Efficient treatment makes medium application in the mould

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Forecast according to what international produces association expert, in 21 centuries end, the machining of 50%~75% (cutting is machined) the product will use a mould to undertake machining production. Accordingly, the discretion of level of mould production technology is the important sign that measures machinery of a nation to make horizontal on any account not only, and the development capacity that deciding quality of product of a country, benefit and new product greatly. Nowadays, as industrial product update quickly, efficient treatment is the objective that mould production domain pursues ceaselessly all the time. One, in applying a circumstance to be made in the figuration of contemporary mould, because the shape face design of the mould is complex with each passing day, place of free curved surface occupies scale to increase ceaselessly, accordingly, raised taller requirement to mould processing technique, want to assure tall production precision and exterior quality not only, what should seek treatment appearance is beautiful, seek the tall stability of the mould and macrobian order even at the same time. Block up of traditional patternmaking craft the mould development to nice way. As the ceaseless development that studies to efficient processing technique, wait for what relevant technology develops ceaselessly to drive in software of CAE, CAD, CAM, CAPP especially below, efficient processing technique oneself the production treatment that uses increasingly at the mould, changed traditional pattern treatment to use " polish of → of manual burnish of → of treatment of electric spark of heat treatment → of → of treatment of anneal → milling " wait for complex and lengthy technological process, the production that compressed a mould is periodic. Technology of high speed cutting serves as one of important steps of efficient treatment, its technology content is very high, involve the content of many sided, those who include CNC machining process designing is fast and efficient change, the respect such as the standardization that process of the cutting that the space processes data treatment of linkage of much axis of free curved surface, hard, numerical control weaves and standardization, decreased to electric spark is machined and repair modular workload artificially before, return the high consistency that can make sure the mould is made, ensure mould precision, reduce number trying a model, shorten production cycle, changed before " depend on benchwork " amend constructional thinking mode, forward " install only match less " or " install only do not deserve " directional stride, improve manufacturing efficiency thereby, realize efficient treatment. 2, after all sorts of relevant data such as charge of average to the requirement research developed country of cutting tool cutting tool and manufacturing cost knowable, improve the cutting tool life of 50% , can reduce the manufacturing cost of 1% ; And improve the treatment efficiency of 20% , can reduce the manufacturing cost of 15% . This fills minute of specification to use contemporary cutting technology, choose high speed, efficient cutting tool, develop the function of the machine tool and efficiency adequately, realize high speed, efficient cutting, just be to raise the efficiency, right way that reduces manufacturing cost. As the development of machine tool technology, the top rotate speed of machine tool main shaft also is in promote considerably, the progress of cutting tool tigidity and dynamic balancing function, the high speed cutting that gives cutting tool laid a good foundation. The centrifugal power that to avoid cutting tool lopsided quantity produces below high speed condition brings adverse effect to process of cutting tool cutting, cause quality of surface of cutting tool life, workpiece and appearance precision to drop, return the join face of main shaft of Lv of take an examination and knife handle, position of butt joint opening and longer arbor, particularly important is radial swings length of precision, cantilever. To achieve columnar knife handle to be opposite when finish machining radial swings the requirement of precision, should choose hydraulic pressure collet, contractive collet and force to reduce the join kind of collet, its radial swings precision can be achieved 0.


003mm. Choose cutting tool of high speed cutting, mix except the good hardness that should have common cutting tool outside the function such as wearability, high intensity and tenacity, still should have the reliability with higher ① , make sure cutting is stable, quality is consistent, the time that change a knife is little, life is long. The installation precision with taller ② and repeat fixed position precision, good interchangeability and change a gender quickly. ③ seriation, standardization and generalization, use machine clip as far as possible but dislocation cutting tool and muti_function compound cutting tool. ④ breaks bits goodly, roll bits and platoon bits function, ensure cut bits to be not twined go up in cutting tool and workpiece, do not destroy already machined the surface, of fluid of not cloggy cutting pouring. 3, to the requirement that craft designs a lot of pattern companies manage in resource and use on put in a few inadequacy, main show is shared in natural resources of information of mould design workmanship inadequate, the combinative sex of numerical control craft and common craft is poor, the applied level of CAD/CAM software is not high, rate of the standardization of CNC Machining craft and program, standardization is low, and collateral mode realizes process designing of craft of mould design, numerical control, numerical control degree is small wait for a respect. Be aimed at above inadequacy, can begin the work from the following respects. Nextpage     1.

The shares workmanship informatization construction of mould design and craft information natural resources is the most important is to make full use of the mould designs graph and documentation resource, if use a pattern,three-dimensional graph can reduce the three-dimensional model time of personnel of numerical control process designing, and the time that three-dimensional model expended 40%~50% of numerical control process designing almost. Make full use of the craft information that PDM and network resource establish enterprise interior runs a system, share all production information resource that use possibly, can improve the work efficiency of process designing personnel greatly. 2.

