The CAD/CAM system of spare parts of machinery of a kind of 2 dimension

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The summary considered to develop to agree with the CAD/CAM system of spare parts of 2 dimension machinery. This system includes: Generate NC cutting tool CAD, automatically to machine NC of the method, CAD that optimizes treatment method, NC to machine craft, spare parts of machine program generate automatically wait for content. NC of   of AutoCAD of keyword CAD/CAM system machines craft NC process designing to classify date TP391.

The tentative idea of the 73351 CAD/CAM systems that are based on AutoCAD platform from 80 time since, autoCAD became the CAD software with our country the widest application. Worldwide and character AutoCAD also can yet be regarded as uses the widest CAD software one kind. If the software that has CAD/CAM function can be developed on AutoCAD platform, promotion application of the technology, right to CAD/CAM the enterprise uses advanced production technology, will rise to be driven actively with stimulative action. Be based on such thought guidance to fall just about, we began the research of this project, got Yunnan saves province of fund of division application basic research, Yunnan to teach appoint the foundation applies those who study fund to aid financially. The part of CNC Machining fits in mechanical equipment commonly, having is spare parts of 2 dimension machinery partly quite. On the CAD/CAM system of the spare parts of 2 dimension machinery that accordingly we select the fixed position site of research in research to develop one set to have certain and common sense. AutoCAD has the CAD function of very strong 2 dimension spare parts. AutoCAD itself contains Aut`oLISP user to develop a tool, r11.

0 the following version return support to be developed with C language, this offerred very good condition to the function of CAM increases on the foundation of former CAD. To make the system of research has extensive applied sex, we decide use AutoLISP regards development as the tool, such is in R10.

0 reach version of the following AutoCAD to go up to be able to be used. 2 designs program 2.

Of contrail of motion of cutting tool of treatment of 1   NC after generating the CAD that should complete a part, this research developed contrail of motion of treatment cutting tool to optimize a design automatically [the functional module of 1] . Its measure is: (1) the datum mark when choice workpiece is machined (opposite at 0 o'clock) ; (2) the outline that chooses place of a working procedure to want to machine or treatment surface; (3) the choice machines means, if cut treatment to turn to get (4) , if be treatment of edge outline cutting to turn (5) ; (4) the means that use a window or direct way choice should drill cut hole, and autoverify originally the measure of the aperture in working procedure is consistent, if abhorrent will call the police automatically; After completing this work, turn (13) ; (5) dimension of choice cutting cutting tool (show cutting tool is actual dimension) ; (6) if outline cutting turns (7) , if outline surrounds the cutting of the face to turn (9) ; (7) chooses to need the range that cutting machines; (If 8) is round outline, initiative cut a distance to be 0, automatic from tangential cut; If be not round outline, but optional cut be apart from and cut way, turn (13) ; (9) need has reservation object to turn inside cutting outline face (11) ; (10) can choose parallel contrail way treatment, or the means treatment that presses outline appearance cutting, or machine with compound means, in order to obtain the complete treatment of treatment face. Contrail of motion of each cutting tool is pressed optimize a method to design [2] , turn (13) ; (11) the athletic contrail that makes treatment cutting tool by design of object of the reservation inside face of outline of edge of means of outline appearance cutting; (Contrail of motion of 12) each cutting tool is pressed optimize a method to design [2];     (if 13) returns Youxiayi the face that line working procedure machines, return (2) ; (14) the contrail of cutting tool of treatment of the NC that finish creates a design, the graphical exchange file with corresponding generation is offerred when creating NC program, call. 2.

The CAPP   that 2   NC machines is before the NC program that creates treatment automatically, the computer that must undertake NC is machined assists technology design, the place in deciding each working procedure is machined must treatment craft parameter. Each outline that benefit of this function module machines to need with the computer undertake craft is designed machining, generate corresponding CAM to process craft document finally, for generating NC call when machine program. CAPP designs parameter mediumly to basically have here: Main shaft rotate speed (Spindle Speed) , cutting deepness (Cut Down To) , feed (Feedrate) , treatment means (auger cut treatment or machine along outline cutting) , circular cutting frequency (Cycle Count) , the choice of cutting tool (Tool) wait for parameter of 7 main craft. The CAPP that this functional module machines to NC is designed, offerred a command to hint seesaw pattern designs type of menu of plan, icon to devise way all right, and use at type designs the dialog box of version after AutoCADR12 means. Characteristic of this functional module design is: ① can enter NC to machine the design of craft below the environment of AutoCAD, make CAD and CAPP are finished; In the process that ② designs in craft, can observe the project of corresponding objective pursues, what accomplishing what what see want a design; ③ icon menu reachs what trends demonstrates a skill to apply, make blueprint Wen Bingmao, master easily, maneuverable; ④ dialog box reachs the reasonable processing that default is worth, accelerated design rate, decreased to repeat the time of the design. After the CAPP that finish, will generate corresponding CAM automatically to process craft document. 2.

