Fluid drive technology walks in project machine the application in drive

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1, the overview walks the main component that drive system is project machine. Compare with working system photograph, walk drive system needs to transmit greater power not only, requirement parts of an apparatus has taller efficiency and longer life, still hope to be in gearshift timing, poor fast, change take-off direction of rotation and the respect such as retrorse transmission motivation have good capacity. Then, use why to plant transmission way, how to satisfy all sorts of project machine to walk better the need of drive, it is the task that place of project machinery industry should face all the time. Especially in recent years, build the rapid development of the process as the infrastructure such as our country traffic, the sources of energy, building construction and resource development dimensions expand ceaselessly, project machine increases greatly in market demand while, more facing work environment condition of more slashing, operating mode is more complex the challenge that waits for place to bring, also driving further walk to its the thorough research of drive system. Try to be formed from the technology here reach function feature isogon to spend pair of fluid drive technologies to walk in project machine the development of drive system and its rule undertake discussing. 2, the machine of transmission way project that is based on onefold technology walks the system basically uses mechanical drive and hydraulic machinery transmission at first (except of grab of complete hydraulic pressure) means. Now, the transmission way of hydraulic pressure and electric power drive also appears in project machine to walk in actuating device, what showed science and technology develops pair of this one field adequately is tremendous urge action. 2.

The engine of drive of pure machinery of 1 mechanical drive is average bear coefficient is low, because this can undertake step speed changing only commonly, and layout means gets restrict. But because its are had,mix high in efficiency of stable state drive the advantage of production cost small aspect, what in timing scope the car mixes less current customer money to ask to economy slashing, operating speed is constant is agricultural tractor field to this day still is holding number one position. 2.

Hydraulic power of 2 hydraulic power is used change quadrature implement the clutch in replacing mechanical drive, have capacity of section stepless speed regulation. Its outstanding advantage is to have the output torque that is close to Yu Shuangqu line - rotate speed is characteristic, cooperate the machinery of type of dynamical shift gears of postposition to transmission can match negative charge automatically and prevent dynamical gearing overload. Change quadrature implement power density is very big and bear stress is inferior however, large quantities of production cost are not advanced also the characteristic makes it is able to use machine of earth of the Yu Dazhong carry that shovel earth extensively, remove heavy transport plane in the high speed car such as instrument domain and car, tank. But its character matchs reach layout means to accept restriction, change rules limits is lesser, ability of dynamical apply the brake is poor, do not suit the occasion that is used at asking rate is stable. 2.

3 fluid drive and mechanical drive photograph are compared. Fluid drive realizes its motion parameter more easily (discharge) with dynamical parameter (pressure) control, and fluid drive has character of good low speed bear than hydraulic power. Because have,deliver efficiency tall, can undertake constant power exports control, power is used sufficient, construction of system is simple, output rotate speed stepless speed regulation, but, retrorse movement, speed tigidity is big, the movement comes true to wait for outstanding advantage easily, fluid drive received wide application in project machine. Machine of almost all project equips to be able to see the trace of hydraulic pressure technology, already made main drive and control way not less among them. Ultimate load adjustment shuts type return circuit, constant voltage of pilot of engine rotate speed, constant power combines modulatory variable system development, giving fluid drive application to walk at project machine was to offer capacious development prospect. Compare with pure machinery and hydraulic power photograph, the main good point of fluid drive is his those who adjust is convenient the flexibility of gender and layout, can mix according to the configuration of project machine the need of operating mode, arrange each part such as orgnaization of engine, drive wheel, job in logical place respectively, engine attempers in either the job below rotate speed, transmission system can develop bigger traction, and the efficiency that transmission system still can carry taller inside range of very wide output rotate speed, the dynamical drive that can acquire all sorts of optimizing conveniently is characteristic, in order to get used to the bear condition of all sorts of exercise. In speed taller walk the tape that uses in machinery closes type oil path walk hydraulic pressure actuating device can stepless speed regulation, make car downy start, rapid speed change and without direction of travel of concussion ground commutation. To be in exercise need starts often and gearshift, often move back and forth this one function is very valuable for the car of travel. But compare with photograph of loop opening type, the design of the loop that shut type, installation is debugged and safeguard have taller difficulty and technical demand. The union of technology of electron of have the aid of and hydraulic pressure technology, can very all sorts of adjustment that what implement pair of hydraulic pressure systems conveniently and control. And computer pilot introduces and of all kinds the application that infects feeling cell, more expanded greatly the working limits of hydraulic pressure component. Monitor project car through sensor all sorts of condition parameter, through computer operation output controls a target to dictate, make car realizes automation control inside whole job limits, productivity of sex of the fuel economy of the machine, motivation, exercise all reachs optimal value. Accordingly, use fluid drive to be able to make project machine realizes intelligence to change easily, energy-saving change and environmental protection is changed, and this already was become develop a tendency mechanically with prospective project currently. 2.

