Shorten pitch time and union of flexible and practical photograph

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A few years ago, of the automatic product line of fixed metre and spare parts of the treatment in be being produced by the private plane with specific work or big batch already reliable the first selection plan with sound cost. The style of all sorts of cars is varied now, and sale is very flabby calm, the producer proposal with relatively rigid to this kind people generated suspicion increasingly. Consequently, advocate energetically in machining new, flexible and economic machine tool program. Applying or when the machining center of 2 main shaft, its economy dividing line is less than 1 minute for requirement pitch time. Machining aluminium especially when, the cutting time of machining center occupies the 30 % that always machine cycle only, and the commutative time of cutting tool and workpiece is occupied went the much of total periodic time () of about 70 % . And changing knife time among them is main effect, change the effect of knife time to decrease, be willing to hold clip many workpiece undertake machining. What but hold the work that places many close densely covered buy to be together,connect regular meeting to destroy treatment place is good and adjacent quality, often still ask for many times to hold clip work for this, the reliability that affected treatment process so and production quality. Dimensional angle treatment often asks the fixed position that hold clip goes to to be able to produce the productivity that the system rivals with tigidity to get for many times, the machining center that uses many mutual connection is a kind of scheme for selection. It is easy that although this kind of plan is become,rigid production system should be compared much, but following to existing for the user issue: 1. Do not have dissoluble productivity commonly, different treatment level is connection of photograph of around of ground of one after another, if a machine tool gave trouble, whole product line have to shutdown. 2. Compare with rigid and automatic product line, investment cost rose. A lot of spare partses on the car, wait like rotary table bearing, wheel wearing, aluminium makes at that time, is not steel forging or cast. Still notice at the same time, more and more spare partses in new model must undertake dimensional angle is machined. Such, often ask a variety of outfit place fixed position to be machined in order to finish entirely. For many times the reliability that clamp fixed position affects a spare parts to machine a process not only, still rose to make cost. Another kind of viewpoint that reduces finished cost uses the treatment doing type of minim lubricant namely. In view of all these reasons, make developed a kind new, the 5 axes that lubricate with minim especially do type to machine a machine tool. Of the Liflex series of Licon Mt company " RTM4MQL686LTC6 " machine tool (if pursue) install clip to complete round of worn full treatment namely, this annulus frame by alloy of aluminous silicon manganese (AlSi7Mg03) is made. This 4 labour the machine tool is mixed by 3 machining center on a workpiece, composition leaving a station. 4 labour show a circle to decorate, clamp device always installs workpiece to go up in revolving stage of type of planet of a double couplet, the rotor of revolving stage of type of double couplet planet shows 45 degrees each other, the reference axis with two mutual and as can vertical as 3 when process unit rotor is combined, make workpiece locates in the space, in order to receive the dimensional angle treatment of a requirement. Every treatment workpiece is slidden by a 3 coordinate unit and module of a Licon-LTC6 are comprised. The LTC that shorten is exchanged as linear cutting tool implement. This kind of development of Licon involves head of a treatment to wear, in this configuration, this treatment head wears altogether to contain 6 main shaft (adjacent of two two or so photograph, every 3 photographs fold) . These 6 main shaft adopt drive of an auxiliary transmission by main shaft of an electric machinery, 15000r/min of top rotate speed. The characteristic of this kind of configuration depends on, with this kind treatment method can use 2 knives 3 times to be machined at the same time, or machine 6 times with a knife. Want implementation to cut bits, litre of Cheng with the cutting tool very short by that 1 second plan uses the time that cut bits at treatment ask advancement enters treatment place. Short 5 swords that raise Cheng to avoid the others on LTC and workpiece or clamp device produce collision. With this kind of plan, came true to cut bits - the time that cut bits 1 second. Because cutting is aluminous when material, cutting parameter of application is very tall, use conventional machining center treatment, its are pure the 30 % left and right sides that cutting time occupies total manufacturing cycle only. With plan of new LTC machine tool, cutting time can amount to 50 % above, productivity growth is very big, add up to exceeds 60 % . With configuration of afore-mentioned machine tool, the cutting tool that OK applying amounts to 18, modern cutting tool structure a lot of treatment level is compositive went up to a cutting tool, accordingly, current the circumstance, can have full treatment with 15 knives. With two passageways minim the cutting tool of lubricant system undertakes the life of gotten preliminary eventuate boring tool is more than 120000 times machining an experiment. The adaptability of the treatment doing type that another advantage of plan of machine tool of this kind of Licon depends on constant change machine tool. The circle with abrupt wainscot and peculiar Licon discharges bits system, steer the course that cut bits device of a pump centers eduction machine tool. Temperature sensor is corrective main shaft locates besides lubricant influence, cooling lubricant is in up to now there still are its in plan of general accuracy machine tool main mission, the temperature that maintains lathe bed namely then is stable, what maintain treatment measure again with this is constant. Because used treatment doing type, this cooling and lubricant function was done not have. There is a profit in program of design of afore-mentioned machine tool, usable temperature sensor measures lathe bed the temperature of a certain place, can amend main shaft fixed position when need. So, in halt or stop for long after machine, also can assure all adding workpiece takes less than in tolerancepublic errand. CNC Milling