Use at controlling the automation technology of appearance and dimension stability

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The three-dimensional digitlization system that is based on a robot can realize automation to detect the stability of appearance and dimension. Generally speaking, this kind of system can apply to large quantities of quantities to produce only, because charge of its process designing reachs his to small lot production,complex and changeful product appears costlier the type. If can reduce the cost of this respect, so OK more economic ground undertakes to complex and changeful range of products three-dimensional appearance is collected. To evaluate production flow medium appearance and dimension stability need to use what be aimed at component and machine tool development technically to measure appearance wearing. But because exalted cost in order to is reached,measure clamping apparatus machine precision is inferior, from technology and cost at present two respects consider already undeserved recommend. Want the diversity of product of sue for peace as the quality that improves ceaselessly, most manufacturing application circumstance asks accurate, agile three-dimensional coordinate surveys a system in succession. System of optical and three-dimensional digitlization, for instance three-dimensional scanner basically is used at collecting the geometrical data of workpiece. Have the aid of can be at this kind of system below the circumstance that does not contact workpiece collect rate in order to compare tall data to detect freely in interior of all of computer science department geometrical appearance. The result of digitlization is the three-dimensional dot cloud of a series of high resolution that are not structuralization. Generate annular triangular reseau according to special algorithm next, change for the CAD pattern with STL other perhaps and familiar pattern. OK when having quality inspection the CAD model data that before measuring those who check software data and this directly, gets in design phase undertakes comparing is opposite. Prepare working look for long to compare with what bring from this with process designing cost, use at the cost that purchase to be had pity on less. Because be opposite,do not need a hand to move with the component of the type write a large number of programs. Process designing job is time-consuming very long, the time with many personnel of need high quality will finish. Be based on such setting, robot process designing made the payoff of the main economy field that industrial robot uses. To develop the market with huge potential, need develops robot technology further. The strength of this respect should compare the development that has according to place of demand of medium and small businesses to work to be gotten greatly much. Just can increase the job that answers constant growth so get used to ability, ability is OK more economic ground runs. At present robot digitlization system has not realize gain now, what more and more research projects are devoting oneself to to raise a robot to digitlize a system is flexible and but adaptability. These systems basically are aimed at can automation is measured, collect await the three-dimensional geometry data that measures an object, its develop attacks the structure has not make clear at present. This also is one of research direction of converse project. But its defect depends on needing to cost many time to undertake scanning beforehand handling to the area of set. These jobs are the premise condition that creates digitlization contrail. The planar model that has obtained is OK according to its not the precision on integrality and dimension undertakes modulatory, the purpose basically is to realize quality management. Next the job is ensure in digitlizing a process robot effect implement and wait for measure the blame between the object to interfere a gender, because cannot indicate occasionally,the robot is interfered potentially between kinematic chain and object. Digitlize the deficit of systematic respect to eliminate a robot, machine tool and moving science institute (IWB) developing an intelligence, can adjust by oneself, the digitlization system that is based on industrial robot. This system is comparing the type that extraordinary diversity is aimed at below low process designing cost to undertake fast and agile measurement. This system can depend on the technology of automation robot process designing with compositive height to realize taller adaptability can. This basically are support undertake between measurement technique and technology of modular robot process designing organic cooperate with and achieve. Digitlize a system to need to measure the robot contrail changeover with inferior precision the relevant geometrical data on the object to wait for next. The robot locates through scanning surroundings the work that having digitlization, and can come true do not have collision navigation. Subsequently, the case with the robot contrail with the inferior precision that this system needs to will be generated beforehand and real work undertakes matching, realize whole digitlization flow finally. The latent capacity of the three-dimensional digitlization system that ego adjustment robot digitlizes a system to be based on a robot and advantage can sum up as follows: High automation and adaptability; Intuitionistic operation interface, average user also can apply freely; Taste a type at small lot, changeful yield aptly; Can amend generated robot program from the line; Can reduce the auxiliary time that place of process designing process needs when measuring object increase; Raise economic benefits through digitlization. The systematic structural frame of robot digitlization system is main by following composition: One Taiwan businessman is used survey system of a robot, three-dimensional imitate, embedded software of a real time system, examination and network of a many sensor. The abecedarian develop that the CAD model that according to waiting for digitlization the object has generates for the foundation attacks structure, three-dimensional imitate system can guide robot contrail. Can guide true imitate ever since overall evaluate flow, reach the digitlization flow mass of an expectation thereby. Robot and the simulation software need that imitate system cooperates with to control a system to cooperate with in real time with the robot in real time finish following jobs: Process the data that sensor catchs, ensure robot and wait for digitlization experience has nothing to do between the object. In addition, this system is returned must automatic the digitlizes data and component develop all robot contrail attacks data undertakes matching. The core of simulation software is software of a RT-LAB/QNX, and the robot module that has real time function (include a robot kinematic system, kinetic system, control system and environmental system) . Robot model has a description to oneself through the following link: Dimension size, kinematic character and dynamic function. Environmental model contained all information about the position and size, for instance remarkable fraise, with three-dimensional card the free spatial information of brief characterization. In can running a course, these information are caught through additional sensor or complement. Already systems of some real time imitate can not use true robot to control a system, adjusting however relevant data is recorded besides the loop. This appearance robot manufacturer can center energy to optimize control and adjust algorithmic. The process designing that process designing system and imitate system develop the first pace to will be narrated according to above paragraphs place ceaselessly and imitate system develop the version of an experiment property. This software module can achieve the orbit of digitlization, use at defining local Cartesian coordinate department, just can undertake effective three-dimensional appearance collects the job from this. Additional, also can use a kind of language that is aimed at a robot to get the output that digitlizes orbit. The software module of this experiment property included the following package: Use at the input to wait for digitlization object three-dimensional surface model and the user interface that intuitionistic setting robot digitlizes a system; According to the scanner model that optical cut principle builds; According to the model that the kinematic character of different type robot builds; Be based on build model and the expert system that optimize robot contrail; Be based on overall situation to digitlize the true imitate of flow, basically used receive the develop that be bordering on actual estimation and reachs to attack of model and convection Cheng result evaluate; Use at generating the aftertreatment with robot contrail implement. The automation degree that the system of article introduction and the distinction that have a solution spend in Yu Jigao. Accordingly, the craft contrail that among them expert system can use at program automation and robot are online have nothing to do experience system of real time imitate. Can avoid a large number of at the time of robot process designing and cost using from this. CNC Milling