Fierce refashion creates the world center lathe of the biggest numerical control

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Fierce is heavy with China 2 heavy groups sign a contract, offer DL250 numerical control for its 5 meters exceed heavy-duty center lathe. Learned recently, this equipment is the world of the biggest norms exceed center lathe of heavy-duty numerical control. According to introducing, DL250 lathe is the biggest circumgyrate diameter, bearing, fore-and-aft motion uses rod of means of control of group of double fashion of double tool carrier, boring the multinomial technology such as axle control of door of numerical control dragon creates the world the first, promote home standard of equipment manufacturing industry. DL250 numerical control exceeds heavy-duty Pullman 5 meters length of the biggest treatment 20 meters, bearing 500 tons, can machine axis of cone, curved surface, step, chamfer and whorl. Configure different accessory, still can milling, grinding, bore hole, use extensively at the industry such as report of water and electricity, nucleus, shipbuilding, spaceflight, war industry. CNC Milling