Make the MES standardization below the system in coordination

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IT is producing mainer and mainer effect in domain of economy of our country countryman, informatization is driving our country industrialization and modern course greatly. Notice the opportunity that IT revolution place brings and challenge to business management layer from the government sector, use IT to transform traditional industry, drive industrialization to make the basic national policy of our country by informatization. Our country should complete industrialized process as soon as possible, promote the international of our country enterprise competitive capability in the round; The government sector should come true to superintend and rise better answer ability, provide good administrative service for the countryman, cannot leave IT. In recent years, with system of business management of enterprise (ERP) the management information system that is a delegate developed large-scale application, the manufacturing automation level of business of our country industry also had great progress. However, producing the digital wide gap that exists between automation and administrative informatization, affected the close together tie that management produces together, make ERP and the applied result that produce automation system big sell at a discount, main problem depends on pure support ERP and cannot give help and coach the factory analyses the bottleneck that its produce, improve and control the quality of the product, have plan and government to specific product production. Although ERP has production to control module, but use in workshop layer truly hard. The production that development of 90 time metaphase rises carries out 20 centuries system (MES) , and making a system what put forward in recent years in coordination is the bottleneck is indispensable technology measure between get through management and equipment layer. As management compressed change, make in coordination reach MES to becoming an enterprise to realize production the activity is effective and as compositive as management activity, optimize move, the bridge of control and management and ligament, accordingly it is one of technical steps with enhance company competition ability important. Production enterprise is multidimensional those who spend is compositive evolving into the progress with IT with what create operation pattern of systematic manufacturing industry in coordination is to promote manufacturing industry informatization to develop 2 to because of,be moved basically. In the inchoate phase of manufacturing industry informatization, the informatization of business management of enterprise and the automation that produce equipment regard 2 independent branch as respective development. By different branch, the information system of a series of single functions that are based on different application target to be built, form the block up of pair of informatization processes gradually: (Island of 1) information Gu. The production inside the enterprise attempers, craft management, quality assures, equipment is safeguarded, data of mutual independence, lack is shared between the system such as control of stock management, process, bring about mutual between functional jackknife, data is redundant wait for a series of problems with contradiction. The information that information Gu island makes a company interior ruptures on horizontal way, restricting all sorts of systems inside the enterprise badly between harmonious, reduced the integral effect of informatization. (2) information fault. The management system of company level cannot get well and truly manufacturing information actually, cannot master the true condition that produces the spot effectively; And the staff member that produces the spot and equipment also cannot get practical manufacturing plan and manufacturing instruction. Information fault caused an enterprise to produce management information to be broken in the block on perpendicular direction, the production of the management system that makes level of block up company and workshop class manages the prime cause with compositive system. What go up in theory and practice as enterprise informatization is ceaseless and thorough, become the system of system of manufacturing industry informatization of basic idea to be clear about already basically with system and collect. 2002, ARC was released create administrative strategy in coordination, put forward to make a system in coordination [1] (if pursue,show 1 times) . ARC thinks, between the enterprise implementation network is made, need to be built in enterprise interior compose above all make system and system in coordination. ARC regards production business the sphere that includes 3 dimension to spend, think enterprise implementation cooperates with, what the administrative levels that need differs along catenary of value of product lifecycle, company and enterprise implements a system is compositive. It is coordinate with enterprise, lifecycle and value catenary, all sorts of application subsystem that ARC involves compositive system place set the different position in sphere space, in order to explain the correlation on all sorts of system logic concerns. Its applied view to have exact fixed position for all sorts of unit technologies and information system, those who be relevant system is compositive offerred direction and train of thought. Make the MES below the system use a field in industry in coordination, although each domains of enterprise informatization obtained great progress, but in realizing the process with compositive information, all sorts of problems that still can face information Gu island and information fault place to bring. In November 1990, american investigation consults a company (Advanced Manufacturing Research, AMR) puts forward to make executive system first (the concept of MES) , as solve the solution with business information debatable market [2 - 3] . The production that is located in the United States carries out systematic association (Manufacturing Execution System Association, MESA) held water 1992, it is afterwards AMR the group that MES gains ground and standardizes is promoted after the organization, often issue the white paper about MES, and the effect findings report after the user uses MES. In the systematic system of whole