Treatment of mill of forging die high speed reachs technology of DELCAM process designing

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One, commercial vehicle of company of limited company of car of introductive east wind forgings the factory is manufacturing plating those who reach die forging is large specialization manufacturer home, have arrive from 20MN the aircrew of die forging v of 120MN whole set many 40 money, produce per year = 10 forging of 10 thousand T, have the forging die that produces per year many pairs of 5000 of all kinds mould to produce a workshop, CNC Milling3 stage, mill of Mikron high speed, still have many electric treatment and machine treatment facilities. As the flying development of modern economy, the market raised taller and taller requirement to the quality of new product forging, price, date of delivery. Forging die regards new product forging as pivotal tool of production, its quality, price and date of delivery become new product to develop the crucial factor of success or failure increasingly. Traditional forging die machines craft means to had satisfied the requirement of the market very hard, commercial vehicle of company of limited company of east wind car forgings production system of factory forging die stood in last few years very great pressure.

Manufacturing workshop basically sets holiday.

Crucial equipment is produced 3 classes, but the requirement that still satisfies its quality and respect of date of delivery very hard on certain new product. Forging die makes the treatment way with urgent a kind of high quality, efficient need, in order to improve forging die quality, shorten production cycle, reduce production cost. The occurrence of high speed processing technique.

Solved forging die to create a few difficult problem that face well. Accordingly, high speed processing technique makes an industry be able to develop quickly in forging die. Commercial vehicle of company of limited company of east wind car forgings the factory introduced Lai Kelang of a Switzerland (machining center of Mikron) high speed (VCP1000Duro) with Yu Qu the axis, treatment that waits for even repent nicety, complex forging die obtained remarkable result. 2, the comparison of two kinds of craft is current, commercial vehicle of company of limited company of east wind car forgings the craft course that factory forging die machines is commonly: Forging die appearance machines mill of → circular arc or → repairs heat treatment of → of rough machining of profile modeling mill chamfer to grind electric spark of datum plane → or be counted hold electric spark processing of aggrandizement of surface of → of polish of burnish of benchwork of → of thick, finish machining chamfer chamfer. Efficiency of existence of means of craft of this kind of treatment cycle of not tall, production grows low, quality dot waiting for depend on. High speed mill machines forging die craft to be: Heat treatment → of → of treatment of forging die appearance is repaired grind datum plane - .

Aggrandizement of surface of → of treatment of high speed mill chamfer is handled.

Can see from which.

Leave out of craft of forging die of plating of high speed treatment model groovy rough machining, electric spark is thick.

Finish machining.

4 working procedure such as benchwork burnish. Still can save place of electrode material, model to use wood through high speed mill, and the man-hour of the electrode that make, model and charge. Additional, when mill of high speed essence, the milling cutter treatment of usable small diameter gives very small round horn radius, implementation is made subtly, save many rest and reorganization, burnish, polishing time. 3, the milling of high high speed of characteristic L efficiency that high speed mill machines is a kind of treatment means that machines unlike the tradition, compare to it, tall, cutting estimates rate of feed of cutting of high speed of rotate speed of its main shaft small, but the material excision quantity inside unit time increases 3-6 than be being cut commonly however times, the 5-10 that is electric treatment times, and high speed mill can simplify machine working procedure, shorten the mould makes cycle. It can make forging die makes cycle on average shorten half above. 2.

Precision is added high as a result of high speed mill.

L cutting deepness and take a form small, rotate speed is high, the job is smooth, oscillatory small.

It is at the same time when high speed cutting, the heat in metal cutting of 95% above is cut bits is taken away, accordingly workpiece is out of shape small, can win very tall treatment precision and surface are bright and clean degree, treatment of high speed mill can solve commercial vehicle of company of limited company of east wind car to forging the problem that exact pattern process instrumentation does not have before the factory, improve the production quality of the mould, 3.


Production cost is low can save many black lead, lumber and many electrode to make build man-hour with wooden moulding, although high speed mill uses up a few cutting tool.

But provide the 1/2 that uses up energy division to have black lead electrode only. 4, benefit analysis is with some crankshaft forging die exemple.

