Of manufacturing industry be changed adroitly and globalization

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0 foreword are made adroitly (AM) this concept was 1991 in American department of defense aid financially below, by Caspian (the Yakeka of Lehigh) university (IACOCCA) institute and American navy make technical office cooperate, the report that after the combination of classics half an year studies, offers " 21 centuries manufacturing industry develops the strategy " in put forward. The report thinks: Large quantities of traditional system of quantities in industry of consumable production of the United States, semiconductor, auto industry, chemical industry build an enterprise to should be in century change trains of future turns into more " agile " enterprise, can be in otherwise the market of globalization loses a dominant position in competition. Even if is made in large quantities of quantities punctual production was used in the enterprise (JIT) and seed profit production (LP) , because the company still stops what making each spare parts and part " all-round " model below means, competitive advantage is reflected only go up in all-round and scale of production. And agile production criterion with a view to is miniature, modular production of the collaboration between combination and enterprise, the advantage that produces numerous specialty company will get used to the market demand of metabolic multiterminal, seize opportunity in time. Answer the market with extremely tall sensitivity, execute namely " make adroitly " , what promoted production industry thereby is nimble change and globalization. The 1 new idea in be being made adroitly makes  adroitly in advanced a lot of new ideas and new idea, show Baconian specification to be as follows:  1.

1 product but by the user " proper motion set " the product development of AM faces an user, but need to transfer to set a system of fixed quotas for grain production to taste by user proper motion from the product that offers satisfaction to the user. Alleged user proper motion sets a system of fixed quotas for grain production to taste, the user can be in him home or use the software that production enterprise provides in distributors inn namely, use on the computer modular the product that component composition hopes. The user can be even in a fictitious environment undertake to the performance characteristics of the product real operation is mixed drafting adjust, till satisfaction till.  1.

2 what can reframe is modular the product that product structure makes a company adroitly should be OK those who reframe is modular structure. Different module combination can make the product of different function and function, improve a module, can make a new class; Update a module, can form a new breed. This can get used to Protean market demand not only, and can utmost ground shortens the time that offer money, grab preoccupy market, still facilitate look for a partner to be made dispersedly. In addition, modular the product that can reframe, return the lifecycle that can extend a product, the user can change certain module, make the product changes, need not buy new product afresh. The enterprise still can call in the slow-moving already product on the market after transforming, sell again, be helpful for implementing the strategy that can create continuously.  1.

The 3 manufacturing systems that can recombine to seize changeful market opportunity, finish job of of all kinds production quickly, the produces a system to must have height flexibility of brisk production business (flexible) and can recombine a gender, build modular production unit or intelligence to process unit according to the similar sex of product structure, this kind of unit can make corresponding manufacturing system according to producing the need of the task, through intelligence process of monitor of production process controller, production process, production is built model and emulation technology, execute treatment mission reliably quickly. In such manufacturing system, equipment but new process designing, recombine and change continuously, information is compositive pilot, make manufacturing cost and production lot have nothing to do, 1000 products that produce same model namely and produce 1000 model the cost of each product of one is same almost. Have this to plant only flexible the business that produces a system, ability is accomplished truly produce by order for goods.  1.

