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Come two many years, gwylan Models company (Www.



Uk) is producing the ship of 1/1250 proportional model that can collect all the time. Before paragraph time, this company turns and use shape quickly method, will design with the master mold that does perfusion, this kind of method looks is the best method that makes excellent model. The fact proves, the model that this company design and prototype make gained huge success. The author of this company -- boss Will Jayne chooses to come from company of McNeel North America (be located in Xi Yatu of American Washington city, www.


Com) Rhinoceros 3D 4.

0 will design all digital master mold. Will Jayne chooses so, because his model designs setting,be firstly, because and rather than often is familiar with program of this one computer; Because this can apply at shaping quickly directly,be secondly method. Gwylan company does not have any machines, do not cross its all models by Best Cast company (be located in the Fuaiji in American new jersey, www.


Com) print. Small-sized model by EnvisionTEC company (be located in German Gladbeck, www.


Com) Perfactory machine is made, large model by 3D Systems company (be located in the Kaluolaina austral the United States city, www.


Com) machine of ProJet HD 3000 is made. These two kinds of machines are very outstanding, future will continue to use this kind of model devise a method for certain. Collect the hobby of 1/1200 and ship of 1/1250 scale model, its germ is OK restrospect to uses model ship as during one battle, World War II discern a model. Ship of these two kinds of models can duplicate as relatively simple model, with make the boat of visible special naval vessel inside certain distance, and factual proof, it is a kind of very effective education is assisted, be used extensively consequently. The governmental contract that the major inaugurator of this group course of study won manufacturing model during the war, these models after World War II serve as collect article very welcome. Now, the whole world is distributinging extensively the lover of these models and organization of the person that collect. The star turns bottle move, affairs of human life is transitional, but the soul of these inchoate models still consist in is major contemporary shrink in tiny model give typical examples. The enterprise with the earliest England is other company open up like Wiking and Basset-Lowke road, the model that these inchoate guide make nowadays has been become special suffer pursue the high value goods that hold in both hands. The graph designs a model for the CAD of ship on, pursue below the ship model that to shape quickly the method makes. Gwylan company is located in British Cambria Si Jun of wave be stranded, this industry is entered in the times of social revulsion, special to causing the economy of industry atrophy inaccuracy is decided. Manufacturer and the person that collect people attracting new amateur hard gradually, this will win get one's own back in not far future. A lot of young manufacturer (like Gwylan company) attracting new people hard recently, thereby aggrandizement this one hobby. It is a kind of very powerful force to the faithfulness of manufacturer, the client can use up his can n holds manufacturer. Industry the domain of another change is workmanship. generation model is made with light wood and metal, and use white alloy mass production, this remains the workmanship with the globallest trade nowadays. Nevertheless, more and more England manufacturer people choice colophony will produce, once thought the view of this method not up to much is transforming slowly. The colophony model nowadays already far excel 20 years ago, in short, major difference is weight between colophony model and metallic model. Master mold designs this one domain same hour is changing. Till recently, polystyrene and metal still remain the medium with master mold optional manufacturer, modern nevertheless technology is changing everything quickly. Probably 4 years ago, begin to appear on the market by shape quickly the generation that master mold casts is main model. Because this technology applies successfully already at the model to design technology, one fraction manufacturer people had accepted this one technology. However, current technician still very be in short supply, whole industry has stylist of word of 6 concrete number only. This means pair of technician to be put in the demand with huge move, now more and more manufacturer people want to begin to use shape quickly the method will design exceedingly good master mold. The person that walk along the free profession of advanced head people had been signed to make an appointment with by big company, this lets small company cannot enter period of this one new technology, bring about cannot be in same horizontal on participate in competition. To major small company, the possibility of retraining is 0. A lot of small companies have one person operation only, cannot the employ since the burden a formal full-time stylist, because,major small company is too busy and cannot spend time to groom oneself. Nevertheless, those actions are enough and quick, have shape quickly the inchoate manufacturer of resource people the gratification that enjoying a success. Course of stereo photoetching machine is newest improve, can design the prototype that can be used at master mold to design technology, its resolution is enough also and careful. With skill the craft photograph of the most skilled physical model division is compared, these machines can handle more fine detail, control the construction of the design more easily, can found more thereby modular master mold, then pare casts medium raw material dosage. Now, this one craft built judge the new standard of all models, any one by shape quickly the model that master mold makes can be anticipated well. This one technology is meant, specific model design domain and if clearer edge is mixed the more flowing leap that curved the quality attribute such as the surface to had appeared to pledge. Especially the exterior detail that this one craft can obtain lets a model acquire more visual appeal and character. See very easily, shape quickly the model that the method makes exceeds far on detail and precision before level, a lot of large manufacturer had used this kind of method to invent technology as important master mold now. However, also a few personages worry about this kind of technology to be able to make impact to model oneself. The model is very small, 1/1250 proportional United States carries Kang Deluo to add date warship (the length of CG-47) is 5 inches about. Tiny model reflects the immanent spirit that gives primary thing very hard. A good model stylist must choose proper delegate feature when designing a model. Stylist should need very much certainly expression, outstanding, exaggerated and the feature of oversight. The element of these considerations decided to shrink tiny model whether effectively emersion original other people. After all, the model is a kind of expression is tasted, is not duplicate. What model stylist embraces some freedom to spend when behaving a model, transcended the limitation of material. But shape quickly the union that master mold and complex model cast a method also can cause a few potential problems. Stylist is a few more capable to behave detail, and these detail won't be behaved absolutely before shaping to be used as to design quickly go up in the model. The problem depends on: Those perhaps should be not dropped by oversight by the detail of oversight or expression or expression comes out, the character that brings about a model drops. The person that a lot of collecting prefers the model previously to create a style, the detail that the reason consists these models is not excessive expression, appear more abstract when behaving original other people, this makes the person that collect easier rise model and connection of original other people. The person that collect for the most part although exclaim is mixed at the quality of the model detail, but the model that they think height is careful and photograph comparing lacks distinguishing feature more before. Accordingly, this is not to shape quickly the problem with inherent oneself, however the problem of model stylist. Begin to be belonged to like inchoate light Mu Hejin when digital stylist when stylist discovers in that way and improving expressional style, just make likely piece similar before characteristic the model with bright, superior quality. CNC Milling