Green environmental protection makes you win new business -- the mould is made

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Take the step of green environmental protection, not only very important to expanding your business, and very important also to your client, it should make an indispensable part in your business. Now, all industries are in advocate green environmental protection. To mould production industry, trend green environmental protection not only be helpful for an environment, and also can make bandit of your job shops benefit shallow, can the market with new open up, get bigger gain. No matter you are manufacturer of equipment of production labour of die manufacturer, mould, OEM, still be their supplier, anyhow, it is OK to take step of green environmental protection benefit and whole industry. MGS Mfg.

The group is in in advocating activity of green environmental protection, encourage employee to help a company find out to improve an environment the problem takes account of viatic of green environmental protection with all sorts of good luck according to MGS Mfg.

The view of manager of group market sale Mr Rebecca Reed, this company " the target that already became the client that be had and potential client to often be investigated, inquire the ability of our company, technology and service level. " and in going two years, already presented a trend that rises apparently to the inquiry of policy of this company environmental protection. "To our client, this already became a very serious problem, the part of a standard in should regarding us as carry out of estate deal with concrete matters relating to work it undertakes handling. " Mr Reed says so. The original intention that MGS group advocates green environmental protection is not to attract new business, stem from the attention to the environment however. "We had passed the itinerate conduct propaganda of press conference and mass organizations enterprise, in the territory that brings into proposal of green environmental protection us, established formal connection with existing client and potential client, and still announce concerned detailed content the website in oneself to go up. " Mr Reed says, "The response that the society makes to our effort is active all the time, welcome by everybody. We still do not have a plan, and we also not extravagant hopes, the green environmental protection that offers because of us merely is initiated and obtain any business chance, however, according to our experience, client and we produce the opinion that gave height to green environmental protection euqally. " to die manufacturer Tech Tool&For Molded Plastics company, the one part that green environmental protection already produced as seed profit " sadly " came to this company. "The one share that we offer this proposal to regard art of essence of life as manufacturing management has had very old history. " director of sale of market of Tech Tool company Mr Mark Hanaway says, "The end that holds business and product vendibility is to reduce cost, improve benefit and productivity, reduce the specific power consumption of the enterprise. " resemble MGS group in that way, tool manufacturer OSG Tap&Die ' the original intention that S company advocates green environmental protection also is to maintain favorable environment purely. OSG Tap&The member that sale of Die company market coordinates Ms. Angela Golden says: "As a part of a company and society, we propose the green environmental protection, idea that improves environment and protective rich is for all of us it is better to go up too the life. The route that takes green environmental protection opened new entrance door for OSG group. Most person hopes to serve as somewhat, the help improves an environment, the effort that these people support an enterprise to be made to place of green environmental protection very much. Beyond the support that gives us besides the client, we also had begun to produce change, convert more the sale means of green environmental protection. Because we had reduced the use amount of paper, accordingly we enlarged the use amount of more and interactive media further. And this kind of media already more reach our market sale business deep widely, at the same time also open up the new line that communicates with the client. Now, we can establish more frequent connection with the client, the newer condition that introduces concerned company, new product and technical information. " for the manufacturer Mold-Masters limited company to system of hot flow path, make client satisfaction is the ultimate goal that environmental protection of this company green works. "To can produce beneficial result, the sources of energy is one of consideration of client whole balance important segment. " explanation of vice president of department of product of market sale business Mr Bruce Catoen says, "Providing the energy-saving circuitry field of dynamoelectric valve, we basically are the solutions that concentrated force quantity develops an innovation for die manufacturer and have value base, make they can win business in competition. " Nextpage " go up from essence for, what system of hot flow path wants to compare a tradition is double board or 3 board system of cold flow path more environmental protection. " Mr Catoen points out, "The energy that they produce place of every spare parts to need should be gotten less much, can raise capital and the utilization rate of indirect management cost through faster manufacturing cycle, the plastic amount that its use is less, send rubbish to fill bury the useless old plastic capacity of field less also. As environmental protection consciousness rise, drive more and more enterprises to change hot flow path to systematic production from the production of system of cold flow path. This kind of phenomenon asks die manufacturer seeks solution of advanced hot flow path conversely again, this can offer the solution that accords with cost effectiveness not only, and the price that also is helpful for reducing a hardware. A kind of method that they can adopt reduces specific power consumption namely through electrification production. " " in going a few years, almost manufacturer of every aircraft that note model employed solution of a kind of electric machinery, because use,this kind of plan can make Injection Molding operates needs specific power consumption to be reduced substantially. " Mr Catoen complement says, "Have the job to cooperate these platform, mold-Masters company sells drive for much a powerful person (call again " E drive " ) monotype antrum control and group control, established product line of a dynamoelectric valve. Likewise right the machine that note model, this kind of new dynamoelectric valve solution and traditional systematic photograph are compared, can reduce the specific power consumption of 50%~80% . This one