The opposite precision of ProE spare parts and very precision setting reach application

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Accuracy command can be used to revise the precision of spare parts or component in Pro/ENGINEER. The precision of the spare parts is a relative value with spare parts size, virtual value limits is 0.

01 to 0.

0001, default value is 0.

0012. The attention raises spare parts precision when you (the numerical value that reduces opposite precision) hind, the spare parts also is met in unripe time lengthen. You can revise "accuracy_lower_bound" of configuration file option to revise the floor level that is worth relative to precision, effective floor level cost is 1.

0000e-6 ~ 1.

0000e-4. The shortest limit that value of spare parts precision wants to be less than a spare parts to go up and include the ratio of the longest side of the cuboid of the spare parts. Unless be necessary, use usually default precision is installed can. Below the following circumstance, you may need to change the precision of the spare parts: A very small feature is added on a very large part. Use with two spare partses intersect law (confluence or cut) when a future life becomes new part. Two sources spare parts wants compatible, they must have same very precision. Want to use same very precision, the size that can estimate two spare partses is multiplied respectively be worth at respective opposite precision, if the outcome is different, the opposite precision that can change a part is worth until till the result is same. For example, the dimension of small part is 100, opposite precision value is 0.

01, product (very precision) the dimension that is 1; large part is 1000, opposite precision value also is 0.

01, product (very precision) namely 10, want to make the very precision value of two spare partses same, can be worth the opposite precision of large part this for 0.

001. The opposite precision of modification spare parts can choose Setup>Accuracy. Whole spare parts will be automatic after modification precision is worth second birth. Very precision and the smallest size that relative to precision very precision makes Pro/ENGINEER can identify (use current systematic unit) . Want to make very precision function usable, can deploy the system setting of file option "enable_absolute_accuracy" to be "yes" . The spare parts that very precision function can make the spare parts of different measurement or different precision are installed (the spare parts that guides from other system for example) cooperate OK and goodly together. In 17.

Before 0 edition, all spare partses use opposite precision, because this becomes you to differ from another,the spare parts of size duplicates or shirt-sleeve geometry when, you need to use different very precision job. Normally the circumstance falls, to most spare parts you should continue to use opposite precision. Just need to consider to use very precision below the following circumstance: In certain operation, for example Merge and Cutout, these operations duplicated from other part geometrical model. With the mould to make the design prepares to design a model. The geometry that should make guide (Geometry) and photograph of target spare parts suit. You can pass the following two method will make the precision photograph of a group of spare partses suits: Install same very precision to them. With among them a spare parts (it is the smallest part normally) to allow, its very precision the value gifts other and all spare parts. The very precision that you can set a part through ACCURACY menu (or call resolution) . If the system configures file option "enable_absolute_accuracy" to had been installed,be "yes" , criterion the system appears the following option: Relative- - install opposite precision Absolute- - the setting is absolutely precision is default the system below the circumstance uses opposite precision. With the system "default_abs_accuracy" of configuration file option can install a system default very precision value. Very precision value will last effective, till the cost that revises it next time till you. When revising very precision to be worth, can use Selec Part option to select a part from current Session, make current part uses the very precision value of this spare parts. CNC Milling