4 " dummy company " and " insert compatible type " the core mind that the enterprise makes adroitly is need " agile and quick " the ground answers the market, abandon traditional all-pervasive idea, emphasize a business between " dynamic alliance " with sundry collaboration, until establish dummy company (VC) , seize opportunity in order to facilitate with respective characteristic. Alleged trends is allied, it is this kind of collaboration form as a result of some good luck, once the lifecycle of coact product is terminative, this kind of collaboration announces an end namely. This is different from the big company group below traditional pattern, also be in all sorts of arisen group companies unlike our country. In this kind of dynamic alliance, each enterprise itself still is an independent entity that participates in market competition, but can make full use of again the good qualities of other enterprise, collective advantage is formed on common interest foundation. The key that forms dummy company consists plug-in unit compatible pattern company (PlugCompatibleEnterprise, PCE) and internet (Internet/Intranet) .  plug-in unit is compatible the name that pattern company is a visualize, the enterprise resembles a plug-in unit, can be in any fashions a new product on compatible baseplate (new company) , this is an enterprise whether the key that participates in dynamic alliance. Should become a plug-in unit compatible pattern company, the respect must be exchanged in information straightway, accomplish product data model documentation of project blueprint and standardization, spare parts standardization, technology and standardization of business affairs report, software interface standardization.  dummy company must solve the interest between good business to allocate, intellectual property and safe and confidential problem. In addition, mutual and professional morality, mutual reliance, responsible manner, also be the foundation of can good cooperation between the enterprise.  because this, when choosing allied associate, must be opposite condition of level of condition of quality of company reputation, employee, resource, standardization, IT have a good knowledge.  1.

The advantage expression of enterprises of 5 agile administrative system AM is in can promote a complex product to the market with the rapiddest rate, and the swiftest method is search inside global limits available advantage resource and partner, the resource that all sorts of distributinging, manpower, equipment and technology, through international communication Internet rises repeatedly, develop respective function and duty. The administrative principle with agile height is used in the textural of each task project, use the project major group that supplier and user are participated in sometimes, use as joint-stock as other company form sometimes. The company was not necessary to make each part, complete each process that make, make full use of however all practicable resource. On the other hand, abandon managing by different levels centralizedly in management system, power transfer to a lower level, superior controls a certain number of crucial points only, a lot of decision-making transfer to a lower level give project group, let them can make response quickly according to actual condition.  1.

The main fortune that 6 people are an enterprise is in dynamic environment, what can produce significant effect most is a person, pure support technology undertakes management is unthinkable, in intense market competition, innovating continuously will be competitive advantage reflect. Accordingly, what produce support adroitly is the enthusiasm with utmost ground beautiful tone. Each employee of the enterprise, it is administrator, worker or engineer no matter, they whether absorb up to date information, creativity ground makes response to new likelihood, will be an enterprise whether the important key that gains a success. Accordingly, should eliminate on one hand leader and be appeared by the regular meeting between leadership staff " hostile " relation, build a kind of harmonious atmosphere; Want to undertake teach and grooming ceaselessly to employee on the other hand, enhance their quality and ability, this should be a of the enterprise long-term investment. The person that has high knowledge and experience will be the core of the enterprise and the most precious fortune. Frame of 2 nimble production systems by afore-mentioned knowable, be being made adroitly is a brand-new technical concept, put forward as a result of this concept before long, had not formed an accepted systematic framework. The graph shows a referenced frame that is nimble production system 1 times. In this system frame, pass market survey and analysis, want to solve the problem of tripartite face: Want to have what user certainly above all, the product with their what kind of need and when to need; It is investigation next there is what resource to be able to be used at these products on the market, their quality how, of the supplier supply capacity whether contented requirement, it is to use the means that order to still use cooperative means; The 3rd it is investigation can have what enterprise to be able to form alliance to finish these jobs jointly with this enterprise, the personnel of these enterprises, equipment and constituent government condition and condition how, and whether is the management credit of these enterprises waited a moment reliably.  is made on the foundation that afore-mentioned markets analyse what how organize dummy company is decision-making, undertake each task decompose next, so that give cooperative enterprise collective birth dispersedly, firm management policy and production organize a structure, build corresponding administrative system and information system, make the manufacturing plan between the member according to the structure of the task and craft characteristic finally, undertake when the problem appears in planning to carry out a process corresponding harmony works, if coordinate hind the result that still cannot get satisfaction, the allocation that needs to reconsider the task and adjust constituent structure, till the product that can offer satisfaction to the user till. The globalization of 3 manufacturing industry creates the strategy adroitly publish, accelerated the globalization of manufacturing industry. In recent years, globalization manages already was transnational corporation not simply to run strategy, dimensions enterprise also is managed with globalization in as the enterprise whether the main factor that gains a success will consider. Will tell to every enterprise, current world becomes more be full of emulative.  the development of IT, make the enterprise can be below the low fare, condition that spends with high speed at an easy rate get distributing the information data of alive bound each district, be coordinated in real time inside limits of can alive bound almost and handle all sorts of change, those who be like the market demand change, change of new product, economic situation is fluctuant wait for information with the competitor's trends. The traffic that develop and logistics support ability, make the enterprise can sell a product on global market, purchase raw material and form a complete set, build manufacturing base. The product is " do where " (Madein... ) already more and more the sense that loses it, and will with " do by who " (Madeby... ) will replace. Past is the enterprise drives the market with the product, now is the market is pulled move an enterprise to develop new product.  globalization makes an enterprise obtain successful condition to have:  3.

