Essence of life is tiny the new option of processing technique

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To lead plane manufacturer, whether get used to smaller spare parts size and variation of more complex spare parts appearance in time, already became the crucial factor that measures each manufacturer to whether have integral competition actual strength. In last few years, as the development of accurate 3C electron and optical product, this territory is more and more also to the requirement of functional face. Of the product tiny change, nicety turns the development tide that became future with unifinication, make imperceptible production technology also becomes it is important to be sent more. From this, the importance of processing technique of small mould of essence of life is highlighted increasingly, very natural, the development of small mould of essence of life and spare parts made the main trend of the times slowly. To lead plane manufacturer, whether get used to smaller spare parts size and variation of more complex spare parts appearance in time, into the crucial factor that whether has integral competition actual strength to measure each manufacturer. Accordingly, the milling treatment that can have high accuracy and fast face quality is very important. Make the agent of equipment as a nicety, since machine of the first essence held water 1988 oneself the development rhythm with respect to follow closely market, through old market put oneself through the mill, to the demand of the user change has the smell of acumen. Accompanying the development of globalization and unifinication, machine of the first essence is in Chinese Shanghai, malaysia soft Buddha, kuala lumpur, bright city created Thailand Bangkok and Vietnam introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad will respectively 5 solely invested subsidiary. From virgin up to now, machine of the first essence devotes oneself to to become a metal to machine the top company of equipment and project solution. The well-known trademark that acts as agent below company division is numerous, if Taiwan always takes essence of life of lathe of numerical control of peaceful of Cheng of CNC machining center, Taiwan, Taiwan,assume line cut milling machine of milling machine of tradition of SEIKI of machine and Taiwan and high speed, Taiwan builds heart nicety planar grinder and machining center, Taiwan inferior special Mitsui of machine of alveolus of SEIKI of scintilla machine, Taiwan and Japan is tall accurate plane. Among them, SEIKI already made a machine of the first essence is particular very mature brand, register in international. And in domain of high accuracy milling, be worth what carry to count new tiger even most will mechanical Inc. (weigh new tiger below) . This company holds water from 1995 begin, be engaged in the production of machine of high speed of accurate milling machine, CNC, hold to the course with high-powered high quality, and aggrandizement serves quality, promote an industry the technology. Be in a few short years, the pattern company of Taiwan has new tiger every almost will product, to at present till, the company has had the capacity that produces per year 500. To all sorts of tiny the rapid growth of 0 component demand, new tiger also will roll out efficient solution for the client. The area austral Taiwan stage processing factory of a famous mould that make, basically have the treatment of car component module for domestic client, they all use Taiwan machine of some high speed machining center of well-known company, stage of this company plane begins to add man-hour and do not have any problems, but after running 2h continuously, appeared stretchy quantity achieves main shaft 0.

06mm creates the situation that main shaft cuts too, and the water chestnut line of workpiece is not shown, this company also cannot find out effective settlement all the time means. New tiger will come here in understanding after the circumstance, expedite personnel of technology of the major inside the factory to search case study in time to solve, recommended new tiger to this pattern company will GT-160V machine tool has identical operation. As we have learned, the main shaft of machine of machining center of GT-160V high speed uses motor of type of the Tibet inside high rotate speed, top rotate speed can amount to 60000r/min, the good material of temper by dipping in water that can process hardness 52HRC or beforehand the treatment of 3D curved surface of good material, precision can amount to ± 0.

005m/m, dynamic balancing precision is amounted to 0.

002m/m. The bearing of pottery and porcelain inside additional main shaft reachs use nicety boiler circulation of device of PT100 temperature induction lukewarm control a system, can control main shaft temperature and stretchy amount effectively, the service life that prolongs main shaft and raise treatment precision. After use, this company achieved first-rate treatment result, solved main shaft effectively the problem of stretchy quantity 60mircron controls his in 0.

Inside 02mm, and the treatment curved surface of workpiece is more flowing. CNC Milling