Replace astral form or the electromotor of triangular means starts a technology

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Have the aid of at technology of soft starter drive, the large motor production that the compressor manufacturer with banner industry is supplier of car line of business for the first time developed compressor of a multistage successfully. The company of Schuler Hydrap finite liability that is located in Pluederhausen had been the supplier of car line of business with main Germany to make compressor of a kind of multistage, and in applying at its to be located in the large board of Mexican factory to produce a course. For will the function of many alone compressor is amalgamative before go up in a product line, can before every the treatment measure of compressor is compositive go up in compressor of THC 2000 multistage. Mr Markus Hahn that comes from electromotor of Schuler Hydrap company to design a section says: "According to this kind of train of thought, our product becomes very compact, and cover an area of an area very small also. " soft giant: By the THC2000 set that Schuler Hydrap company develops new-style multistage compressor deploys those who have power of 5 200 kilowatt advocate driver, by Sirius of series of Xi Menzi 3RW40 soft starter is started, in astral form the starting firing pin that perhaps uses on triangular starter has been used no longer. This kind of train of thought also very accord with the user requirement to electric technology respect, from go up at all changed the drive technology previously. Markus Hahn emphasizes saying: "The drive technique that adopts will large electromotor from astral form or triangular starter upgrades for soft starter, in respect of electric control ark we can save the area of 50% . " to control the drive pump of 5 200 kilowatt, he chose the soft starter of Sirius 3RW40 series of Xi Menzi company. Specific comparative data is as follows: The control cabinet measure that needs previously is 2.

4-3 rice, and need only now 1.

