The application of DMG MORI processing technique in aerospace industry

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Take a plane to already became people to give an indispensable one link daily, travel in the individual especially respect, its value increases ceaselessly. Predict to did not come 20 years, international aviation industry needs about 28, ability of 000 new planes satisfies requirement of this kind of growth. And processing technique is holding fundamental sex position in process of whole aerospace production, because of enterprise of this machine tool also benefit from benefit from such market environment. The application of the engine structure design that the intensive of aerospace industry changes producer type, innovation, new material and efficient material raised taller requirement to machine tool industry, its core is economy, efficient treatment titanium alloy, nickel alloy, aluminium alloy or advanced composite material. Aerospace industry manufacturer is the most slashing to requirement of machine tool of DMG MORI high end client group one of, because almost all engine and airframe spare parts need to machine, and if other spare parts is not mixed through turning, milling auger cut treatment, also cannot realize its function. Current, the technology of laser beam machining of DMG MORI and supersonic processing technique already won success application in aerospace production. Make the trend of complete treatment development of much task machine tool more strong to the immediate demand of processing technique, install clip to finish turning, milling for example, auger cut and grinding treatment. Not only such, the user still hopes to fashion metallic cutting process complete (but automation) project, the process designing before including to machine, emulate and the measurement in treatment circulates and the technology is monitored inside machine, utmost land increases treatment dependability and stability. Of course, all these metallic cutting processes need to satisfy the precision that rises ceaselessly and complexity requirement. Technology of DMG MORI of the following and brief introduction in the plane each place production processes medium application. Component part of structural member, whole and secure it is the mainest metallic cutting part in plane airframe, the treatment of truss, muscle board and carling is odd normally an integral milling figuration, riveting technology is the most commonly used join means, because this is all component (also include CFK part) need to get cut treatment. Cutting technique is very main to the production of wing: Muscle board, truss and secure it is metallic ability pledges. Outside titanium alloy hanger is being divided in wing, alar box is made with composite material, muscle board is made with high strenth aluminium alloy, and the engine room place of wing middle is made with composite material, alloy makes the Liang Yongtai propping up of landing gear, land flap and ala are seamed with be able to bear or endure corrode material is made (like tall alloy steel) . The outline of component of appearance of intricate to position of many rivet aperture and movement geometry is machined, as a result of the addition that CFK material applies character, the treatment demand of these place will decrease. Metallic port passes the treatment of muscle board and truss to have production, perhaps be produced with the means that casts rework first. To CFK port, join with the metal (titanium alloy) make, can use a metal to machine figuration only. Current, CFK material already applied at entire tail surface character. Only join is nodded, strengthen place and leading edge to use a metal to material is made and be machined, but all components need to bore hole. To landing gear spare parts, advocate landing gear / before landing gear, piston / valvular, landing gear props up bridge, pillar or join pledge with steel or titanium alloy material. Although landing gear still uses tall alloy steel, but future tends use titanium alloy, these material need to machine figuration character. From treatment angle looks, material of aircraft engine component is qualitative very different, make with alloy of tall alloy steel, titanium or WASP alloy commonly, for instance deputy turbine lamina uses titanium to make, engine hanger and join finally a material of the alloy that it is titanium is qualitative, and the spare parts material of high temperature area and microtherm area is qualitative also very not identical. The spare parts of microtherm area, for example low-pressure compressor arrives high-pressured compressor middle, material pledges titanium alloy basically is used outside eliminating aluminium alloy, and the position of engine core high temperature that begins from compressor of last class high pressure must use the nickel alloy with heat-resisting good performance and cobaltic alloy material to pledge. Outside dividing machine treatment, technology of laser beam machining already began to apply in engine production, basically use at machining the cold blowhole inside turbine lamina and burner component, the production of abnormity aperture basically passes laser stiletto (laser ablation atomizer) undertake. CNC Milling