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Summary: The implementation of imitate of numerical control interpolation that article introduction author develops controls a system. Lead plane changes code of NC numerical control data of bunchy mouth communication, recycle MSComm accuses encode data from string together a mouth to send to leave an opportunity; The MCS-51 that from engine control system use education middling uses is odd a machine, below the control of lead plane, can finish mix point-blank circular arc interpolation, implementation is fore-and-aft the two axes linkage that enters electric machinery with transverse pace. The paper still introduced a pace to reach its to control the content such as the system, serial interface from machine and PC into circuit of electric machinery drive. This system suits education to demonstrate, algorithmic test and verify, scientific research use. [Keyword] : The Design Of Numerical Control Interpolation System Based On MCS-51 Dazhang You (HuBei Wuhan Hubei University Of Technology) [Abstract] of system of interpolation of numerical control MCS-51: In This Paper, a Simulation System Of Numerical Control Has Been Introduced Which Was Designed By The Author.

The Numerical Controlling Program Is Converted Into The Codes Which Have Been Widely Used In Serial Communications.

The Host Computer Makes Use Of The MSComm Control Of Microsoft While The Slave Computer Uses The Common MCS51 MCU In Order To Realize The Serial Communications.

In The Mainframe Controlled, complete Line And Circular Interpolation And Control Two Stepper Motor Concerted Campaigns.

The Paper Also Describes The Electrical Controls And Motors Driving Circuit, serial Port Procedures Which At The Same Time To Establish A Good Relationship Interface.

This System Can Be Widely Used In Teaching Demonstration, arithmetic Checks As Well As Scientific Research.

[Key Word] : Numerical Control, MCS51 Interpolation Arithmetic, machine tool of System numerical control with its precision efficiency is tall, tall, can get used to small lot the characteristic such as the treatment of complex part, increasingly wide application receives in machining; With its outstanding flexible the function of automation, exceedingly good and stable precision, Ling Jie and the function of diversification causes common people to fix eyes upon, it initiated the beginning that mechanical product develops to Electromechanical unifinication, because technology of this numerical control makes the technology of a core in advanced production technology. The article aims to build the model of system of a numerical control, the research of interpolation of facilitating numerical control and other issue, apply to education and scientific research. The system includes 3 much, on Pc machine, mcs-51 issues a machine and mechanical actuator, main design content includes: Make appropriate communication agreement, NC code changeover becomes those who accord with communication agreement to send a document, leave an opportunity via the mouth is being strung together to be sent by the PC after encode, implementation leader is right the control that leaves an opportunity; Issue a machine to receive the control signal of the PC and data, drive pace drives workbench to move in coordination thereby into electric machinery finish mix point-blank circular arc interpolation. One, overall program designs cent of whole model system to be 3 chunk, pc part, odd an engine portion, machine part. The system is open loop system. 1, the task PC of each module completes PC, MCS-51 and mechanical part of numerical control code or other code read in, changeover, desired result, send data to enter sheet piece machine, and according to MCS-51 returned information is opposite issue a machine to make proper control. PC has absolute control right to MCS-51, the current operation of MCS-51 can be suspended in any moment. MCS-51 strings together a mouth to receive go up a machine data stock corresponding unit, have desired result to data. If desired result is successful, return word of success of PC desired result, have operation of interpolation of essence of life next, control feed pace takes the campaign of electric machinery, PC of the request after finishing transmits data of below one frame; If desired result fails,PC of direct request sends current frame data again. In communication all data all show with the form of increment coordinate, odd a machine do mix point-blank the interpolation of essence of life of circular arc. MCS-51 controls exterior hardware directly move. It receives the control instruction that comes from PC and signal data, send a pace to take electric machinery pulse, the pace drives filar lever to rotate into electric machinery, through nut deputy drive workbench moves. 2, odd an engine control system and corresponding port are only control uses a machine partly MCS-51 is the smallest system, advocate accuse chip to choose AT89S51, the system includes: Power source circuit, restoration circuit, clock circuit, ISP downloads implement interface, graph 2 for sheet piece engine control system and graph of its periphery circuit. Because this system was used,string together a mouth, choose 11.