At present traditional forging die machines the total working procedure of craft to be 22, total time is 256 hours, its are medium-sized handling time is groove 179 hours (profile modeling mill 40 hours, electric spark polish of burnish of 94 hours of benchwork 45 hours) . High speed mill machines the total working procedure of the craft of crankshaft forging die to be 17, total time is 120 hours, among them treatment chamfer time is 44 hours only. With craft of treatment of traditional forging die photograph comparing reduces 5 advocate foreword total time shortened 1/2, model groove handling time shortened 3/4, still rose to machine precision, pass an inspection, the error is in O.

Surface roughness of Lmm less than, surface is Ra 0.

4, after the mould is machined even need not benchwork burnish polish. Additional, can save many black lead, lumber, economic benefits is very remarkable.

The treatment of requirement high speed to CAM system is having the special treatment craft demand that machines unlike the tradition, the numerical control that reason application imposes at high speed is automatic system of CAM of process designing system must can satisfy corresponding special requirement. (L) CAM system should have rate of very high computational process designing, use in high speed treatment very small feed and cut deep, reason computation needs very long time when NC program, CAM computation rate is rapid and going to the lavatory is very important.

Additional, rapid process designing rate makes operate personnel to be able to undertake comparative to a variety of treatment technology strategy, so that adopt first-rate craft plan, undertake edit and be optimizinged to cutting tool contrail, machine efficiency in order to achieve first-rate. (The main feature that 2) high speed machines advocate the cutting tool treatment that can use lesser diameter namely gives mixed pattern.

The system can hint the shortest length that place a knife undertakes cutting tool interferes an examination automatically automatically, this is very important to high speed treatment. (3) feed rate optimizes processing function, to can ensure the biggest cutting efficiency, assure to increase the security of treatment when high speed cut, should the size according to treatment instantaneous surplus, undertake automatically optimizing handling to feed rate by CAM system. (The rich treatment that 4) accords with high speed to machine a requirement is politic, compare with traditional pattern photograph, gao Jianjia is versed in to treatment craft walks along knife means to having special demand, consequently requirement CAM system can satisfy these specific technology to ask ☆ should avoid the abrupt change that knife way takes in cutting tool contrail, in order to because of,avoid local whole journey has prevented the attaint ☆ that be cut too and creates cutting tool or facility automatically to cut processing capability and examination of interference of automatic knife handle, discuss treatment to machine the cutting rate treatment of nearly 10 times with tower above tradition, once had happened to cut, its consequence is unimaginable, do CAM system to must have whole journey to had been prevented automatically cut processing capability, system of traditional curved surface CAM is the concept of local treatment, extremely incidental cut a phenomenon too, it is to rely on a person to choosing the method of interpose to prevent commonly, had assured very hard to cut defended security, the CAM system of new generation, should have whole journey to had been prevented automatically cut a function, ability assures its security truly.

What ☆ should maintain cutting tool contrail is smooth, avoid to be quickened suddenly or decelerate, leave a sword or transfer to the part had better use the knife below inclined or answer the knife below arc between travel, avoid perpendicular next knives are close to workpiece material directly.

The end points that cuts all right uses circular arc connection, avoid linear Lian Yuan.

Leftover quantity is machined or clear root treatment is the important step that improves treatment efficiency, should use treatment for many times commonly or use series cutting tool from arrive small minutes greatly second treatment, till chase after place to require measure, avoid to be machined with the penknife finish.

Function of editor of cutting tool contrail is very main also, can repair through cutting out make up in order to reduce empty knife, improve efficiency. According to mill of above high speed commercial vehicle of company of limited company of car of treatment characteristic east wind forgings the three-dimensional NC software that the factory provided De Lcam company technically for treatment of high speed mill (modelling module machines module to be PowerMiII) for Power Shape, this software besides function of curved surface modelling stronger outside, processability can be very powerful, support almost at present oneself all treatment way that know.

Ability of editor of cutting tool method is its strongest place, OK and aleatoric ground deletes cutter track, and won't produce workpiece to be cut too.

Especially it can support high speed mill in the round (HSM) treatment, have high speed mill for us however chief editor Cheng provided strong tool. 6.

