CAE technology designs medium collateral applying in the mould

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As the development of mould industry, the computer assists a project (CAE) technology has received wider and wider application in plastic mould industry. It passes imitate of plastic products shape process, design of engineer of auxiliary mould design gives accurate, efficient mould; to coach correct set produces technology division craft parameter. In industry of Injection Mold Tooling, CAE software can forecast plastic fuse-element to be in before the mould is made model inside antrum stream change behavior, can raise a mould to design quality consequently, reduce mould cost, shorten the mould makes time, get the great attention of industry of Injection Mold Tooling consequently. Collateral design of CAE of 1   1.

1 basic idea is before in mould design process, because get the limitation of level of CAE engineer technology and CAE software, CAE technology basically is used at the structural design of mould of analysis, test and verify, namely structural design engineer completes mould gating system and cooling system design first, undertake by CAE engineer CAE is analysed next, through flow, protect pressure, the feasibility that is out of shape gating system of analytic test and verify reachs cooling system. Come so, general cycle is longer, should design when the task is relatively onerous, cannot finish analytic job in time, restricted the play of CAE action. Accumulate with experience through be being carried out ceaselessly, CAE engineer raised the technical level of oneself, of software of together with CAE upgrade newer, the efficiency that CAE analyses and quality rise greatly. To improve the applied efficiency of CAE technology further, we introduce CAE collateral analysis in mould design process, undertake test and verify to product design not only, and undertake to mould gating system and cooling system directiveness is designed, optimize goods and structural design program, improve the efficiency of whole design process. 1.

Comparative and traditional pattern designs process of design of CAE of 2   the process is goods, structure, digital-to-analogue sequential design, see a picture 1. After CAE analysis is in mould structure to design, basically be the test and verify that designs a result to mould structure, at the same time goods of test and verify is designed. When the analysis discovers flaw as a result, need feedback to undertake improvement to structure or product branch, put forward to improve measure. But the lag as a result of time, often meet those who create the repetition of design work and workload increase, affected a mould to devise plan. As the development of CAD technology, and project database is applied integratedly with what parameter designs, collateral project is gone to by effectively application in mould design process, rose to design efficiency greatly. Graph 2 run paralell for the mould design technological process. The main idea of process of CAE collateral design is the simple analysis that passes CAE in the later period in product design, the rationality that goods of test and verify designs, ask to optimize choice product data according to goods function at the same time, according to goods exterior requirement discussion goods enters glue means and the goods blemish that appear possibly to wait. Can determine the general shape of gating system basically so, undertake mould bases is ordered. When mould bases design is finished basically, place the position to wait for technical condition according to the basic measure of the mould, product, undertake CAE labor, determine the specific place of gating system and size thereby, the goods of special to having requirement undertakes cooling is out of shape analytic. Process of this kind of analysis made full use of the advantage of CAE analysis software, produced the technical advantage of CAE engineer at the same time, to mould product, structure the design provided sufficient technical support, the level that raised mould design and success that try a model are led. Example of collateral design of CAE of 2   shows in order to use MPI(Moldflow Plastics Insight) 4.

Air of 0 software design takes water plane door to build a mould to be exemple, collateral design of brief introduction CAE builds a mould to design the application in the process in the door. 2.

1 goods optimizes a design first product design wall thickness distributings if the graph is shown 3 times,reach preliminary and definite runner place. The biggest over all dimension is goods 605 Mm(is long) × 360 Mm(is wide) , main wall is large for 3 Mm, muscle the smallest part is 0.

8mm, runner form enters glue for a side. User requirement goods is the exterior transparent make, preelection material is transparent polycarbonate (PC) , goods shrinkage is 0.

5 % . In MPI 4.

0 in the input product model, material that note model and shape after the initiative condition such as craft, have flow, protect pressure, be out of shape analysis, through the result shaping related the analysis, the conclusion that reachs the watch is listed 1 times. Ask to the quality of goods according to the user, combine corresponding CAE to analyse a result, consider quality of mould cost, product and efficiency integratedly, is to goods the design reached shape does plan put forward to optimize design program to be: ? ⑺ exemplarying herd is fine flinch charm of  of Ju of be ignorant of the Mei that jump over shrimp is able to bear or endure nitrile of this? propylene / butadiene / styrene) copolymer (ABS) , center of front of product of runner position instead is in, to mask runner scent, in the design on goods one groove surface covers sign, the mural thick instead that goods periphery takes glue place 2.

5 Mm, muscle 1 Mm of instead of the smallest part, the goods that optimizes a design sees a picture 4. Optimize goods design program to input MPI 4 afresh.

0 in have flow, protect pressure, be out of shape analysis, undertake to noting model craft at the same time preliminary optimize, the conclusion that reach sees a table 2. Pass result of trade off study, the product design program after improving shapes function rises, in assure product quality while, reduced product cost and mould cost greatly, satisfied the requirement of the user. 2.

Because used a mould to design collateral project,2 structure optimizes a design, while the goods that finish optimizes a design, mould bases design is finished basically also, provide in definite pattern model after size of fixed position of antrum number, product, mould bases, can input a condition to design accurate CAE model according to above, if the graph is shown 5 times,CAE designs a model. This mould uses straight runner of two board models, runner is located in place of products center groove. Mainstream road measure is entrance diameter, amount to 4 Mm, bilateral rake is 2 ° , height is 110 Mm. On the basis that completes preliminary analysis, in MPI 4.

0 in the screw curve numerical value that the input optimizes and inject, protect pressure, the craft condition such as cooling time, undertake CAE labor. Shape through shaping well and truly to be optimized certainly as a result plan, provide the design measure with detailed gating system, coach mould structure is designed. 3 epilogue carries out a proof, the collateral application in the process is designed in the mould through CAE technology, can offer goods to optimize design program, coach mould structure is designed, improve design quality, shorten the design is periodic, utmost ground produces the technical advantage of CAE. CNC Milling