Technology of CNC Machining of sealed whorl tubal awl

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Summary: ? Long of Piao Yue Qian holding sb in respectful awe blocked technology of NC Machining of Yan frequency Mo up to spread out to discuss, the active standard that provides whorl to our country made a specification, to sealed Guan Zhui analysis of the characteristic of whorl, craft and programming were made elaborate in detail, combined specific example to make systems analysis to processing technique, with period can offer reference to draw lessons from to concern the need of the respect. Keyword: ? Long blocks NC Machining of Yan exhausted Hu up; 0 foreword of technical   are sealed whorl tubal awl is when ongoing travel connection tubal awl compares a kind of efficient way, be used to be in the sealed process that the liquid carries amiable system gradually. And the quality that provides link to carry high density to seal further, undertake CNC machining to be in charge of awl whorl with respect to need, this asks we adopt effective technology to had done corresponding work. Be based on this, the article undertook discussing with respect to the CNC Machining technology of whorl of awl of 55 ° sealed canal, the need that believes pair of concerned respects can have certain help. Characteristic of function of whorl of sealed canal of 1, 55 ° is inside whorl of 55 ° sealed canal, do not need to add any sealed qualitative, can avoid effectively so sealed qualitative leakage. And the whorl cent inside sealed canal is use whorl the whorl inside cylinder and conic outside whorl. When pressure under 5 × 105MPa when, can use the whorl inside cylinder to have link, such join rise very close together; And conic outside whorl is to be used at the circumstance of high temperature and high pressure commonly. This kind of whorl suits to be used on the accessory of pipe, faucet and other whorl place connection quite, its sealing is first-rate, in often be being used in the liquid to carry [1] . Craft of CNC Machining of whorl of awl of sealed canal of 2, 55 ° should be in charge of awl whorl to basically divide conic, cylinder two kinds of forms, and outside whorl tubal awl does not have cylinder. Through will be in charge of awl tooth model the scale design between taper is 1: 16, the distance between the end leaving a valve of tool reference plane and effective length want with corresponding standard conform to. To the graph 1, watch 1 with the watch 2 undertake combinative an analysis, the basis is expressed medium data and concerned formula, can calculate whorl machines medium dimension in management. The affirmatory   of parameter of instruction of 3, screw cutting 3.

1 whorl carries diameter whorl on the head to be in cutting process, because cutting tool extruding brings about final treatment,the whorl that go out carries what diameter produces plasticity on the head to expand, assemble to whorl then and normal use causes very big effect, the member that machine a person is in treatment process, want to consider this one issue first. And be before whorl cutting, in columnar treatment process, want to excise a few material more, outside cylinder is cut small, and inside cylinder is cut big, its cutting is controlled normally in 0.

2 -- 0.

3 Mm can. 3.

Tooth of 2 whorl tooth height height cannot under 0.

6495 P, the tooth of diametical direction is deep can install in 1.

3 P left and right sides. 3.

3 statified cut the thread machining that shows level greatly to be put in two kinds to machine means, one kind is to use high-speed steel material to undertake low speed is machined; Another kind is to pass hard alloy and coating cutting tool to execute high speed to machine, the rate that process designing process must want to install roll according to the material circumstance of cutting tool [2-3] . And CNC Machining is normally execute high speed treatment, in machining a process, the extraction of the first knife is worth to be about 0.

5 P, next 0 of on reassume one knife.

7 times undertake decreasing successively, short-hilted broadsword is cut answer greatly be less than 1, single-broadsword event is the least cannot under 0.

1. 3.

4 whorl start and personnel of technique of terminal axial measurement are in on numerical control lathe when jacket whorl, because servo electromotor is put in certain physical characteristic, in the process that machines whorl, cutting tool should from at first inactive condition achieves the rate that assigns feed-in, perhaps fall directly from the rate that assigns feed-in 0, the need in drive system has an interim process, and the process that the existence in process removing a knife accelerates, stay the course that a decelerate exists in knife process, in this process, pitch is not accurate. Accordingly, when executive turning whorl, two end should install the knife since corresponding acceleration paragraph retreat a knife with decelerate paragraph, and the extraction of two end is worth answer logical choice, can bring about cutting tool otherwise be being quickened or cutting undertakes when decelerate, bring about orgnaization happening attaint and production to give unqualified product then. Quickly paragraph with decelerate paragraph there is very big correlation between pitch of the dynamic character inside the drive system of numerical value and machine tool, whorl and precision. So, technical personnel should set two paragraphs of values effectively according to the physical characteristic inside servo drive system, remove a knife quickly normally paragraph be more than 2 times lead; Decelerate retreats a knife paragraph in 1 -- 1.

Between 5 times lead [4] . In addition, in the process that uses fixed circulation, the diameter that notices ordinate of dot removing a knife wants to compare whorl nominal even is big, so that prevent,had machined whole face in the cut when retreating a knife [5] . 4, case analyses   4.

1 craft analysis adopts a plan 2 knowable, guan Zhui's external diameter, inside aperture did not do the treatment that concern and processing, design the origin of strung of coordinate of workpiece tubal awl in whorl tubal awl directly on the crossing of the rightest end panel and central line, later the leftest end of reuse centering chuck what provide awl data is clipped, it is outspread length setting 60 Mm to control. Above all, technical personnel can be used try cut a law to undertake pair of knives, the old way that outside after finishing, 90 ° applying again, round lathe tool machines a whorl [6] ; Next, before applying lathe tool of 55 ° whorl to machine whorl tubal awl, the radius that exists between the starting point that computation gives trail tubal awl and terminus first is poor, the tooth several control are in when treatment 3 -- 4 between; Finally, hilt spare parts is cut off roundly directly outside application, length control is in 60 -- 65 Mm. 4.

Is program of CNC Machining of whorl of awl of sealed canal of program of CNC Machining of whorl of awl of 2 sealed canals as follows: ?  0001; G40 G99 T0101 M03 S600; G00 X55 Z5; G71 U1.

5R1; G71 P10 Q20 U0.



15; N10 G00 X47; G01 Z0 F0.

1; X48.

5Z-23; N20 X55 F0.

5; G70 P10 Q20; G00 X100 Z100; T0202 M03 S200; G00 X55 Z8; G92 X46 Z-25 R-0.


309; X45.

5; X45.

; X44.

7; X44.

4; X44.

2; X44.

1; X44.

05; G00 X100 Z100; T0303 M03 S400; G00 X55Z 5; Z-64; G01 X29 F0.

1; X55 F0.

3; G00 X100 Z100; M05; M30; 5, epilogue altogethers, carry out effective CNC Machining and management to Guan Zhui's whorl, can promote the precision of whorl not only, return the efficiency that can promote lathe treatment greatly. Accordingly, to Guan Zhui whorl undertakes CNC Machining, can improve the connection quality of sealed canal greatly. When and administrator is undertaking managing, should use efficient technology to undertake CNC Machining, promote the ceaseless development of CNC Machining technology thereby. CNC Milling