Cupreous actor picks join way

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Cupreous actor picks join way- - Beijing of agitate friction welding surpasses Forster Sai Fusi of Beijing of technical limited company is special technical limited company (center of Chinese agitate friction welding) what the device of agitate friction welding that relevant technology personnel uses own development realized 3mm successfully is violet. Agitate friction welding is method of solid photograph join, use this method to realized cupreous join to avoid a lot of blemish of fusion welding method and inadequacy. Welding line surface is even and slick, flawless, be out of shape to soldering at fusion welding dinky (if pursue,2 are shown) . Solder the operation is simple, the organic dissolvent purify such as acetone needs to combine face grease only before solder, need not open film of groove purify oxidation; After solder need not purify beyond is tall, improved manufacturing efficiency. Solder process specific power consumption is small, need not stuff stuff, solder cost is low. Graph 1 solder the process pursues 2 agitate friction welding solders violet copperplate panorama uses technology of agitate friction welding to solder the deformation of red copper connect, leftover stress and contact intensity all method of excel fusion welding. In addition, realized the butt joint of agitate friction welding of yellow copperplate successfully still, if pursue,3 are shown. Graph 3 agitate friction welding solders yellow copperplate full view is well-known, copper is very as close as human relation nonferrous metal, apply at electric, light industrial, machinery to make widely, the domain such as construction industry, national defence industry, aluminium is next to in the consumption rank of material of our country nonferrous metal. If be used at creating vacuum in chemical industry implement, distillation boiler, brew boiler, in national defence industry in order to makes spare parts of artillery shell, firearm wait. Because copper is had,be able to bear or endure goodly corrode sex, the parts of an apparatus such as system of all sorts of container that are used at making to contact caustic medium in great quantities in petrifaction industry, pipeline, filter, pump and valve. In addition, still use its thermal conductivity, make all sorts of evaporator, heat exchanger and condenser. What the firebox liner of 5 rockets uses Yalianna also is cupreous silver-colored alloy, inside this line canister treatment gives 360 cooling passageways, liquid state hydrogen is connected to undertake cooling when the rocket blasts off. The same existence is many red copper in building is made in electric machinery - the connect of red copper, the annulus that be like end and guide the contact, connect of damp annulus and damp lever. Wide application of copper involves copper necessarily solder problem, copper and its alloy are mixed with drill rod solder in ancient time forge solder is more, now is fusion welding holds main position. But, of copper solder put in a lot of problems. Because cupreous melting point is high, and heat conduction performance is superior, metal of capable person of the mother when fusion welding fuses very hard, fill metal and mother capable person also hard very good confluence, easy generation not solder appears a phenomenon; And the grain after solder is brought up badly, make the intensity of contact and plasticity are reduced greatly; The mix into of foreign matter element is entered also make the conductivity of contact drops; Because linear expansion coefficient of copper and shrinkage are bigger, be out of shape serious, exterior shapes after solder very poor, leftover stress is greater; In addition, the existence of foreign matter makes low fuse very easily in welding line in all brilliant, the hot tearing liability of contact is bigger also; Because heat conduction performance of copper is superior, the cooling rate of welding line is rapidder, so air hole also is one of main difficulty of copper that fuse in soldering, exist. Anyhow, use fused solder not only specific power consumption is big, and craft requirement is very slashing, get the welding line with superior integral performance not easily. When using resistor spot welding and seam welding treatment, because cupreous melting point is higher,meet as much, and performance of electric, heat conduction is superior, can encounter a few similar difficulty. In addition, the connection that uses contact of extensive electric machinery red copper at present all uses traditional silver base craft of solder of drill rod of drill rod makings, want every year to use up many silver for this, the charge that a big, medium-sized electric machinery makes an enterprise be used every year at purchasing drill rod to expect is in tens of 10 thousand yuan to millions yuan between. In the meantime, use technology of drill rod solder, not only the preparation demand of connect of drill rod solder is high, still assure clearance of solder of optimal drill rod hard, and bring about contact because of brazed seam blemish constantly sealing off, cause significant pecuniary loss. To solve afore-mentioned problems, come for years the personage inside course of study is exploring new technology of copper and copper alloy connective all the time. Agitate friction welding regards photograph of a kind of new-style solid as join technology, have property of efficient, energy-saving, free from contamination, connect admirable wait for an advantage, apply extensively at the industry such as spaceflight, aviation, shipping, car, electric equipment. Use agitate friction welding to receive a method to solder copper and its alloy, do not need drill rod material, also do not need to solder otherly material can get the connect with good performance. Use agitate friction welding to realize copper join application perspective is wide, be in abroad, to the domain with slashing requirement of cupreous connect quality, all collect already used method of agitate friction welding. What reach equipment of friction welding of its alloy agitate and craft as copper to soldering is farther perfect, technology of agitate friction welding will become copper and plan of first selection of its alloy connective to apply extensively in this domain, hopeful produces enormous economic benefits and social beneficial result. CNC Milling