2 meters, and the switch that installed 1000KW capacity inside. These equipment are in a factory the applied circumstance in the center is very satisfactory. Whether had tried to install to the worker and debug this kind of soft starter, their answer says: "These equipment had not had breakdown moved for a long time. " the one big advantage of this kind of starter is, the worker can use a screwdriver to be able to finish the work in equipment face plate only, included to quicken among them / the decelerate phase, voltage that start, limiting current, adjust level and electromotor the setting of rated electric current. The parameter setting of clear palpability can simplify explanation of installation process Markus Hahn says: "The certain place on the world was not necessary to use very sophisticated technology, cannot make sure equipment safeguards personnel to be able to get seasonable and quick after service otherwise; And these are 3RW40 series soft starter can be offerred quite. " change in need when soft starter, equipment safeguards personnel to need to delay merely with the parameter that numerates on face plate, the job of the others can give a hand is moved / automatic restoration key will finish. Additional, still can define a system to be started whether automatically after electric current exceeds bid. The product is in the compressor of Schuler Hydrap company to be usually below automatic mode move. Use soft starter to reach its to start curve and before used astral form or triangular starter is compared, hydraulic pump can have the stand of 2 seconds before changeover, this uses those who improve hydraulic pump the environment and improve its service life substantially. The program that uses soft starter still can simplify the job of engineering field. Because be inside specific cycle of run, the bulk flow ability that reduces place to need only shuts the random among 5 hydraulic pump thoroughly quite, and be started again according to need. Compressor of use THC2000 series can be in 1 minute in the treatment that completes 11 parts (fall from plank expect finished products) . Although Mr Markus Hahn pays close attention to 3RW40 series soft starter already for a long time, but it is this apply its at THC2000 series compressor first. He is to this reason: "We take care quite all the time to strange thing. " his evidence basically comes from the experience that gains at another competitor undertakes power is optimized. Those who be used at large electromotor is energy-saving implement must can help electromotor reduce the sources of energy to use up substantially. But consider to make clear, the regulator with mere single application can be improved only inspect in power, and cannot adequate action at real power. The application of squirrel-cage rotor electromotor can better function at rated power. If be used in carrying a loop for nothing,adjust pump can stop electromotor completely, and can be started quickly to the requirement of soft starter according to systematic pressure. A lot of advantage that electric design engineer Mr Markus Hahn of Schuler Hydrap company brings to soft starter plan is very satisfactory: "This equipment is very simple, compact, its low installation cost and the lesser impression that covered an area of an area to leave profundity to us. " the one big advantage of this kind of function is its make electromotor design engineer OK find wiring cost apparently reduce substantially. E.g. , use soft starter to be able to compare astral form or the cross section that triangular starter reduces wire cable is accumulated. Additional, use soft starter to be able to compare astral form or triangular starter is more economic the sources of energy, because of Xi Menzi the 3RW series soft starter of the company used the bridge to accept contact system, because this is OK,receive with bridge of silicon controlled rectifier after start, and rely on this bridge to accept the power loss in avoiding silicon controlled rectifier. Shorten wiring time the half is controlled in addition, the solution that employs above paragraphs place to narrate can decrease use relay of a time and voltaic overload relay, because soft starter had included overload,protect a function. Besides function of short circuit protection, still provided unit of metallic fusing insurance. All circuit designs that these simplified can bring a lot of profit, the wiring time that can set every drive for instance shortens from 7 hours for 4 hours. Use soft starter to still can simplify to receive the complex rate of electromotor electrify cable repeatedly: Mere need decorates two cable to arrive electromotor can. This kind of technology still can save the next to contain the terminal platoon of 6 terminal, these measure reduce cost effectively, place of no less than Mr Markus Hahn says: "Can satisfying the terminal that we need cross section to accumulate is very costly. " carry out strictly according to the standard: Have the aid of clamping apparatus of a kind of mechanical can make door lock is shut below the case that opens 3VL breaker. Can satisfy UL508A standard so, and the control cabinet that need not introduce special norms. Stem from on the THC2000 series equipment of company of Schuler Hydrap compressor simplify the consideration of facilities distribution, making an appointment with the cable that two lesser cross section chose to accumulate on 10 meters multistage compressor high. Drive station and hydraulic pressure oilcan arrange the upper part in whole equipment. The motor that soft starter can supply the 10 class, starting voltage of 60% and 286A is rated electric current (voltage of electrified wire netting is 480V) . Upper limit value of electric current installs 2 times what be rating. "Such people need not consider the 8 times so big electric current of electromotor weak electric current, the transformer that deploys now and insurance still effective. " the 3VL series breaker that he decides to choose Xi Menzi company, because of its not only can the short circuit fuse of the buy inside have the aid of undertakes protective to equipment, still can use as master switch. The advantage of this device depends on can offerring the product of attestation of contented UL standard for American market. The door that he still does his utmost to recommend Xi Menzi company charges insurance unit. "Because UL508A standard asks, as long as advocate switch closes not to allow to open door of control ark cupboard " , mr Hahn emphasizes saying. A kind of immediate effect can ensure at the rigid structure of 3VL breaker advocate the safety of switch. Those who adopt a standard is medium accuse door lock system to be able to make sure other gate won't be opened. Mr Markus Hahn says: "The solution that uses this kind of low cost can satisfy the requirement of UL508A standard already, and need not purchase costly special control ark, still can save 20 centimeters of right-and-left width. " and: The control ark that the time offerring money of standard control ark wants to compare special norms normally is short much. The example of the compressor of THC2000 series multistage of Schuler Hydrap company makes clear, the solution that employs soft starter and traditional astral form or the advantage with clearer than having photograph of triangular starter plan. Need chooses specific type according to actual condition. Markus Hahn says: "To us character, simple and convenient debug process and change function quickly to have conclusive sense. " the requirement that adopts the plan of soft starter to be able to satisfy an industry completely, the industry standard that provides because of the client supported the application of soft starter plan greatly. Mr Hahn sums up: "Because soft starter is representing newest technology, accordingly we very be happy to employ such solution; We are compressor production business, accordingly special be happy to employ effective solution below pressure. " efficient energy management system: The drive pump that drives as a result of soft starter can be started in 2 seconds of less than, because this is OK,a lot of pump are shut in certain and specific punch working procedure. CNC Milling