Hard data processes tricks of the trade

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Challenge: How to become the supplier of more competitive punch die manufacturer. Solution: Use all opportunities to reduce the handling time of mould spare parts. The punch pattern that is used at machining plate occupies the one much of the mould, and major punch mould is used at car line of business again. The demand that car line of business and mould production business produce efficiency to punch mould is higher and higher, because develop tool set to have many treatment to operate, because this has,carry efficient potential. Punch mould is a kind of complex punch tool, a lot of spare partses need hard, durable data, and efficient the ground machines these material to need correct cutting cutting tool and technology again. Nevertheless, the major treatment operation that produces punch pattern just is opposite basic material undertakes general metallic cutting, a few treatment operation just is more complex tool steel and nodular cast iron three-dimensional copy treatment. Although these two kinds machine means to have the latent capacity that increases productivity, but punch die manufacturer often oversight is machined commonly. In going a few years, cutting ability and function had the metal to rise significantly, the handling time of a lot of mould factories and cost reduced an in part. However, even if uses the most advanced production technology, still have the room that improves production, can raise treatment efficiency to amount to even 20% . The car that should make a success has manufacturer to tool set, need adopts long-term strategy, attention mould component bides his time in the handling time on the machine tool and machine tool time, and the type of the machine tool. Still have many short-term strategy nevertheless, can produce direct result to new old machine tool. These strategy exist in the treatment craft of all types, wh some of which also affects follow-up operation, if polish of add operation, mould is mixed,assemble etc. Conclusion holds the handling time of clip every time through shortening, decrease machine down time and the frequency that change a knife, can shorten the production time of punch mould. Contemporary CNC machines methodological security, add the most advanced cutting cutting tool, basically eliminated to make mistake, whether can be the delivery cycle of punch mould accepted by the user so, should be critical factor. CNC Milling