industry informatization, MES acted the main effect of a connecting link between the preceding and the following. MES from it is floorboard of a specific aggregate at the beginning, with the gather that will express a few specific functions and the product that realize these specific functions. AMR puts forward the informatization architecture of 3 structures, will be located in the executive layer between plan layer and control layer to be called MES, the function that made clear each and importance [4] . Think generally, MES is in system of business management of enterprise (ERP) control a system with the process (DCS/PLC) intermediate position, ERP regards management as the system, DCS/PLC regards control as the system, and MES criterion implements a system as production. Start as a result of the IT application of ERP layer and DCS layer earlier, had formed many mature technology and system. The system of manufacturing device control character such as the management information system such as MES and superstratum ERP and rock-bottom DCS forms the information system framework of the enterprise together, the statement that plans business on one hand communicates manufacturing site; Gather the information that produces the spot in time on the other hand, upload and handle. MES is the system that faces manufacturing site not simply, serve as however on, the information between below 2 administrative levels transfers bond, rise workshop spot and correlation of company managemant decision, in order to improve the manufacturing service advantage of the enterprise. The research of foreign MES and development are undertaking basically along 2 lines, a line is to be like Honeywell, GE of domain of such conventional device automation get army enterprise, it is chance with MES, gradually the domain of management information system to superstratum is outspread oneself product line and product function; Another line is with SAP, Oracle provider of such management information system, be down along manufacturing management outspread, offer MES whole solution. These 2 kinds of mode are in specific undertake the domain obtained very good positive result applied. 20 centuries 90 time are prime, home dogs with respect to what begin pair of MES and ERP research, conduct propaganda or pilot [5] . Enter 21 centuries, home still in order to promote factory automation the standard, popularize DCS, supervisory system and data to collect (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, bus line of SCADA) , PLC, spot controls a system (Fieldbus Control System, FCS) and promotion run informatization level, by development MIS changes direction popularize ERP to give priority to. Although MES layer remains fault, but people is in an enterprise to the concept of MES and MES the position of informatization is not new already, begin to form consensus. The definition with the earlier very specific neither one that because MES develops,the standardization of NextpageMES works, all those cannot allocate architecture of business information system well and truly the applied process of other layer or product, be gone to by classify in the category of MES. And such program or product are mostly by a few custom-built application processes gradually evolution and come, basically be by the system compositive business is aimed at some kind of specific user of custom-built development, be aimed at a certain specific domain only normally (if the platoon is produced, lab, quality, product dogs wait for) , formed a large number of coming loose to order the applied system that distributing, devoid systematization, caused the difficulty of compositive respect. Accordingly, organization of a few international realizes should have more specific definition to MES, MESA, appearance, system and automation association (The Instrumentation, systems, and Automation Society, ISA) developed the model that depicts MES subsequently, try to spread out standardization to work through the model, the job of research and development all sorts of MES and achievement are compositive arrive one case, improve the efficiency of MES. To 20 centuries 90 time metaphase, MES standardization and functional component are changed, modular train of thought gets attention, a lot of MES software realized package to change, user basis needs the MES that with respect to OK and agile apace compose builds him, went to the lavatory greatly solid bestow of the system is compositive. Among them most famous is the MES function package that MESA International offerred 1997 and compositive model, this model includes 11 functions module. Subsequently MESA sets, the certain in including 11 functions module merely or a few, also belong to the single function product of MES series. AMR calls the integral solution that achieves according to 11 functions make executive solution (Manufacturing Execution Solution, MES Ⅱ ) . This one period, many research organization, government organizes the standardization that participated in MES to work, have the research of relative standard, model and development, involve distributinging object technology, compositive technology, platform technology, each other to manipulate the technology such as technology and Plug and Play among them. Its are main achievement includes [5 - 6] : (1)MESA offerred MES object model. (The production branch of OMG(Object Management Group) of 2) Organization for Standardization (Manufacturing Domain Task Force, mfgDTF) released document of RFI(Request For Information) . (The Committee on Standard of SP95(Enterprise Control System Integration) of 3)ISA released the interface standard model between ERP and MES. (4)NIIIP - SMART(National Industrial Information Infrastructure Protocols - the issuance of standard of structure of information of Solution For MES Adaptable Replicable Technology) . (5)NIST - SIMA(National Institute Of Standard And Technology - System Integration For Manufacturing Applications) depicted current functional activity model with IDEF0 (Activity Models) [7] . Among them, committee of international electrician technology (International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC) begins to start enterprise of work out ISA SP95 to control a system from 1997 compositive standard and the job that ISA SP98 batch controls a standard are attached most importance to especially should, IEC released SP95 early or late.

