All sorts of methods that stainless steel cut machines

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To the method of stainless steel cut, plasma Cutting belongs to hot-working method, at present home basically uses Plasma Cutting means to pledge to the material such as stainless steel the cut of material is machined. I introduce more stainless steel cut to machine a method for you now: Because not the characteristic of rubiginous board, its basically are machined the method shapes two kinds for cold working and hot-working means! And cold working, often rate is slow, efficiency bottom, basically use at the cut treatment of standards figure, hot-working method is very rich, according to different situation, its cut result is endless also and same, cost also somewhat the cent of on any account! Method of cold working of rubiginous steel cut basically has: Cut of treatment of sawing machine cut, line cut, water, cut board treatment of cut, punching machine, get a variety of way such as treatment, its shape quality is general taller, but efficiency is low, often cannot satisfy batch produce need quite! Method of hot-working method cut basically has: Plasma Cutting and Laser Cutting two kinds of methods! These two kinds of methods, plasma Cutting rate is rapid, efficiency is tall, but cut quality is not as good as laser, overall nevertheless purchase and use cost to want than laser low much! Two kinds of methods applicable at stainless steel board different cut requirement! CNC Milling