Characteristic of structure of vertical essence boring machine and parameter introduce

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Vertical essence boring machine is used at boring of essence of life to machine the cylinder body aperture of all sorts of engine and cylinder bushing aperture, and other nicety aperture, can have mill of essence of cylinder end panel at the same time, can realize boring, mill, auger, bore with a reamer is muti_function treatment. Structure of vertical essence boring machine has: Even if workbench is transverse mobile orgnaization; Workpiece looks for central orgnaization quickly; Survey knife plant; Fore-and-aft labour enters workbench (milling) ; Can set several plant, in order to raise working rate and precision, or make small-sized coordinate boring use. Parameter of technology of vertical essence boring machine: The biggest bore hole hole depth of the biggest boring spends diametical Ф 200mm 250mm of diameter of 500mm mill bit body is the biggest milling area (long X is wide) limits of rotate speed of 850250mm main shaft limits of feed of main shaft of 53 ~ 840rev/min 0.

05 ~ 0.

Opportunity of axes of main shaft of 710mm of journey of 20mm/rev main shaft comes sliding stock is erect the distance 315mm workbench of the face is fore-and-aft journey 1100mm workbench is fore-and-aft feed speed 54, 108mm/min workbench is fore-and-aft and fast transverse journey 100mm machines workbench of floating rate 1500mm/min precision bores hole circularity of 1T8 of precision of dimension of milling of dimension precision 1T7 0.

005 cylinder are spent 0.

01/300 bores hole surface roughness Ra1.

Ra1 of 6 milling surface roughness.

6 ~ 3.

2 exterior dimension (is long X wide X tall) is 1588X26102350mm suttle / does gross weight 3600/4000Kg pack dimension (is long X wide X tall) what do fittings of standard of boring machine of 18301730X2620mm vertical essence and special fittings have? Standard fittings: 150 main shaft (200 aperture of Ф of boring Ф 151- ) ; All-purpose boring milling head; Bore hole the device that measure a knife; 4 Mohs arbor (48 aperture of Ф of boring Ф 21- ) ; 250 mill bit body is special fittings: 110 main shaft (165 aperture of Ф of boring Ф 111- ) ; 75 main shaft (115 aperture of Ф of boring Ф 76- ) ; 56 main shaft (78 aperture of Ф of boring Ф 57- ) ; 45 main shaft (60 aperture of Ф of boring Ф 46- ) ; Clamping apparatus of V cylinder body; Cylinder body is fast clamping apparatus CNC Milling