01 models and term standard, SP95.

02 objects model and attribute standard, SP95.

03 make the mobile model level that runs government, SP95.

04 make the object model that runs government and attribute standard. SP95.

The 01 all resource information that stipulated manufacturing process is involved and its data structure and the method that convey information correlation; SP95.

The content that 02 pairs of the 1st part defines made detailed regulation and explanation, SP95.

The 03 agreements that put forward to run layer and exchange of the information between production layer and format [6] . The series standard of ISA 95 has been used by ISO/IEC place, become international standard ISO 62264 and release external stage by stage. ISA SP95 standard gets quickly admissive in industrial group, many companies are applying SP95.

03 in the model that give out regards demand as analysis, architecture, design and executive stencil. This standard undertakes a lot of company according to MES and ERP are carried out compositively [8] . Our country is synchronous also the standardization research that began MES and metric system work surely, synchronism is ISO 62264 adopting equation GB/T 20720, national level appoint study in MES project with Beijing committee of science and technology the process is medium, also aided financially many MES to standardize the work that studies a project. Overall look for, the effort that all sorts of MES standardize launchs along a few direction: The model of logic of the standardization of architecture, business changes the standardization with standardization and information structure. In recent years, carry out the maturity of methodology as information system, executive mode and evaluation strategy also are mixed in progressively trend standardization standardization. In the whole process that the standardization of the architecture of 1 MES gives out finished product to yield from work sheet in the product as a result of MES, act what will produce mobile optimization " the person that information is delivered " part, because this MES wants to have a variety of functions necessarily and can be the many branches such as production, qualitative check, craft, content shedding to serve at the same time, this must satisfy the following principle with respect to the structural design that decided MES: (1) MES should be an all of distributed computer science department; (2) MES can join with the photograph of system of other production information of the enterprise, provide efficient business management function thereby; (3) MES is core with producing behavior information, can think decision-making system offers the enterprise to support directly [9] . SP basis afore-mentioned principles, the typical MES architecture that the authoritative orgnaization of the MES such as AMR, MESA, ISA95 and the international standard that had established gave out to understand severally respectively. The ISA SP95 that already made standard of MES domain international from the system isogon of organization of compositive, equipment spends the administrative levels model that described a business. Model of functional administrative levels (graph 2[10] (left) ) described the different arrangement with compositive enterprise, from business plan and content shed management, to make move and control, till group by group, successive or disperse control. This model conveyed decision-making administrative levels sex. Among them the 0th represents a course, point to normally make or produce a course; The 1st expresses to use monitoring and processing of these processes artificial or sensor, and corresponding actuator; The 2nd states the hand is moved or dominate an action automatically, make the process keeps stable or be in control under; Layer and the 4th the 3rd interface between are a factory normally production attempers and run management and workshop to coordinate the interface between [3] . Graph 2 (right) the actual production facilities that indicates production business also organizes a kind of hierarchy normally, among them the element that the element of low administrative levels forms high administrative levels through dividing group of combination. Below certain circumstance, in one inside can incorporate in group the other component inter block of same layer. Graph 2 ISA SP95 is set distribute model of functional administrative levels at present, right the challenge with the MES architecture the grimmest level that includes ISA SP95 inside is, they must satisfy the need with a variety of industry and compositive to business information industry, must be one applies to food industry, chemical industry, and electronic industry the crosses a trade definition of these different type industry assembles, the standard that makes sure its can become the MES that covers disperse manufacturing industry, continuous flow manufacturing industry and manufacturing industry of batch processing flow thereby [11] . The MES architecture that scholar of a few home also put forward to accord with our country national condition [12 - 13] . The model of logic of Nextpage2 MES business is changed and standardization grows as a result of concept, jumping-off place, product foundation and of growing course different, MES and management and the border that produce control system often delimit cent is clear about very hard, between software system, the existence is more jackknife between functional module. The controversy that is in where after all because of border of this ISA and ISO/IEC escape MES, in the light of more the compose of production automation system of broad sense builds referenced model. The model that association of MES of international of basis of ISA SP95 standard offers and the university is crossed to teach T in American general. The general that next Williams is directive putting forward crosses an enterprise to consult architecture PERA[14] built functional activity model (graph 3) [10] , this model expressed the functional concern between each function module, defined information interface on this foundation. Graph 3 ISA SP95 is set if the graph is shown 3 times,distribute administrative levels model, ISA SP95 thinks to finish