0592M brilliant brace up, so that be calculated at what baud leads, raise the dependability of the communication that string together a mouth. Odd piece engine system passes industrial siding sex 3 end LM7805 of chip of regulated power supply, the power source of will wider range overwhelms firmly 5V, guarantee slip piece the regular job of machine. Turn over chip of photograph attaint stabilized voltage to avoid to input voltage, establish ties before entering LM7805 a diode, end effectively turn over phase voltage. Restoration circuit adds key-press restoration for electrify restoration. ISP downloads implement from sheet one-sided and derivative 4 port: P1.

5, P1.

6, P1.

6, RST and power source are being mixed ground wire, use very convenient. String together the Max232 chip of an use Maxim company, need electric capacity of 4 small sizes only, interface uses DB9 mother head, go to the lavatory to join with the extension line that string together a mouth. To make at the same time circuit has versatility, can suit other circumstance to use, in sheet piece chance is outside join 6 8 directives diode, key-press and a buzzer. To sheet piece machine port resource allocation is as follows: (1)P1 mouth: 8 indicate diode; (2)P3.

2, P3.

7: 6 key-press; (3)P0.

7: Buzzer; (4)P2: The pace controls signal into electric machinery; (5)P3.

0, P3.

1: Serial mouth RXD, TXD. Graph 2 sheet piece engine control system and PC of its periphery circuit and odd a machine use RS232 standard to realize the communication that string together a mouth, odd because the port that a machine and pace enter electric machinery is whole part of circuit existence high pressure and low-pressure part, the segregation that because a smooth Ou is used to keep apart component to come among this,has high low pressure, prevented the high-pressured part interference to low-pressure part effectively, in addition, must a power magnifies circuit magnifies signal with drive the pace enters electric machinery. 3, the system designs a requirement (1)PC machine advocate dominate programming: Have convenient and good interface; Can come true to move automatically, weak condition moves, the hand uses the function such as control; Accurate identifying code of numerical control NC, can better identifying the solecism in the program, do correct processing to code and change file of data of communication of unripe bunchy mouth; The MSComm that strings together buccal communication to use Microsoft accuses, use VC6.

0++ develops an environment. (2) stabilizes the safe communication that string together a mouth: Design appropriate communication agreement, adopt method of proper data desired result and wrong processing plan. (3)PC is right the control that leaves an opportunity: After PC receives the request that transmits data of below one frame, load data of below one frame string together a mouth to send buffer, send to leave an opportunity; Get word of desired result mistake, send data of on one frame again. Namely feedback control means. To special function control, send the special command word that warp knitting piles up only, have the control kind of open loop namely. (4) issues a machine data desired result and processing: The explanation of the message that finish, desired result data, to issue a machine other program to provide accurate data. If data makes mistake,apply for heavy hair to the PC. (5) the data that issues a machine basis Pc to send, offer a pace to control signal into electric machinery, drive workbench, achieve accurate interpolation exercise. 2, PC and sheet piece machine communication PC reads source code extraction NC, via code changeover function changes the document that sends to wait for. Program of the control that string together a mouth from send a file to read access to occupy, after warp knitting is piled up, by proper control means transmits data leave an opportunity, if pursue 4. Leave an opportunity from string together a mouth to receive data, translate the data that string together a mouth by the agreement and stock data buffer 1 specific unit, calculate desired result word with chronometer. After one frame data closes, compare school check result and sent school check word, if identical, allow buffer 2 from buffer 1 access is occupied, return desired result success to PC at the same time; If desired result fails, criterion buffer 2 medium data update buffer 1, return desired result failure to PC. Buffer the data of 2 is buffer the data backup of 1, what it stores is the buffer when desired result of last time of the data that string together a mouth is successful 1 medium data, it also is the data that issues a machine interpolation program to want to use, such ensuring the validity of interpolation data, if flow chart pursues 5. Go up a machine and issue a machine chime to work together, can see whole communication process formed the control system of a closed circuit. CNC Milling