The manufacturing technology that pointed horn square rectangle provides high accuracy stainless steel

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Introductive according to the author pass of roller of nearly 30 the coming year designs experience, analyse and summed up the main factor that seams what solder provides square rectangular stainless steel to be out of shape the rule, characteristic reachs influence mass continuously, put forward what pointed horn square rectangle provides high accuracy stainless steel to be out of shape 1999 mechanism, among them, shape with two Turkey heads the method of square rectangular canal, via the success is being scored after the experiment, already by stainless steel of area of Pearl River delta application of follow the lead of of manufacturer of manufactory of machine of canal of company of solder pipe production, solder, roller, but make high accuracy stainless steel truly the manufacturer that pointed horn square rectangle provides is not much. The article introduces what solder of square quadrature of this kind of stainless steel pointed horn is in charge of to be out of shape in detail mechanism. Concept of sharp-angled of a rectangular canal solders traditionally stainless steel square rectangle is in charge of, match a future life of a few square rectangular roller to produce with roller of a Turkey head normally. Production basically relies on to make the same score roller rolling to rectify model, because Ping Gun is two roller type configuration, the roller that is put in square rectangle to provide 4 part is seamed differ to get the problem with power abhorrent position with horny ministry, cause square rectangular valve 4 horn are not pointed differ, if graph L(a) place is shown, r=1. 2t, feet is outside round horn radius, f is a wall thick. Although accord with concerned industry standard, but cannot satisfy the user requirement to the high quality of the product. New-style design used Turkey head 4 roller rolling is whole model, the 4 roller structure that makes up as a result of Turkey head is identical, the roller of 4 horn is seamed equal, horny ministry suffers power position to agree, when rolling force enough big when, plasticity of horny ministry generation is out of shape make ministry of metallic stuff horn, outside face of the canal formed plane and dambered surface between cross a line -- namely pointed horn, its appearance is shown like graph 1(b) place. Graph the distance crossing a line that the pointed part that the sectional appearance of a rectangular canal designs place to narrate originally is plane of horn pointing to a circle and its photograph adjacent is less than ## and agree equably quadrilateral. This plan can transform original flight crew minimally to arrange, utmost land increases square rectangle to provide quality, apply to home each are medium or small solder runs unit. Canal of square rectangle of 2 pointed horn is out of shape mechanism is in place of line of 4 roller center provides Turkey head base cross section, it is different that the pointed part that pointed horn provides forms mechanism and canal of common square rectangle to rely on to curve horn, what it leans is the rolling force of roller, produce extruding force F through arc arch, if the graph is shown 2 times, make ministry of metal strip horn produces plasticity to be out of shape make thereby ministry of metallic stuff horn and into. The pressure Turkey of fill of arc arch diagonal 4 roller are in the head the same cross section that particular dambered surface function heads at steel, contented type (the condition of 1) , can make through roller pressure plasticity of generation of horny ministry metal is out of shape, form pointed part. Two 3 Turkey heads shape if pursue,the tubal semifinished product that the means that pointed horn square rectangle provides uses pass of two Turkey heads is out of shape 4 are shown. According to the characteristic of Turkey head roller, the design gives structure of new-style group of Turkey head roller () of the initiate inside dependency, the positional precision that raised Turkey head roller and the dimension precision that square rectangle provides, also increased the stability of manufacturing process at the same time, benefit is adjusted at the operation. If particular structure pursues 5 with the graph 6 are shown. Graph the design of structure of group of Turkey head roller that square rectangle of 6 pointed horn provides needs to notice: Total deformation of canal of pointed horn square rectangle measures stainless steel of ① high accuracy to be in charge of total deformation to measure big L-2mm than corresponding common square rectangle. When total deformation measures inadequacy, form pointed part hard, tolerancepublic errand also is stabilized hard; Pointed horn square rectangle provides stainless steel of ② computation high accuracy when bandwidth, the bandwidth that should be in charge of than corresponding common square rectangle is big L-2mm. 4 new-style Turkey head roller shapes characteristic and photograph of traditional Turkey head roller are compared, new-style Turkey head roller shapes have: (4 roller inside 1) Turkey head have effect of mutual fixed position; (2) improved the dimension precision of square rectangular canal and exterior quality; (3) increased the stability of manufacturing process, the rectangle of producer of Turkey head roll that solved a tradition manages not stable difficult problem; (4) benefit is adjusted at the operation, because have the fixed position effect between roller, the quantity need not go with rule when adjusting; (Of 5) canal base pressure horn, control an aspect be out of shape all by two Turkey head roller is assumed, managing different roller 40 % one 60 % . What providing semifinished product is vertical sectional, traditional roller second if graph 7(a) place is shown,arrange, new-style roller second if graph 7(b) place is shown,arrange, a Turkey head increases to be able to apply on the former unit that decide way. Graph the path of 7 roller second arrange two Turkey heads to serve as square rectangular canal to be out of shape main body, its characteristic is rolling path second little. Still mix with round canal pass before Turkey head thick shape, essence of life shapes roller produces impetus together, roller of two Turkey heads still is passive roller. Will tell commonly, two passive Turkey head roller should rely on 3 active Ping Gun to drive more appropriate. The square rectangular canal of 5 epilogue tradition produces kind main drawback is: ① right angle is not quite pointed; ② quadrilateral size of round horn radius differs; ③ product measure is not not accurate, stable; Amount of the other that ④ needs roller is much, roller of the part that decide way makes an appointment with 20. The characteristic of technology design method that uses pipe of horn of square rectangular needle is: ① uses common solder to provide the part deciding way of aircrew, round canal uses two Turkey heads to become square only canal of rectangular needle horn, improved the dimension precision of the product and exterior quality; (Copy out cough up wore the 4 roller inside Turkey head to all be used restrict enzymatic new structure each other, use common solder to be in charge of aircrew to be able to produce a taller precision square rectangle to be in charge of; ③ structure is simple, precision is tall, production is stable, roller amount is little (have L0 only commonly, 12) , maneuverable; ④ Turkey installs bearing inside head roller, the sheet that should choose E class above lists afferent ball bearing, series code name wants by original 2 instead 3, after changing but comfortable at producing a wall thick be less than 1. The square rectangle of 5mm is in charge of. CNC Milling