The development of product of accurate medical treatment is made

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Challenge: How to make a contented and modern medical treatment the spare parts that embedded technology asks? Solution: With difficult treatment the cutting knowledge of material is a foundation, use series of integrated cutting tool. No matter spare parts of modern medical treatment is to want embedded human body lifetime produce effect, still use at supporting rehabilitation, its are made shirt-sleeve nicety and requirement of tall public errand, and the challenge that handles difficult treatment material. Shanteweikekeleman already was on product, function and the support that small part machines craft investment is huge endowment. Craft of small part treatment is the core of the medical treatment spare parts such as production bone bolt. Medical treatment bound is using a series of live thing increasingly the latent capacity of compatible material, the chromium that be like Zuo , stainless steel (316LVM) with titanium, use its at more extensive field. Group interior is overcome in hill spy dimension, a series of stuff that Sandvik Bioline has his oneself in these applied domains. Shanteweikekeleman still has sweeping product plan and the knowledge that how have machining to difficult treatment material, and with clasp of other and relevant professional personage, understanding produces each fields of craft. Shanteweikekeleman is at present successful already the ground uses this knowledge at hip joint embedded content, rolled out the solution of the spare parts of key of man-made hip joint such as treatment ball head and cup of joint of bones. The plan of cup of joint of bones that has spherical turning with round razor blade has won course of study to be accepted extensively inside, and twice improved manufacturing efficiency, at the same time cutting tool cost also was reduced 1/3. Material of avery kind of has its respective treatment difficulty, but the collective requirement that the material production that uses difficult treatment gives the product of tall public errand with exterior superior precision is all pair of material however. Must control metallic bit carefully, should ensure stuff goes in production process burr, ability production gives appropriate spare parts character. Handle the solution of efficient cutting tool of technology of round razor blade, suit the production of hip joint spare parts. The bits of processing capability metal with the economic solution stable security that the advantage enhances manufacturing efficiency big batch to produce and burr control accord with ministry of coxa of man-made of requirement of micron public errand by ball head and cup of joint of bones two parts are comprised, these spare partses must achieve very tall production precision. The medical treatment such as bone bolt is embedded content is made by difficult treatment material. Case analysis: Change a knife knowledgeably -- company of real appliance of a dentistry of company of result dentistry appliance uses the fast system that change a knife, the time changing a knife that produces tooth getting part shortens from 3 minutes 20 to 30 seconds. This company processes the data such as titanium and stainless steel. Its are the manufacturing time that annual reduces 67 hours as a result, economic 4, cost of 000 much euro. In addition, the spare parts of every cutting tool processes an amount from 1, 000 increase to 2, 500. The cutting tool solution of a kind of original creation helps manufacturer of medical treatment hardware the production that company of a Germany optimizes medical treatment small part. This solution is a foundation with CoroTurnXS and CoroCut XS cutting tool. The external diameter of the spare parts is 1mm only, need undertakes 0.

3mm aperture is gotten cut, and this often can cause quality problem. After the cutting tool solution that employs Shanteweikekeleman, this company obtained tremendous breakthrough on manufacturing efficiency, annual time of machine tool movement shortens 57 hours, economic 13, 000 euro, annual spare parts crop increases to 50, 000. Solution of technical data cutting tool: The CoroCut XS of technology of razor blade of CoroTurn 107 of system of QS knife handle that can accelerate straight-cut machine tool to change knife rate and razor blade of milling cutter of hard alloy of whole of CoroMill Plura of broach of CoroTurn XSCoroDrill Delta C and brand: The DCET that takes sharp the crucial point with the GC1105 that machines at stainless steel and titanium but dislocation razor blade. Conclusion: Demand of embedded content trade is in medical treatment in batch production environment, undertake production with tall public errand and precision. Compatible and embedded content uses live thing the material of difficult treatment, this has a large number of knowledge that small part machines with respect to the requirement. Shanteweikekeleman is being developed crucial investment was made in of all kinds solution, satisfy the market need that this increases increasingly. Medical treatment is embedded spare parts, be like bone bolt, often grow again fine, the optimal means that its design uses circumstance and embedded body because of answering again and each are not identical. Specific and character, need all sorts of cutting tool -- have sharp cutting blade, the strict public errand that turning, grooving and thread machining achieve in the environment can be produced to ask in large quantities of quantities, apply to difficult treatment material. Shanteweikekeleman already ground give out the series product that is used at small part treatment, it is involved outside circle and inside round treatment, milling and auger cut what in waiting for craft, use all sorts of cutting tool. This plan is brought into the fast system changing a knife of straight-cut machine tool, can realize fast dislocation thereby. The general turning to the alveolus in 6mm above and inside round treatment, coroTurn 107 is first selection. In addition, special still development goes GC1105, with the material that will machine bone bolt place to use. CoroCut MB and CoroTurnXS can be used at turning, grooving and thread machining, offer solution of of all kinds small cutting tool, get it is OK to cut a diameter small to 0.

3mm. Additional, because the photograph of good economic benefits of technology of thin PVD coating and working procedure is united in wedlock, such as DCET new-style but dislocation razor blade has extremely sharp where a thing can be put to best use. Razor blade of CoroTurn XS turning is used technically at high accuracy treatment. The integral hard alloy of CoroMill Plura and CoroDrillDelta-C series establishs milling cutter and golden broach to suit small part treatment. If be about to know more news, ask contact business represents the Shanteweikekeleman of your place. CNC Milling