Lock of forge of treatment of mill of high speed of technology of process designing of high speed mill is a brand-new technology, master corresponding process designing skill in comprehensive ground only, ability produces due beneficial result adequately.

Below in order to process some connecting rod eventually forging die is exemple, the process that narrates us to use program of mill of high speed of PowerMill work out and the technical parameter that use. This mould finish two pieces entirely with 3 hours only. Rough machining of process designing of L rough machining uses a layer to cut add slant MICRO 100 of the means of buy, use cutting tool, its model is 10 R3 of XCI010003-82(¢ round horn carries milling cutter) , main shaft revolution is 500OOr/m, feed leads 2500mm/min, tolerancepublic errand 0.


Mental allowance. Radial is for O 2, axial 0.

1, step pitch is cut below 0.

35, row spacing 2.

6, feed means is inclined to pick a knife.

It is a few notes in rough machining below (commercial vehicle of limited company of car of 1) You Yudong wind forgings the high speed mill that the factory introduces takes inverting decelerate function oneself, if feed of the treatment when process designing uses helix means, the machine tool is met decelerate feed, consequence machines efficiency, use diagonal feed means and control diagonal length effectively, can raise feed rate, because be the knife that carry mill, feed angle should not be more than 5.

Pound to cutting tool otherwise bigger, hit a knife easily. (Parameter of join of method of 2) cutting tool is very important, those who give is bad, carry the knife is too how old tall.

Especially the join parameter with reasonable rough machining, can decrease to carry needlessly greatly the knife improves treatment efficiency. For body: Do not choose in form of height of the speed when treatment absolutely and choose relative speed, should decrease as far as possible pass by a distance next cutting be apart from and inclined to the feed height when feed short join should choose to be on secret range, chief link should choose to flit, safe height should choose to flit. (3) forgings according to commercial vehicle of company of limited company of east wind car the characteristic of mill of factory high speed, the Xiu Yuan in rough machining and function of smooth arc join answer take out, can decrease so duplicate cutter track, improve efficiency.

(4) mental allowance radial is more than uranium to, basically be to consider when taking a knife, if cutting tool produces knife phenomenon, radial plunges into a knife more easily than axial. (5) must carry milling cutter with round horn (bovine bazoo knife) undertake rough machining, it already Ke Jingping face can acute flank, rotate from time to tome extremely tall linear velocity, cutting efficiency is highest. Photograph of peaceful bottom knife dies more not easily than his side edge knife, photograph of ball head knife is compared, its row spacing but auspicious and severalfold, many treatment efficiency is tall. (When 6) treatment renovates a mould, must define right semifinished product, otherwise as a result of mental allowance not all, hit a knife easily, raise production cost (means of 7) rough machining is chosen only easily, the advanced treatment means in use means of leftover rough machining not easily and using semifinishing machining directly is replaced, can raise treatment rate one times above, the 1/2 of diameter of a cutting tool, can leave leftover allowance otherwise, the influence issues the cutting of a cutting tool.


Semifinishing machining and finish machining process designing (1) semifinishing machining is used wait for tall treatment means.

, MICRO 100 of use cutting tool, its model is XC91010-5 (6 balls are the first knife) , main shaft revolution is 15000r/min, feed leads 3000mm/mln, tolerancepublic errand 0.

03, mental allowance 0.

08, step pitch is cut below 0.

2, feed means is feed of perpendicular circular arc. (2) finish machining uses the means that waits for tall treatment and union of parallel treatment photograph, also can use sometimes optimal wait for high fashion, its model of FRAISA of use cutting tool is U5283 (4 balls are the first knife) , main shaft revolution is 19500r/min, tolerancepublic errand 0.

01. Mental allowance 0, step pitch is cut below 0.

1 feed means is feed of perpendicular circular arc. (3) clear root treatment, radius of round role of ministry of connecting rod lever has 1 only.

