Imperceptible automation cutting uses CNC compound high speed tool system

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In recent years, CNC much axle control is compound cutting, high speed cutting, imperceptible appearance nicety cutting and the development that exceed technology of cutting of essence of life and application are conspicuous. In the meantime, the tool system technology that suits with this photograph also had striking progress, its characteristic is: In CNC much axle control compound cutting, high speed cutting is mixed in high accuracy cutting, hang when cutting tool extend very tall tigidity and stability still are had when the amount is very large; On structural design, main shaft, knife handle and cutting tool use unifinication design, decrease systematic member to least, make its have admirable high speed to rotate characteristic. The newest tendency that tool system develops (1) CNC compound cutting uses tool system alleged CNC compound cutting, it is to point to integrated application function the milling cutter of each different, broach rotate the fixed cutting tool such as cutting tool and lathe tool finishs a variety of cutting jobs. For this, use tool system must be muti_function change. When using part of technology of CNC compound cutting and mould of treatment of corresponding tool system, the past should use ability of much talk working procedure to complete treatment, can finish with a working procedure only now include deep hole inside full treatment works, simplified greatly thereby working procedure, rose to machine quality. CNC compound cutting includes two kinds of products with tool system new product, one kind is to be used at rotating the tool system of cutting tool; Another kind is to use Yu Fei to rotate the tool system of cutting tool, the join structure of its and main shaft and rotate cutting tool uses tool system identical. All sorts of tool systems that use at present and structure of main shaft join, have the design construction of original creation of each tool works already, also have the standard structure such as BT, HSK, this chose tool system to bring a trouble to the user. For convenient user, summer 2004, the expert scholar that comes from manufactory of system of machine tool factory, tool works, tool, user and relevant university offerred the proposal about tool standardization within the system, the proposal is unified use undertaking international is standardized (ISO) HSK tool construction of system, held a seminar, with respect to its standardization problem exchanged an opinion. On the other hand, what extend tool system collet as a result of cutting tool is dangerous extend length to increase, the use of system of tool of shrinkage fitting type subsequently grow in quantity. System of tool of shrinkage fitting type is to use the heat of metallic stuff to bilge cold shrink character will place the tool system that runs cutting tool, have a structure simple, high rotate speed is rigid admirable, diameter jumps precision is close to the characteristic such as workpiece high, easily. From development the trend can be forecasted, as the promotion application of technology of CNC compound cutting, will raise a requirement to new-style cutting cutting tool and tool system, the joint research that waits for an industry through system of cutting tool, tool and machine tool is developed, be sure to appear the new-style tool system that is used at CNC compound cutting. (2) high speed milling is with tool system in treatment establishing mill, basically used system of tool of pinchcock head type in the past, its clamp means basically has nut to be pressed into type to mix help style two kinds. Establish mill as high speed of processing technique gain ground, the main shaft rotate speed of the numerical control machine tool such as machining center is higher and higher, earnestly needs to it the new-style tool system of form a complete set. To get used to the need of high speed milling, the structure that places system of head type tool to bedspring, precision and high speed function undertook improvement. But will look from the comparison with system of tool of shrinkage fitting type, system of tool of pinchcock head type rotates in high speed rigid, diameter jumps precision and stand by the respect such as work performance to still need to be improved further with rise. The character that has representative tool system from a few kinds when at present the market sells is knowable, rotate in high speed rigid, diameter jumps precision and enter the field such as cutting division performance, system of tool of shrinkage fitting type has clear advantage, accordingly its application is increasing quickly. Summer 2004, the tool system that tool system manufactory uses to machining center undertook investigating, the result makes clear the applied be the champion of system of tool of shrinkage fitting type, times accept favour. (3) cutting of nicety of high speed of miniature cutting tool uses tool system in recent years, with diametical φ 1mm the following miniature establishs milling cutter to undertake milling treatment gets the attention of people, exceed high speed essence to cut machining center closely to also be born subsequently. For example, with diametical φ of 60 μ M establish milling cutter to machine an edge to grow 100 μ M, deep the square of 40 μ M is sunken antrum, the diameter of requirement cutting tool jumps precision is under a few micron, because this asks,system of machining center, tool and treatment unifinication system should have extremely tall dynamic stiffness and balance property. Will establishing milling cutter to install the clip that is placed on machining center main shaft to maintain pattern directly is the significant step that ensures cutting tool clip holds precision, its use will ceaseless grow in quantity. The system of tool of type of dependability shrinkage fitting of system of tool of shrinkage fitting type is heat knife handle cutting tool is inserted after making its expand, make its cooling next contractive clamp cutting tool. Because heat, cooling process circulates repeatedly, whether can you cause knife handle to is the metal organized and make tool system performance drops? County of Japanese hill pear technology center and YS electron industry (system of tool of shrinkage fitting type uses heating installation manufactory) undertook checking an analysis to the dependability of system of tool of shrinkage fitting type