Transducer of scene high pressure debugs measure

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Of transducer of scene high pressure debug measure to be as follows: ① pulls down the switch-disconnector on cupboard door, attend cupboard door " frequency conversion is started " pushbutton unscrew, make its are shown disconnect condition. After power transmission, use avometer " 2500V " block measure three-phase to input voltage (particular attention is safe) , should be inside formulary limits and three-phase balance. If incorrect, should power cut checks power supply source. After ② affirms power supply is normal, add up to switch-disconnector, detect with avometer the wave motion of 220V control power source (measure the wiring inside to insert a box can) whether be inside formulary limits (± 20%) . If exceed this range, should pull down high-pressured switch-disconnector, adjust the connect that controls transformer, till satisfy a requirement. ③ takes a line to receive what discharge in control terminal on a single-phase outlet " C " on terminal, insert another two-phase on wiring box (to old model, a line is received in " C " on terminal, another line is received in " D " on terminal) , add up to switch-disconnector, transducer should serve control electric current, show on face plate " 43.

21 " , after crossing a few seconds " PRO " the light is bright (new model) or only " PRO " the light is bright (old model) . If do not show, can reinsert plug conversely. After it is normal that ④ affirms face plate shows, the control function that can check transducer is normal. Detect with avometer the voltage that brake of delay time brilliant manages two end (namely the voltage on delay time resistor) , should be in 1.

00V left and right sides. transducer " open / to stop machine " switch is hit in " switch on the mobile phone " the position, transducer should switch on the mobile phone; Adjust " frequency adjustment " knob, the frequency of transducer should from "2.

00 " rise to " 50.

00 " . The three-phase that measures transducer with avometer outputs terminal (should measure from transducer a side at this moment, did not put through because of the cabinet advocate power source, of transducer advocate contactor was not sucked close) , three-phase voltage should be balanced each other, also answer to be balanced each other to central line. The three phase voltage of 2300V grade are 15V to control, it is 10V left and right sides to central line; The three phase voltage of 1140V grade are 9V to control, it is 5V left and right sides to central line. If lopsided, should check a cabinet to have in carriage process do not have line or other issue. ⑤ runs the setting of parameter. This includes transducer parameter and the setting that electromotor protects appearance parameter. The setting of · transducer parameter. When leaving factory because of transducer, design by 2300V/125kW or 1140V/75kW commonly, accordingly, answer to be installed afresh according to the requirement of spot load, include rated electric current, overload to protect electric current, and other parameter does not need to revise commonly. · electromotor protects the setting of appearance parameter. The parameter of electromotor protection appearance includes to owe carry setting of electric current, overload electric current, under-voltage, overvoltage setting to wait. The setting method of parameter can join the manual that takes a picture to answer to undertake, basically have two kinds, namely BK-3 with BK-J1 model. BK-3 setting method is: Show in monitor " P " (firm power transmission or press 4 times " on block " key) when, can undertake modification to joining numerical value. According to the numerical value of need, press corresponding digital key, press again " on block " or " next blocking " key, press corresponding function key finally, can finish those who join numerical value to revise. BK-JI setting method is: In picture of be in order (firm power transmission or press 4 times " on block " key) below condition, press " on block " key, press again " make calm cost " key, screen shows picture of the entire operation that decide a value. Glazed mark twinkles on the picture, twinkle in cursor the position is importable relevant data. Press " mobile " key, cursor can move up and down, the arrowhead of screen top right corner (" ↑ " or " ↓ " ) point out current mobile orientation. By " on block " , " direction " the way that key can change arrowhead. The input ends, should press 4 times " on block " key, save modification result. ⑥ takes carry to go. After parameter has been installed, the outlet that will insert a box to go up unplugs below, and will outside receive " C " dot (or " C " , " D " at 2 o'clock) the line that go up pulls down, can take carry to go at this moment. Attend cupboard door " frequency conversion is started " pushbutton presses, after the delay time time that needs a setting arrives, the contactor inside machine is sucked close, transducer shows " 43.

21 " and " PRO " the light is bright (new model) or only " PRO " the light is bright (old model) . Get on transducer " open / to stop machine " switch is hit in " switch on the mobile phone " the position, the frequency of transducer can rise gradually from lowermost frequency. Adjust " frequency adjustment " knob, make frequency takes the lead in rising to 30Hz, measure three-phase to export electricity with pincerlike ammeter, answer to be balanced basically, lopsided degree should not exceed 20% . Rise the frequency that asks to the user next, reoccupy pincerlike ammeter measures electric current of input, output, three-phase should be balanced basically. If adjusting,the circumstance that frequency does not rise appears in the process, the frequency when adjusting frequency adjustment knob namely does not rise, output electric current increases continuously, show speed limit to protect position, till cross voltaic protection, may inadequacy of low frequency compensation causes this, adjustable advocate accuse board the compensation potentiometer that go up (old model) or the parameter through installing transducer " low frequency is compensated " (new model) give solve. The attention when adjusting should output electric current to come down only, frequency can rise can, but also cannot have adjusted big, lest cross compensation. The electric current in running a course is too big, can make electromotor is reached transducer passes electricity and cannot move normally. After moving normally, can protect electromotor the parameter readjust of appearance according to running electricity, can protect the state that can run normally again in order to achieve reliably already. After be being adjusted, move with frequency conversion. Normal hind, the electromotor that start protects appearance. After it is normal that protective appearance shows, unscrew " frequency conversion is started " knob (protection of appearance of devoted electromotor protection, not unscrew is not effective) , all sorts of appearance directives on the cabinet are normal, debug end. CNC Milling