Of program of 3   NC those who create NC program generate module to basically move according to cutting tool the standard figure of orbit exchanges a document, and CAM processes craft document, according to the NC system that accords with ISO standard, generate general NC automatically machine program. Among them the outline that each working procedure machines is put on different graph layer, corresponding at file of corresponding craft of a paragraph of CAM. The working measure of this functional module is: (1) above all the method according to set (Path) find the standard figure that deposits contrail of cutting tool motion to exchange file and corresponding CAM to process craft document; (2) find on the graph layer that sets in the program opposite at 0 o'clock, in order to have the transition of opposite coordinate; (3) according to graphical foundation layer (Base Layer) find the graph layer that deposits contrail of cutting tool motion; (4) the initiative place that finds treatment according to the start of set; (5) if next end points is incorporeal,join, turn (8);     (the substance that 6) machines according to need, consult treatment dictionary, search the kind that gives treatment; (7) build or alter NC document; (8) checks next end points to have incorporeal link, have turn (5);     (if 9) circulates cutting, repeat (N second) undertake (6) , (7) , (8) the job (frequency of N= loop cutting) ; (10) examination has the graph layer that deposits contrail of cutting tool motion without the next, have turn (4) ; (11) the craft parameter such as the record date, position that change a knife; (12) generate NC automatically machine program, send numerical control equipment treatment. This function module still has a few more the following main function: When every undertake a working procedure is machined, cutting tool moves apace the treatment start of set, assist time with managing treatment; Circular cutting frequency (Cycle Count) is N, can make the total cutting deepness of set is divided on average for N second undertake; Each working procedure is corresponding at what differ one group machines craft parameter, make treatment quick, wide choice is apart, get used to ability strong. 2.

① of   of characteristic of 4 designs program finished CAD when the user after the design, do not exit CAD to design an environment to be able to undertake CAM is designed. The written language was used when ② is designed clew, graph clew and call the police clew, for example: Before undertaking each pace is designed, the system can hint the user undertakes the next operations, input that how undertakes necessary parameter. When ③ is undertaking getting cutting designing, when bore diameter abhorrent, the system can suspend the work, call the police to the user, in order to avoid the occurrence of treatment reject. When ④ is undertaking outline cutting, the computer can check outline curve automatically successive. If discontinuous, will not undertake the design of NC treatment, the system will remind an user with character, sound the design has breakpoint in outline curve, use tall light figure to try to show in breakpoint place, so that the user is revised or redesign. This ⑤ system can move automatically to cutting tool the design of orbit undertakes optimizing handling, in order to assure treatment quality, improve treatment efficiency, reduce finished cost. The contrail of cutting tool motion that ⑥ is like an user to be designed to place is dissatisfactory, the system allows an user to make real time revise, till satisfaction till. This ⑦ system is operated simple, use convenient, the user should have the ABC of concerned AutoCAD only, do not need to groom technically, can operate use. Put forward in ⑧ design and used means of contrail of motion of compound cutting tool [2] , machine along the treatment of outline appearance contrail and parallel contrail namely optimize organic union. About the problem of this respect, also did not get enough attention in a lot of commodity CAD/CAM software. 3 designs example considers to be an object with SABRE1000 machining center originally, press the format demand of SABRE1000 machining center successfully, undertook the CAD/CAM of spare parts of 2 dimension machinery is designed. Generates NC treatment code is more chastening than software of certain goods CAD/CAM. To make because of some commodity CAD/CAM software the problem simplifies, can approach entity only with linear line segment, make generated NC treatment code lengthy, increased handling time already, should not be again assure to machine quality. In using example we suited the typical spare parts of CNC Machining to undertake CAD/CAM is designed to, need 12 NC to machine a statement only with this system, and the NC treatment statement that makes with some hundred thousands of yuan commodity CAD/CAM software amounts to 163. This CAD/CAM system develops 4 conclusion on the successfully foundation in AutoCAD finish, the part that always designs with AutoCAD so, graph that perhaps accords with AutoCAD changes standard part, can use this system to complete CAD/CAM design. Demand of this systematic hardware environment is low, want to be able to run AutoCADR10 can be started only use this CAD/CAM system. Of course the research with this systematic further course, in CAPP, if be worth default be worth default,the data that provides with expert system is replaced, the NC that can form certain intelligence to change machines CAPP design, make the system is perfected further. CNC Milling