Minim of machining center application is lubricant the technology replaces cooling fluid

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: The distinction of machining center and CNC Milling depends on machining center having change knife function automatically, tool of different and phyletic cutting is installed on knife library, implement a variety of treatment forms through changing a knife. Its machine stability, precision is tall, repeat precision tall. Minim is lubricant the technology is to use a few a kind of technology that the oily mist grain after lube classics compresses air pulverization has cool and lubricating substitutional cutting fluid and cutting oil to cutting area. Uses lubricant is avirulent, but the plant of degradation lubricant. Minim lubricates is the lubricant means that applies to high speed cutting, because minim is used to lubricate to be able to produce an advantage more in this machining center, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce cost. Specific advantage has: 1.

Suit with the photograph of high speed cutting of machining center: Machining center is facilities of high speed, efficient treatment, the lubricant and cooling system of form a complete set needs to satisfy the requirement with its quick high speed, much Pu Saiwei measures lubricant system to be able to be accomplished switch on the mobile phone to have namely, response rate is less than 1s; 2.

Reduce cost: Minim is lubricant in the cost amount of lubricant is about wet cut lubricant cost amount extremely one of, reduced the cost of lubricant. At the same time minim lubricates is with compressing air is motivation, with cutting fluid circulatory system photograph is used up than the sources of energy also reduce greatly. On the other hand, minim is lubricant after replacing cutting fluid system, can reduce machine tool itself to make cost directly; 3.

Environmental improvement: Applied minim is lubricant won't appear the circumstance that the emulsion when use cutting fluid splatters, to the job the cleanness of environment and machine tool itself can rise to protect action; 4.

The promotion of integral efficiency: Lubricant treatment is minim to do type treatment definitely, can avoid the workpiece when dehumidify cuts treatment to clean working procedure, shorten craft catenary, improve the integral efficiency of product line; 5.

Reduce a machine tool to cover an area of an area, raise manufacturing workshop utilization rate. Minim of machining center application is lubricant need notices the following: 1.

Minim is lubricant of device and machining center cooperate: Machining center is equipment of a kind of high speed, efficient cutting, because this asks minim is lubricant device must can join with the machine tool without seam, ask to be in namely cutting in the begining, device can offer oily mist quickly, cannot appear incur loss through delay. 2.

From adaptability: Use inside cold model minim is lubricant when treatment, the measurement of cutting tool is different, the demand that oily mist estimates is diverse also. Accordingly, the oily mist of lubricant device produces requirement drop the quantity has self-adjusting function, can deploy different cutting tool to use. 3.

The layout of shower nozzle: Because machining center changes Dao Pin numerous, and the size of every knife is endless and same, when the gush outside applying accordingly minim is lubricant, must note the position of shower nozzle, accomplish can offer to every cutting tool lubricate reliably. Machine case: Workpiece material: 9SMnPB28   machine tool: Machining center rotate speed: 0 – 25.

Lubricant system of 000   :   of 5%   of   of   of cooling fluid   are fierce later before but enemy II minim is lubricant systematic lubricant: Minim of division spy series is lubricant and special oily work measure: 65 milling cutter of ¢ of Min of time of cutting of Mm/min of speed of feed of M/min of speed of cutting of Min of time of cutting of Mm/min of speed of feed of M/min of speed of cutting of Min of spare time of MQL of fluid of cutting of 5080x62 cutting tool 2454000.


27- ¢ 8.

3-48mm is gotten 1196520.


42- ¢ 8-51mm is gotten 1204300.



043 tap G3/8 -20.



24- ¢ 2.

5-20mm is gotten 503180.



17 tap M16*1-12.



125- ¢ 5 get 78.





Gun of 12 ¢ 12-56mm is gotten 80346.




98 ¢ 8-48mm gun is gotten 8046.




75 tap M14*1-11.



19- tap G1/8 -16.





When 19- always is used 13.

053 when always be being used 112.

053   case shows handling time decreases 20% , improve manufacturing efficiency. Origin: Beijing trains peak technique finite liability company CNC Milling