Of numerical control craft and common craft reasonable match the design that is aimed at a mould the different characteristic part of one's job of precision of cycle of requirement of condition, batch, production, treatment and manufacturing cost does not take different step. In process of technology program design, the design that answers clamping apparatus of means of design requirement, treatment, tool is made, the concentration of the union of means of the choice of cutting tool, thick finish machining, working procedure differentiates, the respect such as the equipment current situation of the enterprise and productivity considers integratedly, implementation CNC Machining and the perfect union that the tradition machines and match, produce the specialty of all sorts of equipment and advantage. 3.

The standardization that the craft of rationality numerical control that the standardization that craft weaves and parameter match weaves thes upper part of the body in certain level the level that showed application of technology of enterprise oneself CNC Machining, will restrain the diversification of numerical control program through standardization, improve the cutting quality of cutting tool then, if fixed position is made clear in craft parameter of fiducial, fiducial to the knife, cutting tool, cutting parameter and means taking a knife, will mature numerical control craft undertakes standardization and fossilization, it is especially on the foundation of treatment technology experience of typical spare parts, build the treatment craft pattern plate of standardization and pattern plate of numerical control program, the treatment efficiency of the quality that can improve process substantially and mould. Additional, basis by cutting material, should choose reasonable cutting tool and step pitch, too big or cutting tool and step pitch are too small the treatment efficiency that goes against a mould and production cost. To program should combine material and mental allowance to come the cutting parameter that scientific and integrated consideration machines, build different pattern material and the warehouse of cutting craft parameter of all sorts of commonly used cutting tool, in order to have reference and choose. 4, the necessary tool that machining equipment nature to machining the requirement high speed of equipment is efficient treatment, should realizing efficient treatment to be not is to buy a few high speed to machine equipment only so simple, want a foundation however the company is interior (even the company is outside) the characteristic that already had facility has necessary complement, those who do good workmanship and productivity is mutual match. Same, the work out machines craft, also cannot center the look on facilities of high speed treatment entirely, reasonable match, make full use of to just can dig the potential of efficient treatment. (1) should suit industry pattern development and production craft characteristic, because the function is redundant,avoid and create waste. Mixed to general and free curved surface pattern is made, can use machining center of 5 axes linkage; Mixed to large and free curved surface pattern is made, can use dragon door formula 5 axes machining center. (2) alternative price compares high equipment. Because be in the treatment of mould antrum and curved surface, place is compared with cutting tool diameter small, very tall to the requirement of main shaft, rotate speed should achieve 20 000~40 000r/min commonly, taller even, feed speed amounts to 40~80m/min; to be the semifinished product that hold clip, the rough machining that finish and finish machining, because the intensity of mould material and hardness are very tall,power of requirement main shaft is 10~40kW; commonly, it is good that reason asks main shaft precision is tall, rigid; In the meantime, machine tool lathe bed still must be had very tall move, static stiffness, with improving fixed position precision is mixed fight brace up ability. (3) software side still asks rate of CNC system operation is rapid, data processing capability is strong, control precision and answer speed tall; Treatment of CAM software high speed must have whole journey to had been prevented automatically cut and cutting tool interference checks capability, raise the treatment precision of complex outline surface thereby. (4) high speed machining center can divide the HSM that with main shaft high rotate speed gives priority to (High Speed Machining) model high speed machining center, with the HVM that gives priority to with high floating rate and acceleration (High VelocityMachining) model high speed machining center, can undertake choosing according to need. 5, all-purpose to the requirement of tool clamping apparatus built up fixture more and more the favour that is created a company by the mould, the reason is it reduced time of facility stop work greatly, can finish inside the shortest time spell outfit operation simply, return the option that can adopt a variety of fixed position, make clamping apparatus contented the demand that the mould machines. In the meantime, all-purpose built up fixture also can get used to the batch characteristic that the mould makes, not only flexible very strong, and agile, quick. Main show is in: Assorted component versatility is strong, have taller hardness and wearability, but repeated usage; Have taller dimension precision and geometrical precision, and have very strong interchangeability; Can get used to mould design and production constant change, can go all out put on disparate industry clamping apparatus. Efficient treatment is a systematic project, be not raise cutting rate only this one, it involves each segment that produces to production. Have the cutting tool, facility that be reached by parameter of treatment material, cutting choose reasonably and matching only, pass ceaseless exploration and summary, have all sorts of requirements optimal combination, ability develops his integrated advantage, achieve the efficient goal of material purify. Additional, use informatization method, optimize craft course, reasonable choose tool clamping apparatus, reduce the auxiliary time between working procedure, accelerate a mould to make metre, realize efficient treatment thereby. CNC Milling