Drive of electric power of drive of 4 electric power is by dynamo of internal-combustion engine drive, generation electric energy makes electromotor drive car walks to move partly, through the electron axial rotate speed mixes electromotor of regulating system adjustment change direction, have wither fast range is wide, component losing a person (dynamo) , output component (electromotor) , reach control equipment to be able to divide the advantage such as buy installation. Electric power drive is used the earliest at diesel engine report to use shipping and diesel locomotive field, big tonnage mine is popularized to go up with carring capacity car and machine of certain and large project again after, appeared again in recent years the forklift of drive of diesel engine electric power and tractor medium or small a heavy carriage traffic. But a few reasons that are based on the respect such as technology and economy, apply to walk mechanical power cable component is far still gain ground in that way without what use like fixed equipment, electric power drive walks to great majority machinery still is only " prospective technology " . 3, developing is compound transmission technology can see from the analysis in front, application walks at project machine the is based on onefold technology transmission way in drive system makes simple, drive reliable, apply to certain and specific situation and domain. And in the actual application in great majority, these transmission technologies often are not isolated existence, existing to each other is permeated and be united in wedlock between each other, in the gearing that is like hydraulic, hydraulic pressure and electric power more or less the bag contains mechanical transmission link, and also installed in new-style machinery and hydraulic power device electric control a system with hydraulic pressure. In other words, use the compound and compositive kind that has specific aim, can produce the advantage with all sorts of transmission respective way adequately, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, obtain first-rate thereby integrated benefit. Notable is, hold concurrently adjust as appropriative as the amid of fluid drive device of position flexibility and high power density important role. 3.

Of 1 hydraulic pressure and machinery and hydraulic power compound (means of series connection of means of 1) series connection is most simple with familiar compound pattern, be be carried in the output of hydraulic pressure motor or hydraulic pressure transmission and mechanical transmission is installed between drive axle in order to enlarge the concentrated area of timing, realize the infinitely variable speeds of section. Use extensively already on machine of results of fork-lift truck, combination and certain special purpose vehicle at present. It is to its development will can advancing transmission of compared planet of dynamical shift gears installs a commutation drive directly inside drive wheel, drive of round of margin hydraulic pressure that realized big speed change to compare, cancelled drive axle consequently, more facilitating layout. (2) shunt-wound means is what what weigh normally namely " drive of billabong of power of hydraulic press weapon " , can understand it is a kind hydraulic pressure and machine " shunt-wound " the transmission system that transmits power shedding respectively, it is the planetary difference that uses much freedom to spend namely fast implement two with machinery when allot the power that engine outputs into hydraulic pressure " power flows " , power of hydraulic pressure of have the aid of flows can charge a sex, make these two power flow in new and confluent when but stepless adjustment outputs rotate speed always. This kind of way is good the function of stepless speed regulation of fluid drive the stable state efficiency with mechanical drive is tall the advantage union of this two respects rises, get one has property of infinitely variable speeds already, have again more efficient the gear change mechanism with wider concentrated area. Press its structure, can gearing distribute this kind of complex formula for two kinds of: ? Show off shine haughtying tan of bracelet of establish of shallow Qi of travel of narrow one's eyes of bridle   is able to bear or endure to Jian much to come to Mu of  of < of humorous of  of sword of have a nightmare washing with watercolors A Chinese-style unlined garment of  of Man   sinceres evil spirit imperial order of the Cong that treat  is shown to Su of fade of glue of have a nightmare to street of agitate of have a nightmare only  arrest asks? . The fluid drive transmission of this kind of Japanese compound means of development of small soft company, had applied on the project machine such as fork-lift truck, bulldozer. The adoption that German Fendt tractor produces Vario infinitely variable speeds implement of equipment agricultural tractor, exceeded 30000 to total 2003 sales volume. Can see from this, this kind of new-style gearing already was become increasingly big in power hydraulic power and motivation shift gear the strong competitor of transmission. (3) time-sharing means issues move to sail for nothing to operating speed and blame exercise condition the special vehicle of speed six to one, the contradiction that the means that uses traditional and mechanical transmission to be used at device of high speed travel, add fluid drive to be used at low speed to work can satisfy these two kinds of operating mode well asks. Mechanical -- the means of drive of hydraulic pressure time-sharing is in the application on this kind of car is very general already, this one technology already also was applied at the need such as plane deice car and field transplant machine " creep speed " on car and machines and tools. (4) divides a means to install hydraulic pressure motor inside the wheel directly " annulus actuating device of margin hydraulic pressure " it is actuating device of a kind of auxiliary hydraulic pressure, can solve project machine to need to improve tractive performance, but cannot use again complete round of drive means, arrange the issue of traditional mechanical gearing hard. The function of stepless speed regulation of fluid drive makes synchronism can be coordinated in order to differ between the drive wheel of means drive, can this in a sense also regard drive of billabong of a kind of power as: ? Childish of  of  of Xie of crock of outskirt of Lai of stand erect of the annulus when β of grave of    hopes  of leave uncovered of こ of rostellum of dust  Ji supports case of D of Α of  of that R of  of large of foal of pilfer of  of deficient of  of  of Peng of shrimp of Li of   Bei aing good horse  of explore of garden Fei  kitchens suffer from border.

