In the research and development of system of PDM of small production company

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One, what the occurrence of technology of introductive   PDM realized CAx truly is compositive, become the important milestone that urges enterprise informatization construction. Small production company is making the place in the enterprise hold proportion in our country bigger, scale of small production company is not large in great majority, presence capital, technology and talent wait for the inferior position with clear field. Accordingly, how be developed and the PDM system that promotion suits medium and small businesses to use has made small production company and even a when informatization of enterprise of our country manufacturing industry builds main component in driving. 2, in small production company is right the urgentest need solves small production company problem in the demand of PDM system is how to pass a product to get the market, get benefit, thereby escalate enterprise dimensions. Accordingly, in informatization of small production company should begin from product problem, market problem, promote the research and development of the product, production and sale through informatization, produce economic benefits from this. (1) is major now medium and small businesses already part or used the advanced computer such as CAD/CAPP/CAM to assist a tool entirely, produced material of much electronic graph documentation, data of these electronic graph documentation are constant in designing production be inquired, call and change, existence inquiry is lost disorder of difficult, version, easily wait for a problem, affected design efficiency badly. Accordingly, graph documentation management is the problem that these enterprises solve urgently. (2) majority medium and small businesses is the manufacturing mode of much breed, seriation, small lot, this designs a branch to be able to undertake be responsed well and truly to market demand with respect to the requirement, because this digs the resource that designs before to the greastest extent, avoid to repeat a design, realizing sufficient product to configure a function is the requirement with cogent to PDM system medium and small businesses. (Technical Division is in 3) products plan, in improving a process, should pass a series of the flow that sign careful, a lot of medium and small businesses still use handiwork to deliver the method that signs careful up to now, need to give a picture repeatedly sometimes, change, wasted the valuable time with design many personnel, because this carries the work of PDM,implementation of flow management function signs careful, change wait for flow to undertake will rising effectively designing efficiency on computer network. (4) mostly the problem with in short supply capital of presence of medium and small businesses, finite to technical respect investment, because relatively cheap and fine PDM product can be offerred on this pressing hope market. 3, the promotion that the solution adopts techniques of pair of different company CAx and analyse to the survey with business sufficient and serious demand, our key research and development face medium and small businesses the product data of effective demand runs a system -- FntPDM system. This system basically includes the module such as structure of project management, graph documentation management, product and configuration management, flow management and safety administration. 1. The main task that project management project manages is: Build a project, make project plan according to project task, configuration resource, arrange time, constituent personnel, decompose and assign the task; To its in the executive process of the project plan, organization, personnel, resource reachs relevant data to undertake management and attemper, undertake monitoring to the moving process of the project and condition, the problem that in discovering the project is carried out in time, appears undertakes handling to its. The project management module of FntPDM is decomposed through building project, task and the active management of the project implementation that browse to a project is mixed control. Build a project to be able to establish a new project, record the major attribute of the project; Decompose through the task can make project plan, distinguish whole project into a certain number of tasks, deploy all sorts of resource for every task, make sure the project is carried out smoothly thereby; The project function that browse understands in time for project administrator and monitoring project of each measure undertake condition provided convenient measure, combine convenient mail function to be able to make project administrator coordinates project progress case in time. 2. Module of management of documentation of plan of graph documentation administration is the core module of FntPDM, its dialog box is shown 1 times like the graph. It builds unified electronic warehouse through be product data to classify, can undertake effectively founding to graph documentation, guide, memory, version is changed, use and visit attributive control, offer all sorts of pair of graph documentation to science inquires effectively and browse a function quickly, can undertake classified collect and statistic to the information of graph documentation. Be aimed at the characteristic that enterprise data bulk increases ceaselessly, still provide CD storage and backup function. 3. The form that product structure and the product configuration module that configure administrative   FntPDM use product structure to cultivate will run product structure message, if the graph is shown 2 times,its operate an interface. Each node that product structure cultivates deposits the graph documentation such as product design, craft, tool, the user can be visited quickly to its. Direct extraction arises in the list that product structure tree can pursue medium from product or ministry outfit, also can move by user hand add. The system can cultivate the BOM detailed list with automatic generation corresponding product to wait through product structure. The seriation in be aimed at an enterprise and be out of shape product, product configuration module passes pair of effectiveness, variable, version to wait undertake configuration, can make new product type from inside already having a product quickly. 4. Management of flow of flow management job is the technology of task of harmonious industry organization and process. Management of FntPDM work flow offerred agile, handy working flow pattern plate for the user custom-built function, different company can make the working circuit that suits oneself according to his technical standard, cooperate to mail manages and arouse a technology automatically to be able to improve synergic ability and design efficiency greatly, if the graph is shown 3 times,its operate an interface. 5. Safety administration security manages module to basically include user management, attributive management and log management. The user management of FntPDM passes the means science such as group of part, user and user account effectively label user and user activity; Attributive management is opposite through controlling different user the different visit attributive of different data object, the safety that assures data and share, safe stability of the system moves. The attributive management of FntPDM used multiple attributive to set pattern, can set the different limits of authority of pair of single plan documentation for individual user already, also can set the different limits of authority that occupies an object to one class number for a kind of user. Multiple attributive installed means to make sure the attributive of least degree installs workload already, assured the attributive fractionize of the oldest rate and setting function again. The system still offerred perfect log to record a function, the moving condition to the system and the operation of all users had meticulous and perfect record, assured the real time monitoring that systematic manager runs to the system already, assured to produce safe accident to be occupied from time to tome again can check. 4, last word the article is with FntPDM exemple, shallow small production company is right in was being narrated the demand of PDM system, also hope at the same time PDM supplier can the characteristic according to medium and small businesses, development goes the function that suits medium and small businesses the PDM product with relatively simple, relatively cheap price, act on grow jointly with medium and small businesses, pair of winning strategy implement in grow, turn the success application of small production company in moving PDM technology to be in energetically. CNC Milling