jointly, reached the following conclusion: ① undertook 1700 times heating to shrinkage fitting knife handle, cooling loop experiments, did not discover dimension precision produces change; ② has observation to the section organization of each test specimen, because heat,did not discover, the tissue that cooling loop causes changes; Because pull out,have in axial surface cutting tool and those who cause wear away trace, but flawless; ③ is right of hardness of knife handle section detect the result makes clear, in the surface outside be apart from the limits hardness under 20 μ M is reduced somewhat (make an appointment with 100HV) , but because heat,did not discover, the change that cooling circulation time differs and causes hardness profile; ④ is being finished heat, after cooling loop experiments, with the clamping force that controlled experiment machine to measure knife handle, although increased experiment loop number, also did not discover clamp happening changes. System of tool of shrinkage fitting type and high frequency induction heat system of tool of type of law shrinkage fitting is hold clip cutting tool place to heat to make to about 300 ℃ its expand, insert cutting tool petiole next undertake cooling, pass the cutting tool of cooling and contractive clamp of knife handle be heatinged, deploy corresponding heating installation for this need. Type of existing sirocco of hot furnish stock and induction heat type two kinds big. Lowest of sirocco type price, use most also, but defect is thermal efficiency low, heat time is long; The induction heats of type heat time is short, frequency cent is mixed below for 50kHz 2MHz above two kinds. Be in European area, 50kHz adds shrinkage fitting buy to gain ground relatively with the induction of 40kHz above below. Japanese market also has 50kHz of the following frequency add shrinkage fitting buy to sell. In the meantime, what Japan also is developing 1MHz above is high frequency add shrinkage fitting buy. Watch 1 different heat the shrinkage fitting equipment of means heats quite means - the price - suitable scope sirocco heats - 20~80 10 thousand yen - apply to φ only 20 above stainless steel, do not apply to induction of tool steel 25kHz to heat 1H (15kW) - about 6 million yen - apply to φ 6 above stainless steel and tool steel, do not apply to φ high frequency induction of 6 the following norms heats 1H (10kW) - about 5 million yen - apply to stainless steel and tool steel high frequency induction heats 1H (1kW) - about 2 million yen - apply to φ 12 reach the following stainless steel and tool steel, do not apply to φ 12 above norms and sirocco heat type shrinkage fitting is compared, add shrinkage fitting buy to undertake with 1kW induction non-magnetic knife handle shrinkage fitting can shorten substantially heat time. Those who use 1MHz above is high frequency heat means, not only electric energy is used up and the first time cost is low, and suit to use data of metal of Yu Fei magnetism most (wait like stainless steel and titanium) small diameter cutting tool. The power source part of this device can realize miniaturization design, changeover was used to believe a confusion of voices to compare very low circuit on the principle, have high frequency transition efficiency is tall (about 98% ) , the advantage such as energy-saving, miniaturization and low noise. Shrinkage fitting type changes the program of the automation that change a knife with the general automation of the knife to be as follows: (1) place cutting tool outfit on tool system with manual work, the pathway that validates part of blade of cutting tool cutting on appearance of cutting tool preliminary adjustments next jumps precision; (2) will install clip to be on tool system with manual work, the knife library that the cutting tool outfit that affirms precision qualification via detecting enters the CNC machine tool such as machining center; (3) dictate according to the NC program that inputs CNC machine tool, take out the tool system outfit that packs good cutting tool automatically to be on machine tool main shaft from knife library; (4) after the cutting that finish is machined, cutting tool breaks away from library of knife of main shaft replace automatically according to NC order injunction; (5) the cutting tool that will used with manual work takes out replace tool room from knife library, keep cutting tool from classification of tool system debus. Develop quickly as what cutting of high speed, nicety, automation machines, jump to the diameter of cutting tool the requirement of tigidity of precision, high rotate speed already achieved several micron. Developed the cutting tool of shrinkage fitting type that can satisfy precision and rigid requirement to assemble and unassemble automatically for this research (change a knife) device, this is one kind can realize cutting tool and knife handle to assemble and unassemble automatically reach metrical perfect system. System by include cutting tool library, knife handle library, cutting tool and part of knife handle installation library and assemble and unassemble the response that cutting tool and knife handle use heats the unit that device forms, deferent unit and CNC control unit are formed. Will establishing the cutting tool such as milling cutter to install the unit on knife handle automatically is its core part, the insertion of cutting tool clearance should be controlled in less than of a few micron. Use inspiratory extrude technology, place is inserted to undertake local heating in the cutting tool of knife handle (high frequency induction heats) hind, by air general cutting tool inspiratory inside its, cooling clamp, the cutting tool after the treatment that finish is supported to go out by NC adjusting rod. The top when NC adjusting rod has knife of cutting tool preliminary adjustments, discharge gives cutting tool, Z to adjust and affirm tool system clip to support a variety of functions such as condition. This system provided the blame contact that affirms cutting tool and knife handle assemble a state automatic testing system, OK still beforehand the applicable cutting tool that school nucleus appoints by NC order injunction. Use transmit a function automatically, can install the tool system that forms by cutting tool and knife handle the knife library that waits for CNC machine tool in machining center to go up, cutting of the high speed that can come true to stabilize voluntary movement for long so, high accuracy is machined. CNC Milling