3000W front power source aims at task key model (N+1) applies redundantly

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CUI Inc is released use at task key model (the PSE-3000-48 of power source of AC/DC of 3000 W front that N+1) applies redundantly, offer 33.

48The power density of W/ Cubic Inch and achieve platinic class efficiency (Platinum Efficiency) , use dimension to be only 1.

6 X 4 X 14 Inch (40.

64 X 101.

6 X 355.

Of 6 Mm) compact model standard 1U is enclosed. This power source beforehand buy outputs 48 Vdc, have the 42 V adjustable output to 55 V, use at wireless with broadcast application. This power source passes the onefold connector that uses compositive AC, DC and I/O signal to realize heat to insert function of the butt joint that dial blind, the typical efficiency below 50% load is 94% , still apply to the telecommunication that is principal key with reducing specific power consumption, server and network application. PSE-3000-48 provides the systematic communication of by I2C/PMBus agreement, use at control and unit monitoring. Its advocate 48 Vdc output is offerred be as high as 62.

5A electric current, have use at paralell connection of many unit drop voltaic allocation (Droop Current Sharing) , offer below 2 A 3.

3Vdc or 5 Vdc bide his time output. To realize the biggest flexibility, the cooling requirement that basis of this series product uses, offer front to be configured to front air current to back end or back end. PSE-3000-48 earlies childhood to be mixed for 60950-1 safety attestation have CE Mark attestation, and accord with all and applicable EMC requirement, with period cooperate worldwide the application inside. Standard configuration has included to press, flow too, overheat protection, and the input is owed press protection. CUI offers optional 1U 19 " power source frame, bear the weight of reach 4 power supply, can use at 12 KW to run paralell run, 9 KW N+1 is run redundantly, or double 6 KW " A "&"B " output passageway is run. Module of DC output terminal can be configured be sheet pole or bipolar. CNC Milling