Machine of leveling of plate of metal of center of Swiss HRC leveling

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Machine of leveling of plate of metal of type of hydraulic pressure roller removes plank oneself pressure or cut the force of inhomogenous internal pressure of the generation after waiting for treatment through rushing, improved the flatness of plank or workpiece greatly, achieve first-rate leveling result thereby. Plank of leveling of TRM30/450TRM30/750TRM30/1250TRM50/750TRM50/1250TRM50/1600TRM80/1250TRM80/1600TRM80/2000 of model of nine of old series of this equipment cent is wide: 450-2000mm   makings is thick: 0.

3-20mm   applies to box machine ark extensively board gold treatment, electric component manufacturing industry, curium a treatment and electronic instrument, machinery is made, car component plate of industry of course of study, aerospace the accurate leveling of material. CNC Milling