Extech digitlizes production solution to quicken China vessel machine tool to produce a progress with all one's strength

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Hua Ding of business background Qinghai is heavy-duty the machine tool is limited liability company (Qinghai of the following abbreviation is heavy-duty) it is domestic machinery business of industry stress mainstay and heavy-duty machine tool basically produce one of businesses. Company main product has: Railroad is series of roller machine tool and series of series of special machine tool, its private plane, heavy-duty center lathe, inadvertently machining center of lathe series, horizontal. Current, already developed the machine tool product of breed of 230 many norms, formed the product structure that with numerical control, high accuracy heavy-duty machine tool gives priority to. The problem Qinghai of existence is heavy-duty produce requires stock code to achieve 100 thousand only, as line of the products, business and the leap that manage data, handmade management pattern already cannot provide clear, accurate, seasonable, scientific data support, brought tremendous difficulty to management and managemant decision, urgent need changes current manual operation to manage for digitlization. The man-hour norm management with heavy-duty Qinghai basically is to have statistical pool artificially, the information that place of man-hour norm series needs was not shared, work efficiency is low, and data count is not not complete, exact, go against a company to undertake estimation to man-hour norm cost in design phase to the product. The hope is passed build system of man-hour norm management, collect of the work out to product man-hour norm, computation, output the business information conformity such as all sorts of forms for reporting statistics rises and implementation file information is shared, unified man-hour norm establishs a standard, shorten man-hour norm preparation is periodic, work efficiency of the norm management when improving skill, for later period ERP manufacturing management provides significant data source. The company passes detailed market survey, after communicating contrast with many services business, the content in choosing Extech company finally to digitlize a solution sheds informatization management system and system of norm management of Extech CAPP man-hour. At present the system plays effect in the bilateral coact, promotion that perserve remarkable. Executive target, the item characteristics with heavy-duty Qinghai of system of management of content shedding informatization, component is various, armrest labour runs way not only efficiency is low, and cannot have satisfied the manufacturing government demand with heavy Qinghai. Solve the informatization of inventory management, become the main content that Bencishi applies: Stem goods and materials is purchased and manage flaw, eliminate inventory error, normative goods and materials gives flow of put in storage, go up at all solve goods and materials procurement control and understand used confused situation, make sure financial business accounting is seasonable, accurate, offer seasonable, accurate goods and materials to ensure for production, quicken capital have enough to meet need, reduce inventory effectively, reduce waste; Clear sale runs data of contract, client and after service message, collect market trends in time, real time control answers money data, client product is made dog and after service is more seasonable, promote Qinghai heavy-duty service quality in the round, the market position with farther aggrandizement heavy-duty Qinghai. Executive effect is unified and normative product code, integrated before company base data, the enterprise basically is blueprint date kind encode, to standard component, GB, the raw material, cutting tool encode that did not make phasing answer is regular, the make known to lower levels that manages stock completely with descriptive means and sale, purchase, the link such as inventory. The fundamental data such as course of center of employee, branch, work, accountant, supplier, client is in although cadre door has a few the application of encode, but the standard is unreasonable, unified layout mixes need whole plan. The construction that optimizes informatization of innovation business management to having business flow is not direct will manual professional work handles means computerization, ask the enterprise undertakes optimizing innovating to business flow above all however, only such ability make the enterprise builds the huge investment that go up to win true get one's own back in informatization. For this, heavy-duty and relevant section negotiates Extech company and Qinghai jointly, communication is communicated, change thinking habit, establish company operation technological process, overall change handled the way of business by hand in the past. Business flow manages the core business that with Qinghai heavy-duty storehouse runs to be dominant in coordination, combine characteristic of machine tool industry, build Qinghai from 2 masterstroke compose heavy-duty into annul put a system, those who realized goods and materials to supply chain is compositive move in coordination: Attach most importance to a dot with fundamental management, draft unified encode government regulation, arrange data of foundation of perfect company goods and materials and administrative base data, realize the standardization of product stock data, sell to enter put a system to provide necessary product construction and information, be a system carry out dozen of good foundation. Companion carries out a process as order, raw material, semi-manufactured goods and manufactured goods flow in company inside and outside, realized exact thing to shed a canal to accuse, reduce stock keep long in stock, accelerate capital to be on the move, also be the core principle that establishs content to shed administrative system. Through purchasing, of module of sale, inventory carry out, the thing that builds a closed circuit sheds administrative system, implementation sale, purchase, iformation flow, content sheds what flow with capital to cooperate with between the branch such as inventory, production, finance affairs operation pattern, flow