Unifinication presses pressure sensor of block type pottery and porcelain

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Trade of committee of planning, classics is saved in Jiangsu appoint reach a place below the support of company of famous group of the program of relevant section and country, according to ministry of national science and technology industrialization of new and high technology expands a demand, positive development owns the core technology of own intellectual property and property. Through process of two years of hatch, overcome without Xi Chengmai (SENMIC) send feeling technology limited company successful development goes have international the HB2018 unifinication of advanced level presses pressure sensor of block type pottery and porcelain. Current, the product line of a Gao Shuiping is building go into operation without stannum, indicating our country is relevant ability of competition of sensor technology core go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. HB2018 uses tall aluminium porcelain regards component of meet an emergency as elastomer and with patent tall aluminous porcelain becomes an organic whole repeatedly, make the overload pressure of sensor by 1 foreign.

5 ~ 2 times raise 3 ~ 5 times. Product classics Shanghai, Shenzhen and Germany detect and try out of Belgian BCM company, no matter HB2018 is sensitivity, linear, lukewarm at 0 o'clock float when mixing, float, spend output stability completely, be achieved and exceed target of foreign congener product, for our country fill blank. CNC Milling