2mm, need undertakes with R1 cutting tool clear root is machined, the method is the border that should beg treatment of cutting tool giving R2 to be less than first, reoccupy is three-dimensional slant the curved surface in buy treatment border, FRAISA of use cutting tool, model is M5782-140 (2 balls are the first knife) , other treatment parameter is the same as finish machining same. It is a few notes in semifinishing machining and finish machining below: (1) use feed of perpendicular circular arc, can reduce the length of next cutting tool roads. In the meantime, when road and cutting cutter track join, next cutting tool keep tangent, lesser to cutting tool concussion, return OK and effective protection cutting tool. (2) the parameter choice when cutting tool is machined, answer to provide hungry data strictly by manufacturer, such gift are the greatest the protective tool of degree. (3) the clear root program that clear root cannot offer with Powermill directly. Because local mental allowance is too big, hit a knife easily. Want to beg a leftover border first, magnify 2mm, reoccupy is three-dimensional slant buy has extroversion inside in undertake machining, not only exterior quality can rise greatly, and hit a knife not easily. Use bolo treatment, mould of finish machining of means of penknife clear root, and need not treatment finishs the penknife, basically be from what can raise treatment efficiency respect to consider. (4) the means that waits for tall treatment to machine photograph of peaceful travel means to be united in wedlock should be used below most circumstance. Because optimal etc tall with 30 divide curved surface automatically into abrupt with decharge (evenness) two parts, with advanced treatment abrupt part, with three-dimensional slant part of buy treatment decharge, the join part after they are machined has lapping defect, side side quality is not high. And the band that uses advanced treatment and parallel treatment means, can control abrupt the it is certain to have coincide that with decharge the border of two parts makes, the successive part after treatment does not have lapping defect, exterior quality is higher, and use face of curved surface of parallel treatment decharge, knife mark and bright and clean degree all good at three-dimensional slant place manner, approve when computational cutter track, parallel treatment way is far quick at three-dimensional slant place manner. In the meantime, machine efficiency to rise, we are OK abrupt with instead of horn of decharge dividing line 20, can reduce proper time taking a knife. (5) arbor collision examination is very important, when process designing is finished, want to undertake checking, avoid main shaft of crack up machine tool. In the meantime, calculable the shortest length of the cutting tool when giving treatment, as far as possible the length when much clip holds cutting tool to machine. 7. The other measure that raises process designing of high speed mill is when process designing of high speed mill, a lot of measure can rise to grow rate and can reduce process designing mistake. 1.

Build the function that user menu does not have on some menu to use rise very no-go, need keys in letter of strings of big English, this builds user menu to be used with convenient user with respect to need. Specific means: Preexistence instead of my HOME of lieutenant general of variable of environment of computer → advanced → C;DelcamHome, build Pm Il1 2 of a subdirectory again, make the file of an User_menu finally. Make user menu can arise after processing, if can add library of a cutting tool to generate menu to wait, 2.

Generate cutting tool library to forging commercial vehicle of company of limited company of east wind car the input of all cutting tool with existing factory arrives in cutting tool library, when cutting tool is being used in treatment, can call in cutting tool library directly, save not only build cutting tool time, still can reduce a mistake. Specific means: ? Brag catfish of  of  of  of one of Yong of Qian of Φ of shape of look up of eye of Jian of commonplace つ Ke Ji does not have Р to say Buddhist templeput on the brakes of  of steamed bun of poisonous Li of パ ≡ Song says protein of ィ  Cong carries Bao poison to knock at grave Wei Dou An to ask  pure mulberry?3.

Produce grand life to be today when work out machine program, a lot of environments are variable, if cut a person to cut altimeter of a join, speed the type of output machine tool in transaction file of case, postposition, want to pass manual surface every time, wasted many time.

We can decide a grand command parameter of automatic initialization environment, want to start NC software only, the environmental variable that the user needs can be added automatically, but a lot of more managing when time is notable is file of this grand command awful name can be put below collection of software default country for PmlocaLmac, grand command ability is carried out automatically. Mill of high speed of 8 last words is electric spark of mill of afterwards numerical control, rigid numerical control later, the mould makes an industry develop a when rise new technology recently, it with efficiency tall, precision tall, production cost is low characteristic, make the mould is made become tall collect, quick, handy, reliable, high speed mill is the only way that forging die manufacturing industry develops, it is sure to be brought to mould manufacturing industry change tremendously. CNC Milling