Transducer crosses the general processing technique of voltaic breakdown

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Transducer outputs side to be PWM voltage weaveform, after passing electric machinery winding, output electric current is sine wave approximately, lag behind at voltage a phasic angle, this angle is decided by the power factor of electric machinery. The output electric current of transducer detects through transformer of accurate resistor or electric current, undertake handling to signal of this electric current by CPU. To protect transducer, should output voltaic prep above when a certain threshold value, transducer can have signed up for shed breakdown. Transducer also can block pulse is outputted instantly. This is a when protective transducer parts of an apparatus is not damaged bad important and necessary method. This breakdown is cannot by screen. The cause that causes transducer to cross voltaic fault has a lot of, should undertake an analysis according to actual condition. If seek pair of source, next suit the remedy to the case, can solve commonly. Transducer of connective of electric machinery cable and electric machinery. That undertakes an analysis respectively from transducer side and electric machinery side. 1, it is the influence that comes from transducer side above all the common cause that transducer side may cause transducer to pass electricity has: Quicken time too short: The electric machinery torsion that needs right now is bigger, torsion and electric current become direct ratio, electric current is very so big also. Can lengthen appropriately quicken time. Promotion function: If be when V/f control, in starting process, voltage promotion is exorbitant, had caused electric current possibly also. Can reduce voltage to promote a value appropriately. PID parameter is improper: Exorbitant trends is answered, the likelihood has caused electric current. Should extend filter wave time, decrease P to add I. 2, it is the common cause that the side of influence electric machinery that comes from electric machinery side may cause transducer to pass electricity has next: Electric machinery cable is right ground short circuit: Cable insulation is bad, have broken skin. Can use shake the watch undertakes detecting to cable insulation, in order to affirm cable quality. Electric machinery locked-rotor: Right now transducer can try to use bigger torsion to make electric machinery rotational, the likelihood has caused voltaic trouble. 3, the electric current that if transducer is in-house,finally is hardware issue detects orgnaization job is abnormal, or CPU processing mechanism gave an issue, these do not set parameter to be able to be solved, need newspaper is repaired. If transducer and electric machinery electric current do not match, had caused voltaic trouble possibly also. For instance small transducer brings up electric machinery, or nameplate parameter clerical error, had caused voltaic trouble possibly. CNC Milling