achievement brought new business for the client of Mold-Masters company and die manufacturer, because the fact proves, below certain circumstance, a new pattern can reduce specific power consumption. Packing especially, medical treatment and sealed cover are existing really in large quantities of this kind of quantity application domains this kind of circumstance. " Ms. Golden of precious asset OSG group thinks, job of present green environmental protection has not reached peak. "Still more business need us to do work of good green environmental protection. Now, as economic development, everybody is being searched replace the sources of energy, use wind-force to generate electricity for example. These huge projects just begin, they not only the sources of energy that should output green environmental protection, and make whole production technology also carries green environmental protection even. " " action of our next green environmental protection is to strengthen education. " Ms. Golden continues to say, "In OSG group, we think to teach is indispensable to protecting an environment. What is the meaning of green environmental protection? Some of what business can people do to help protective environment? The person that always masters this kind of knowledge is more, can make larger contribution to this more. A lot of small proposals can consult for everybody use, so that make,they can apply easily. " Mr Reed of MGS group expanded further Ms. Golden viewpoint. "When once make the professional work of a kind of standard when green environmental protection,managing mode, the mould workshop that always did not attend activity of this green environmental protection may discover themselves already was taken seriously by height the OEM equipment manufacturer of environmental protection eliminates to be besides consideration limits. We will continue as always to be engaged in the production of green environmental protection, and seek constant ground can make further effort and improvement environmental protection new opportunity. " Mr Hanaway of company of tool of Tech Tool technology thinks, advocate of green environmental protection was offerred " a total cycle time that continues to improve environmental protection measure, a current position is holding because of the sources of energy in this total cycle time and brought new opportunity. In the meantime, this kind of cost that relies on energy levy taxes stimulated an element to launch more challenges to the business that produces in home. A lot of our competitors and former client chose to will produce the ground migratory the nation that reachs to did not carry out byelaw of environmental protection control. And we chose the control to the environment, abide by guidelines, build the most essential business pillar, take the step that raises benefit, productivity and profit margin, make we can continue to increase the investment to modern convenience. " " more and more mould factories hope their supplier (die manufacturer and supplier of hot flow path) the solution that offers pair of environments to be in charge of for them. " Mr Catoen complement says, "If manufacturer of a die or supplier of system of hot flow path are OK,offer the high-powered, solution that has environmental protection advantage and emulative price to their client, so be equal to the competitive advantage that offerred other firm place to do not have for them and value. " the view according to Mr Catoen, mold-Masters company is studying how the means of ascend value catenary, provide the environmental protection product with a series of broader range and service. "We will continue to seek the means that reduces specific power consumption of system of hot flow path, improve color change performance, provide knowledge to industrial group, those who let mould labour and die manufacturer make system of system of road of concerned thermal current and cold flow road use is effective and decision-making. " he says. Foreground is looked into " ' green environmental protection ' this word is almost ' efficiency ' synonym! " the Mr Catoen explanation of Mold-Masters company says, "The leeway that existing to be improved further in every business almost. The client that is you offers the solution of green environmental protection, the business that conduces to them, be built with them and develop long-term and abiding collaboration relationship. Ground of be practical and realistic says, wasteful the sources of energy and contaminative environment are flagrant, however, there is some kind of harmonious relationship between environmental protection product and higher profit. The mould worker of new generation and die manufacturer are reclaiming in trash use, consciousness of the sources of energy, and the development below the situation that produces potential disastrous effect to earthly pollution expands. ' green environmental protection ' this word will have more and more important sense to human offspring, to those enterprises that cannot get used to this kind of situation, their business will drop with each passing day surely. " the Mr Reed complement of MGS group says: "The issue that encourages employee to participate in affirmatory existence and search improved chance. With your client and supplier communication thought, also always meet certainly to their active issue produce effect to you. Promote the work that you attend in the website, the introduction that includes concerned literary works, presswork data, and the entire content that discusses with the client. In addition, participate in a place even / community / the project of industrial garden area. "The company since us begins to seek an opportunity, since enhancing environmental protection consciousness further, we see employee offerred a lot of additional proposals that deserve a consideration and think of a way gladly. " Mr Reed continues to say, "Our freight branch is using up everything hard to repeat use container, increased counterpoise answer to use the investment of container. Classification is loaded after our tool workshop departs flotsam inside dustbin, reclaim by useless old goods and materials of place again next the center chooses sorting. In addition, abandon old iron and steel and component to be repeated to use by the technical institute of the area. All our employee participated in traditional reject (for example waste paper, chipboard and plastic) reclaim use an activity. " the firm that Ms. Golden of OSG group proposes to those is willing that explore green environmental protection offerred a proposal, tell them " begin to be made from bagatelle with your working way. Anyhow, a lot of bagatelle can be done, gradually many a little makes a mickle. Taking way of green environmental protection is a lengthy process, but regular meeting gains very big profit. But regular meeting gains very big profit.. CNC Milling