1 correct globalization makes politic globalization create strategy is the mainest successful factor. Production relies on the market closely, the production of low cost has in another country, can make flexible response to the change of the market and user, it is the drive element that builds globalization to make. But also have high risk sex while another country builds productivity successfully. The position of any impropriety chooses, a wrong product is decision-making, oversight the special demand of the market, or oversight the characteristic of the respect such as ability of the quality that chooses country and area to concern a person, culture, government, the disaster that causes a company, those who because the whole world is made,a lot of example can show a company is decision-making and wrong and fall from peak. But, want an enterprise to be able to capture good luck to make with accurate decision-making program method only correct decision-making, successful case also is very much. Graph 2 to be mixed from the market whole world of two respects program makes company ability politic process sketch map. The potential faculty of the management ability of  enterprise and enterprise is the base that enterprise implementation whole world creates, the personnel in other country, exchequer, foundation and practicable knowledge, technology and facility must include in the managemant decision of the enterprise, will plan from these two respects, generation gives the whole world to create politic concept, in order to avoid error.  3.

The progress of economy of ability whole world of 2 ceaseless innovation already entered intellectual economy period, market competition shows the competition that is hi-tech, intellectual competition adequately. Innovation of science and technology changes the competition that is productivity, global manufacturing industry must regard contention as the management strategy of the market with the ceaseless innovation of the product. The enterprise is approaching the market with the area new open up of the user, must take out innovation product to strive for an user. Excellent without characteristic and function product is impossible to develop an international market, can " hit a your home " .  3.

3 build the whole world to create network company when building globalization to make a system, want to decide mechanism of the development strategy of origanization construction and collaboration not only, the effect that studies economic impact is opposite the whole world to did not come to an enterprise even. The district that these influences include the occurrence of new market in the developing country, free trade and economic cooperation is changed, the reset of large-scale collaboration, worldwide inside production industry is occurrent striking change is waited a moment. Accordingly, enterprise must the metabolic knead dough of world economy is opposite follow closely to expand opportunity newly, building the whole world quickly to create a network is very crucial one step.  builds the whole world to make a network want to tightening the area that relies on the market to seek a partner namely, establish cooperative mechanism, understand local requirement through it, offer personnel and goods and materials. But when choosing a partner, success and risk coexist, part of one's job fastens a circumstance to use different cooperative kind, if can cooperate with the company that has actual strength first, undertake again next joint-stock etc. The graph is shown 3 times create network structure for one fictitious globalization.  3.

The systematic government whole world of 4 users and market creates a company must the demand of firmly control market and user changes, lost user and market to lose everything. Accordingly, some kind of system must be built between enterprise and user and manage effectively, participate in the user the enterprise to cooperate with directly as the member even the product of the working group develops the work.  3.

The internationalization of the employee employ employee of 5 internationalization, also be the main factor that the whole world makes an enterprise gain a success, because only local person understands native market condition and requirement most, they do not have language barrier, can most undertake communicate and establishing a relationship with this locality user conveniently, purchase local goods and materials and sale product effectively, and still can save the cost that accredits personnel outwards from homeland. CNC Milling