Stainless steel thin plate makes a technology

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One's early years, day made steel company newly use Senjimier first in Japan machine of 20 roller cold rolling, the manufacturing efficiency that makes stainless steel laminose rises greatly. From austenite department stainless steel machines the character with big sclerosis to set out, at the outset cold rolling machine used working roller means small, and in press next quantities to issue the Senjimier that can undertake rolling greatly rolling mill, but 1990 around, company of each stainless steel built appearance to control gender and equipment automation, high speed to turn chance of frame of easier 12 roller fission cold rolling in succession inside Japan. New day iron lives the much roller rolling mill that golden stainless steel used this kind of Gao Shuiping, lu Dao made 1000m/min of place rolling speed 1992, light made 1200m/min of place rolling speed 1993. On the other hand, rolling mill of Er of dark auspicious rice also is being improved in, the Double As-U that appearance controls a function and develops in order to improve original Single As-U and FSBA (Flexible Shift Backing Assembly) structure, and rolling mill of Er of rice of fission frame dark auspicious, now, the rolling mill of Er of dark auspicious rice of top speed 1000m/min also is in construction. Oil of the rolling in cold rolling also is a main technical essential factor, to produce the beautiful exterior quality with peculiar stainless steel, pure now department predominate. To maintain Gao Guangze, must realize thin oily film, but when high speed rolling, once high pressure falls, oily film happens local rupture phenomenon, generation heats up scratch, reduce burnish, become not all reason. For this, also can assure lubricant function what development went to add silicone oil below high temperature, and be able to bear or endure the rolling of high speed rolling is oily, but if want to achieve higher rate, raising heat-resisting scratch sex further is indispensable, must develop the emulsification rolling oil with cooling old effect. New day iron lives finishing of golden stainless steel builds place to develop emulsification rolling oil alone, through controlling latex bead way, the high speed that realized oil of applicable in rolling of product of stainless steel tall burnish emulsification presses next rolling greatly. Applicable of oil of rolling of this kind of emulsification is new day iron live golden stainless steel makes a 4CM (No.

Rolling mill of 4 much roller) 120m/min rolling, regard reversible type stainless steel as special rolling mill, its rolling rate is higher. After 80 time, in aggrandizement car environmental protection and engine high-powered in the tide that turn, stainless steel is applied at car exhaust system quickly, wait to machine the exhaust manager with figuration complex form especially, to the treatment of material function raised taller and taller requirement. To satisfy such requirement, while material is developed, with rising processability is mixed reduce cost to be a purpose, development goes use common steel to use serial type to cold rolling machine is improved and be become (have roller of big diameter job) serial type craft. Adopt technology of type of this kind of serial, enlarged ferrite to fasten the stainless steel application on the car greatly. In the anneal pickling process of stainless steel, high temperature anneal is must. For the oxidation iron sheet that forms in eliminate anneal, need the very large facility that remove like the scales of a fish. For this, increasing line of pickling of hot-rolling board anneal (HAP) productivity when, should enlarge the capacity of annealing furnace, improvement increases thermal efficiency, grind high through using at the same time cut brush, increase the mechanical capacity that remove like the scales of a fish, increase the length of pickling chamfer. Still have, like the scales of a fish is removed in chemistry in, also hope to be not changed vitriolic reach nitric acid / what hydrofluoric acid mixes acerbity juice is basic form, through installing high-powered iron ion purify device stabilizes pickling ability, produce turbulence pickling through convection enforcing inside pickling chamfer, and apply eject pickling to increase the capacity that remove like the scales of a fish. In setting space the unlimited productivity that builds HAP line can amount to 1 million T/a. On the other hand, what manufacturer of Euramerican and large stainless steel and the manufacturer of Asian area stainless steel that head with Japan, China had facility is large and efficient change and of production equipment of cold rolling material change continuously. Change a technology to be able to divide a few kinds continuously. The 1st kind is the serial that uses rolling mill of roller of small diameter job in order to raise cold rolling efficiency and the stainless steel that receive so that lead to be a purpose is changed, the rolling mill of Er of rice of serial type Sen Ji that day makes steel Zhou Na newly make steel place was used 1969 is its representing. The 2nd kind is in line of final anneal pickling (FAP) go up assorted level machine and tensional straightening machine. The FAP line that built later 1989 inside Japan is this kind of form for the most part. The 3rd kind is the equipment that turns machine of cold rolling, AP, level or tensional straightening machine continuously, developing a purpose is general stainless steel is produced below tall productivity material. Change continuously is what can be you divided into HAP ~ cold rolling successive change and AP of cold rolling ~ ? SPM (move qualitative rolling mill) ? TL (tensional straightening machine) change continuously. The side of export of high speed FAP that tone pledges rolling mill narrates before be like is advanced online change. To obtain the Gao Guangze with peculiar stainless steel, the 2 roller that use roller of big diameter job commonly do rolling, but the productivity that leaves line SPM to rise, reversible change, 2 roller / 4 roller hold concurrently with, but wet / strike alternant rolling mill gradually predominate. Iron of new 1990 day lives the 2SPM that finishing of golden stainless steel builds used rolling mill of 6 roller UC, regard equipment monomer as the ability of rolling, achieved the rate of 700m/min, hold concurrently at the same time control with exceedingly good flatness. The production technology of material of stainless steel cold rolling is around cheap the technology of the general steel that before production is like, narrates and of development. If introductive place is narrated, demand fractionize is the function that with tall purity ferrite steel and Shuang Xianggang are a delegate stainless steel recently, will rising henceforth general-purpose stainless steel productivity while, the efficient production technology that still develops the consideration hard production variety, small lot variety. CNC Milling