Membrane pump of Shenyang metallurgy machinery applies a technology to achieve revolutionary progress

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By Shenyang metallurgy machinery limited company develops the SGMB140-7 membrane pump of development, the conduit device that uses production of company of mining industry of Shanghai plum hill to make undertakes conduit of Sunday run of fluid two-phase medium changes carried applied technology originallying, technology of Chinese nonferrous metal was passed to develop science and technology of communication center, metallurgy to develop center, Liaoning to save science and technology of office of science and technology to evaluate the expert that the center directs jointly to evaluate in Nanjing a few days ago. The expert thinks, already came true all and homebred the product of membrane pump series that turn and pipeline facilities run continuously rate is tall, safe, reliable, upkeep costs is low, it is efficient, product of energy-saving, environmental protection; The difficult problem that this technology and equipment solved medium of two-phase of fluid of high concentration, solid to undertake conduit of large flow, Sunday run is carried well, fill home is blank; Overall performance already obtained product of membrane pump of series of SGMB, DGMB contemporary international level. Limited company of Shenyang metallurgy machinery develops the product of membrane pump series of development, in plum of company of mining industry of Shanghai plum hill hill ore dressing plant passes production of 3 years to move, finished a distance successfully to be as long as 12.

The gangue of 5 kilometre is carried, this kind is used entirely homebred change equipment to undertake conduit of medium of two-phase of fluid of high concentration, solid, large flow, Sunday run is changed carry still belong to in our country first. Ore dressing plant of hill of plum of company of mining industry of Shanghai plum hill uses membrane pump to realize high concentration to carry to gangue after transforming, compare with the photograph before transforming, annual section water makes an appointment with 500 thousand stere, section report is made an appointment with 101.

40 thousand kilowatt hour, expenses of economic and artificial expenses many yuan 70. According to Shenyang metallurgy machinery approach of limited company vise general manager learns diligent introducing, membrane pump is 20 centuries the applies to medium of solid fluid two-phase to carry ideal equipment that 70 time rise in development of industrial developed country, there are a few a few states such as Holand, Germany only on international at present capable to make, but its product price is high. Limited company of Shenyang metallurgy machinery is our country development development membrane pump is the earliest, use this product successfully the only manufacturer of the domain such as metallurgy, chemical industry, mine, nonferrous metal. In chemical industry, product of series of this membrane pump already finished the industry that water coal oar carries to produce assessment, wait for constituent appraisal through former Chemical Industry Department, the water coal oar that is in plant of Shandong Lu Na fertilizer, Shanghai cooking total factory at present is carried in already gained apparent benefit, get user reputably. Limited company of Shenyang metallurgy machinery is business of mainstay of production key of equipment of our country large mine, metallurgy. This company from 20 centuries the success at the beginning of 90 time develops the product of membrane pump series that has own intellectual property, the pump that solved oar of high pressure, large flow, caustic makings thoroughly sends an issue, the application that makes expect oar conduit is carried gets new breakthrough, ended our country congener pump to depend on the history of the entrance for a long time. Progress of science and technology of province of award of award of new product of level of state of this pump Cenghuo, third class of progress of science and technology of former Chemical Industry Department, Liaoning is second-class award. Market of our country membrane pump goes almost by Dutch HOLTHUIS company occupational, because its product price is high, restricted what this product uses a field to extend greatly. The evaluation group expert that consequently northeast university, Tsinghua university and national authority branch comprise suggests, answer to extend product of membrane pump series energetically in the whole nation, besides the field that uses at present, still should accelerate its to be in environmental protection, coal, light industrial the industry such as industry and chemical industry, metallurgy, mine is other the development of the domain and application, strive for infiltrate at an early date international market. CNC Milling