Hai Dehan machines circular instruction to introduce

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Company of of 1976 seas heart is born of tool to use NC controller, of 1996 seas heart brings the controller ability Xiao with complete Zuo (include Zuo implement) of the Zuo that reach Zuo . All the time with , sea heart is machining respect of form to maintain the consistence of platform of each controller, can Jin and form of travel ISO, and Zuo extends pattern of of heart of sea of Yu of easy of Ha . The Qwerty way that with everybody in respect of operation face plate what knows is arranged add form form to press Zuo . The controller of new generation uses Zuo CPU, on face plate more Xuan Zuo Zuo board ( Mo of Zuo of person of of of of heart of Touch Pad) sea go up by controller of migrate of Zuo fair room, project not can accuse treatment affection in Bao of the Zuo other stage, more form of of the Jin that be the same as , the administrative article with the functional Ta average put in order of Jin of Zuo of road of Jin of by means of works, the figure that of a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of Man of of instrument of of CNC of Yu complete fetterses. Press form of Zuo with form especially, the function of Yu form with Zuo Er particular but of Yin of Yu of Zhu treatment form uses its to show the that teachs and Yu to contain formula, canal is the at the beginning of one person enter Zuo very easily also. Control department Jian is in its include treatment abide to dictate in instruction of of abide of primitive Yu Yin (Machining Cycles) and instruction of of the abide that measure (Touch Probe Cycles) . In addition, of the person that Zuo of Zuo of Zuo of Cycledesign of travel of of sea heart puts Jian to machine and instrument Xuan to build Yin of Yu of photograph Zuo exhibits some (instruction of of OEM Cycles) abide. of Zuo abide dictates Xuan is made, with everybody interpose Jian its uses today exemple: By the requirement at of tool of city not of carry , be in especially respect of high accuracy of Zha high speed, each controller brand also not carries to be in the function of Zuo respect, besides controller the Geng Ta in Ta manage form manages Zuo not is accelerated (ITNC 5300 of sea heart .

5 Ms, 30i0 of that division.

4 Ms) , the Geng of Zuo Zhu of form also not of increase (ITNC 530 256 Blocks of sea heart , 30i 1000 Blocks) of that division, also increase Yu on the control Zuo road of servo muti_function (S form adds fast, IPC: Er divides phasic Xuan , wave of of high speed cutting implement) with period can Zuo is controlled to the servo of high speed high accuracy. of guest implement treatment demand can divide roughly 3 Er Zuo : Speed / the surface / precision, servo commands a respect, 3 Er of Zuo Zuo law holds Zuo concurrently demand with , be in for example rough machining , need Zha rate only fast, does not need Zha surface and precision, is machined in Ji , be spent glossily with respect to what need Zuo studies face first or exterior precision, of speed Zuo next. the treatment requirement that wants to be able to depend on guest , and can the servo that Zhu guest cuts very easily to differ is characteristic, controller of sea heart function of abide instruction, implement Xuan builds business to be able to build different treatment demand character by oneself, implement the person that use needs to machining form Xuan to decide Li only fabricating characteristics, the Zha that the of servo character of controller does Zuo is whole with the need of the sufficient person that use. One, the of weight volume Geng of the workpiece that decide Li : Q50 graph 1nextpage 2, mode of demand of the treatment that decide Li : Precision of Q51 = 3 of surface of Q51 = 2 of speed of Q51 Q51 = 1 pursues the Yin Zuo of controller of of T of public errand of of road of Yu of look of 2 graphs 3 Cycle 32, Jian changes Zhu characteristicly by servo, add use Cycle 32 to decide Li to allow the road common difference of Yu , but the control tasting Zuo that machines is in the of Zuo period. Because Yu of proper motion of guest takes surely,the Yu of each type is decided, the of of photograph that sex Zha makes stand of the that cut , it is Zuo with direction of exemple Yu Yin , it is instrument not merely however, of stage guest also can use the abide formula that of Yin of Yu of Cycledesign Zuo Zuo uses. CNC Milling