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Ingersoll rolls out a razor blade of new-style UOMT0602TR big feed, established the new standard of small part of rough machining of industry pattern domain. Concept of this cutting tool applies to general machining domain likewise. Ink Media=screen Href="http://e-cuttech.


Er of all alone of case of preface flower of Css" Type=text/css Rel=stylesheet> rolls out a new-style UOMT0602TR big feed razor blade, established the new standard of small part of rough machining of industry pattern domain. Concept of this cutting tool applies to general machining domain likewise. The part with increasing complex form is in text machine with rapidder rate on less and less machining center finish, such trend all the more is Anacreontic. Want to achieve this goal, besides higher to machining concept and control system to put forward demand, still need to choose appropriate cutting cutting tool. In the past a few years, extensive role mill (milling of a kind of big feed) was pushed as strategy of a kind of milling foremost edge. The relevant technology concept of extensive role mill most antedate on century 30 time end is put forward, but until in last few years, because applicable machine tool is mixed,the emerge in large numbers of cutting tool just wins promotion truly. The target of big feed milling is through using very small tool cutting edge angle (κ<20 ° ) milling cutter promotes productivity. When every tine feed (Fz) and cutting deepness (Ap) keeps changeless, tool cutting edge angle cuts immediate impact the figure of bits, cut bits ply especially, the length ply that ultimate effect cuts bits is compared (B/h) . Extensive role mill can bring taller productivity. When having square shoulder mill, =90 ° of κ of tool cutting edge angle, its cut generally speaking bits ply is H=fz; Use ° of very small =15 of κ of tool cutting edge angle to cut bits ply identically with square shoulder mill to obtain, every tine feed (Fz) must increase considerably, fz can rise 3.

9 times. Be based on afore-mentioned people to notice tool cutting edge angle is small make radial load is reduced at the same time axial force increases, hang extended cutting tool greatly commonly used the deep antrum milling at industry pattern, it is cogent and advantageous that while axial force increases, radial load is reduced. The another advantage of extensive role mill is bit cuts work with the means of advance gradually. Cutting of square shoulder mill is cut completely directly, concussion load is bigger; Relative to character, big feed razor blade from cut workpiece to arrive implementation is complete cutting last a period of time is longer, the blade area that cutting load distributings is longer, this makes cutting tool life promotes considerably. Round razor blade also applies to big feed milling, but need cutting deepness (Ap) control is inside some numerical value. But those who require an attention is, when using round bit, tool cutting edge angle is not constant value, theoretic arrive in 0 ° between 90 ° . Via carrying out test and verify, it is calm value to be able to avoid the trouble of parameter of complex calculation cutting with respect to tool cutting edge angle of mill of set extensive role at the beginning. Because this defines the ° of <= 20 of κ of tool cutting edge angle with extensive role initiative mill, the deepness of the biggest cutting that applies to big feed milling can have consideration through the formula below, d is diameter of round razor blade. Essence of life allows computation: Ap=D · Sin(20 ° ) 2 approximation: Ap=D · 0.

The need when 1 computation process designing uses feed value, need to use the following formula, involve diameter of round razor blade (D) and beforehand the ply cutting bits of appraise (H) . Fz=-D · Tan(20 ° ) + √ (D · Tan(20 ° ) ) ° of 2h · D22cos(20) although can use round razor blade to undertake big feed milling, but of defect or clearly. On one hand, look from the angle of the design, cutter hub can place measure of held round razor blade relatively fewer, this makes overall feed relatively inferior. On the other hand, cannot realize mill of 90 ° square shoulder, cannot clear root, need increases a milling cutter to finish clear root. The breakthrough that this is new technology development is nodded -- take advantage of an opportunity of UOMT0602TR of razor blade of mill of big feed of series of HiPosµ of Er of flower case all alone comes on stage. System of this cutting tool optimized extensive role mill, cutter hub can place the bit that opposes more measure, rudimental surplus is very small. Can see, the photograph of round razor blade of UOMT0602TR razor blade and 6mm diameter is compared, its advantage is clearly: Take up because of place of UOMT0602TR razor blade the space is fewer, the cutter hub of identical diameter can place held razor blade to count more; The rudimental beyond value of a quantity that uses earning of UOMT0602TR razor blade to arrive is less than the half when using round bit; Use UOMT0602TR razor blade to be able to have mill of 90 ° square shoulder. Design of UOMT0602TR razor blade can come true in Apmax=0 of deepness of the biggest cutting.

Every age when 5mm feed Fz=0.

8mm/ tine. When undertaking Z is worth constant 3D outline mill, process designing radius is set for R1. The rudimental surplus that its achieve and the rudimental surplus that use academic R1 radius to be worth earning differ at most 0.

2mm. Close tine designs the union with big feed, make HiPosµ makes one of cutting tool with the rapiddest rate of the cutting on the market. Realize feed of the biggest workbench 20, 000 Mm/min does not have a problem completely. To the user, the advantage of this cutting tool is far more than extensive role mill, clip of HiPosµ series milling cutter is held different but dislocation razor blade, still can serve as establish milling cutter, square shoulder milling cutter, corn milling cutter is used. Limits of diameter of milling cutter of HiPosµ series standard is 9.

5-40mm, regard a standard as milling cutter, the area that clip manages different type is different the mill razor blade of radius of round horn of point of a knife, use at machining alloy of steel, cast-iron, titanium and aluminium alloy. The range of products that HiPosµ place represents means taller productivity not only, its versatility makes a person impressive as much, apply to industry pattern domain and general at machining. CNC Milling