make run a process to need to have 10 functions, auxiliary sell activity of 2 exterior sexes at studying development and engineering design and market sale are mixed. ISA SP95 differentiates functional module into production to run management, inventory to run management, quality to run government, safeguard run the 4 functions division such as management, be aimed at these functional activities, ISA SP95 standard still was defined make the current activity model that runs government, give out for pattern plate with this the detailed activity model of afore-mentioned 4 functions areas. In addition, below the support in standard of American Department of Commerce, United States and technical academy, group of project of SIMA(Systems Integration For Manufacturing Applications) developed SIMA referenced architecture. Its the first part " mobile model " [15] , use IDEF0 method built the functional model of production automation system, the development to MES and carry out have very great referenced sense. The business logic standard of MES defined the correlation between systematic function composition and each function module in detail, the MES system of each manufacturer is in of implementation and outside system compositive when what the functional relationship that wants contented standard definition only and data interface concern to be able to achieve a level is compositive. The standardization of structure of 3 MES information is after the functional structure of affirmatory MES and functional relation, OK this is a framework, differentiate the target that functional activity place treats / entity and its attribute, develop the information model of MES accordingly. ISO62264-2[16] is the main message type related MES was analysed on the foundation of model of ISA SP95 function, differentiate the staff that gives MES to basically should consider, equipment, stock, craft paragraph, 8 objects such as plan of information of productivity, product, production and manufacturing performance, the model that use UML defined these targets gave out corresponding kind reach its attribute table; The hypostatic relation model that a few orgnaizations and researcher still used IDEF1X to establish relevant target at the same time, supportive system framework is over relation database. Information switching equipment is made and exchange means, can use current IT level. The executive method standard of 4 MES changes MES is layer of the top in architecture of informatization of manufacturing industry enterprise the intermediate administrative levels between plan management layer and layer of rock-bottom process control, assuming the main effect of a connecting link between the preceding and the following, its carry out also with fluctuation two have very close connection. The owner company that no matter be MES,carries out accordingly or the software contractor that dominant system develops, impossible independence assumes all software module that has a system, must carry out the tripartite that has compositive adviser to carry out mode, undertake standardizing to carrying out mode, with risk of utmost ground avoid, raise successful rate. Majority is engaged in the supplier of compositive product and compositive service business are in the system to industry is formed in practice procedure and perfect relevant executive method. ISO15704, ISO19439, ISO19440 builds the foundation of modular concept and technology to go up in company architecture and enterprise, the body of systematic collect set prescription that built model drive is, the technology that build a model is mixed in MES research, development in executive process, acted more and more important role. Because a complete MES often needs to be opposite,the product of many suppliers undertakes compositive, and each module often also can purchase different applied system from different supplier, because of the evaluation technology of this MES component and evaluation standard, also be the focal point that debates in recent years. In the advisory report of a lot of research organizations, evaluate the MES that often used its to define to evaluate system and assessment technique to MES [13, 17] . Those who need ambitious shift is, as the development of advisory service line of business, in view of the importance that the tripartite in MES project seeks advice from, tripartite must have the integrated ability of interdisciplinary intellectual structure, many sided and quality, want what have whole to manufacturing industry informatization to hold ability especially, ability becomes the reliable safeguard that the project carries out smoothly, the support that this also needs to standardize a technology [13] . Document [13] is on the foundation of the research achievement of architecture, methodology and project practice experience, undertook detailed discussion to this theme. The standardization work that the relevant international of article discussion organizes conclusion is to those who finish is in below the foundation with foreign automation level and administrative informatization higher level. At present our country falls in the circumstance with rock-bottom automation finite level, cannot copy standardization achievement of abroad completely. MES is built in our country compose, need pays close attention to the feasibility condition of our country manufacturing industry: (The automation level of 1) manufacturing industry is lower, the numerical control of equipment is transformed will be a lengthy process. (The way of standardization of 2) business management of enterprise is very long still, management system has not gain ground completely. (The executive likelihood of 3) MES and management system and production control executive synchronism of the system, a lot of enterprises are based on the tie of actual condition, hope MES can move independently, support the management of the enterprise inside certain limits, this makes the bounds of MES and other system more ambiguous. Be based on above analysis, if business of our country industry wants to carry out MES, need to offer the concept of measurable automation, develop relevant standardization job and project application work next. CNC Milling