Of 2 hydraulic pressure and electric power drive compound the development as a result of modern technology, the ability that electronic technology handles in signal and career respect occupy very large dominant position, and hydraulic pressure and electric power drive are in the characteristic field each has his own strong points of respective power cell. Accordingly, besides widespread already now presence " electronic nerve + hydraulic pressure muscle " outside this kind of mode, both the example that there also are a lot of successes in the compound transmission respect that power sheds, like: ? Mou of the pray that kill Gan stretchs tight  of black of Jian Liang vulgar appears whistle А ⒌ to spit Tiao  mu hook of mildew of tribute of  earnestly racoon dog is foolish look A Chinese-style unlined garment of racoon dog of earnestly of the condyle that kill Song carries  of eyebrow of  standing tall and upright on the back motor of hydraulic pressure of big torque of crock of hydraulic pressure of? of  of Duo of dark male of arenaceous dark blue or low speed is formed, and the drive system of traffic of mixture power industry. 3.

Adjust 2 times 3 system of static fluid transmission adjusts 2 times technology of static fluid drive is will realize hydraulic pressure to be able to be changed each other with mechanical energy through the adjustment that undertakes to place of hydraulic pressure component. Generally speaking, its implementation is a foundation with interconnected system of pressure Ou connection, in component (pump) reach component 2 times (motor) use means of calm pressure coincidence, rely on motor of real time adjustment to discharge a quantity to balance bear torque. Current, technology of drive of static to adjusting 2 times fluid undertakes what have energy to transmission process the jumping-off place of research is reclaim and of energy use afresh, from macroscopical angle total to static fluid drive construction has reasonable configuration and improvement its are static the control of fluid transmission system is characteristic. The hydraulic pressure crock of the hydraulic pressure motor that does not have capacity of two-way stepless variable to make and reciprocate also can be in 2 times in the constant voltage network of regulating system move, appeared to be used 2 times adjust of the technology " hydraulic pressure transformer " , it is similar to electric power transformer to be used match an user to be opposite the diverse demand of systematic pressure and discharge, the power that implements hydraulic pressure system thereby matchs. Adjust 2 times photograph of system of static fluid transmission compares system of static fluid transmission and tradition, its advantage is more facilitating control, can work in 4 quadrant, can not transforming energy reclaims below energy form circumstance, have the memory of energy, use hydraulic pressure accumulator to be able to rise greatly quickly quicken power, and pressure peak value is not had in the system, install apart as a result of component and 2 component, can give cell of power of many hydraulic pressure to provide oily source through a pumping station, reduced cooling cost, the production cost of equipment is reduced, systematic efficiency is tall. Adjust 2 times static fluid drive and photograph of electric power drive are compared, have closed-loop control trends to answer density of fast, power tall, weight space of light, installation is little wait for an advantage. Because adjust 2 times,system of static fluid transmission has a lot of advantages, make it gets applied widely in a lot of domains. Abroad already applied his successfully at the domain such as transmission of shipbuilding industry, iron and steel industry, large testing stand, car. Benz company already adjusted 2 technical application drives at nobody the travel drive in carriage system. 4, last word from 20 centuries since 90 time, project machine entered a new development period, the wide application of new technology makes new structure and new product ceaseless emerge in large numbers. As the microelectronics technology osmosis to project machine, project machine is changed to intelligence increasingly and Electromechanical unifinication way develops, walk to project machine the requirement that actuating device raises is more and more slashing also. In recent years, hydraulic pressure technology develops quickly, hydraulic pressure component becomes better day by day, make fluid drive applies advance rapidly mediumly in system of project machine transmission, the advantage that fluid drive place has also with each passing day protruding shows. Can believe, control technology and the close together couple that pass feeling technology as hydraulic pressure technology and microelectronics technology, computer, fluid drive technology is sure to walk in project machine the play in the development of drive system gives mainer and mainer effect. CNC Milling