The influence that temperature lifts the machine tool such as pair of end panel milling machine arises

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Temperature lifts the main effect of regular to the machine tool such as milling machine, planer-type milling machine, boring machine job and treatment precision is: 1.

Temperature is elevatory make temperature of each part part changes along with time, make the machine tool is lost already some adjusts precision, affect thereby by the dimension of treatment workpiece, in the meantime, temperature is elevatory also make bearing clearance produces change, then shadow part of the day machines precision. 2.

Temperature is elevatory make temperature distributings inhomogenous, cause each spare parts or part the mutual position relation between each part produces change, cause the displacement of the spare parts or twist thereby. Reduce main shaft to heat up metabolic measure to have the following 4 respects: 1.

Reduce heat source, the rotate speed that is put in main shaft bearing mainly, clearance is adjusted reach reasonable tighten beforehand. To thrust bearing and tapered roller bearing, because difference of its work requirement is calorific bigger, can convert when necessary ball bearing of thrust horn contact is replaced, give out heat with reducing the attrition of certain component as far as possible. 2.

Adiabatic, make heat source is far from main shaft, if keep apart electromotor, transmission, use detached drive to wait. 3.

Medicinal powder hot, strengthen lubricant refrigeration, use oil wind is cold, cold etc means, accelerate quantity of heat to send out. 4.

Reduce hot metabolic effect, why to no matter use,plant means, can reduce heat to be out of shape only and eliminate heat completely very hard to be out of shape, because this still should take step, in order to reduce hot metabolic effect. CNC Milling