clarity, duty is trenchant, work in order below the environment that cooperate with, belongings flows evolve into process clarity to be able to accuse. To manage a layer decision-making the integrated inquiry that offerred valid basis system to provide business data and statistical forms for reporting statistics, the statistic of data originates directly the feedback that every business nods, support is opposite from different perspective inventory, purchase, the relevant data of the sale, index undertakes modal analysis, for science management, analysis and decision-making provide reliable information. When the detail that when leader layer need control management manages (for example inventory the reason such as wave motion of unusual, capital) , need only from result proceed with, can examine business process instead, the reason that understands each business happening clearly, condition and result, palm of ground of much azimuth, whole process accuses overall situation, have an insight into subtle. The storehouse items of an account that changes inventory management to purchase goods and materials partly subtly is with bill is not objective have charge to an account, means of this kind of charge to an account increased the complex rate of warehouse keeper charge to an account on one hand, appear easily mistake, on the other hand items of an account cannot mirror a goods and materials directly real stock circumstance, still need to join other relevant bill is examined together, reduced work efficiency while also increased the machine rate that make mistake. Realized the inventory management with exact real time through implementing a system, also can offer financial department to need at the same time not make out an invoice and already the inquiry of data of order of make out an invoice. Below the situation that does not affect normal business, the management of accurate inventory. System of Nextpage application value provided the software with handy operation and normative technological process, pass systematic management and control, the reserve with reasonable generation, purchase a plan to wait, increase business reference point, have strict execution and monitoring government, make the operation efficiency of whole industry has very big promotion: Established perfect client data government; The contract that recorded every every sale order, machine tool clearly carries out condition, if deliver goods, the detailed information such as bill; And be opposite the condition that order carries out, can inquire at any time; Plan according to purchasing and purchase order for goods, print automatically piece purchase order detail, extend to undertake affirming to the supplier, carry out. According to purchasing order for goods arrive circumstance, generate checklist automatically: Already examined the information such as amount, acceptable amount is as clear as day. To the goods and materials that delay delivers the goods, the system can reach delivery information according to order automatic collect; The what order of what supplier, stock is not seasonable deliver goods, how much to still differ, information be clear at a glance; Realized encode of goods and materials to unite, the price is uniform, raised accuracy of stock fund business accounting. When purchasing put in storage, open purchase order for goods accordingly, type arrive actually amount, purchase cooperate with with inventory. Advantageous real time undertakes inventory number, branch is gotten send and receive with collect, month put wait for stock analysis, inquiry; Information of heavy-duty man-hour norm uses Qinghai of man-hour norm management to write condition to undertake administrative by hand all the time, to raise Qinghai the degree of informatization of heavy-duty man-hour norm management, implementation manages fast work out, effectively, raise accuracy, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, undertake 2 times developing on the base that runs systematic Extech CAPP in information of Extech company technology, through plan development of definition, system, test, project tries move, on the line runs a few level, achieve the established goal with heavy-duty Qinghai. Executive target realizes informatization of man-hour norm management; Cooperate Qinghai branch of heavy-duty man-hour norm has a standard to flow of man-hour norm work out, assistance completes normative promotion application; Apply man-hour norm module, of norm of the man-hour that finish fast and custom-built, undertake manage effectively and be analyticed to man-hour norm data; Unite data, arrange the technical data information related man-hour quota system, ensure the effectiveness of technical data and consistency. Executive achievement realized work out and collect man-hour, the function of man-hour norm calculative that can be versed in according to what had defined data of time base plinth and mathematical formula have labor situation, process at the same time; " workshop of spare parts cent is integrated list " guide: Guide through man-hour quota program " workshop of spare parts cent is integrated list " BOM file arrives in man-hour quota system, call this share data in order to supply system of man-hour norm management; Man-hour norm file weaves: System of man-hour norm management has man-hour norm to card edits and run ability, support the fill in and calculates according to small chronometer function of man-hour, supportive card and correlation of set of technology base database concern, those who realize card is fast fill in; Craft forms for reporting statistics: Man-hour norm has the collect function of man-hour norm data through outputting all sorts of man-hour norm forms for reporting statistics. Collect of the staff that uses the effect to applied this program to fulfil product man-hour quota, computation, output the business function such as all sorts of forms for reporting statistics. These products include to making machine tool product at present, also include before machine tool product, system of norm management of already basic contented man-hour designs need; Established information of unified foundation data, added the public information such as library of library of workshop section information, information of type of work. CNC Milling