scientific research develops platform and efficient experiment platform. Roll functional component test and experiment put forward normatively, the function that is scroll function component detects and precision maintains gender, dependability and life to detect provided uniform test standard, fill the industry is blank. CNC Milling