10 accept of Japanese abrade polish technology develops the metal under rice successful

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Recently, japanese FDK company and development of success of collaboration of blessing island university went precision to be 10 accept rice technology of the following metallic surface polish, this technology basically uses the special liquid that contains iron and magnetism to undertake machining to the surface such as the metal, outside dividing planar work, still can be opposite concave and convex model workpiece undertakes polishing is handled. Main service object is optical component enterprise and pattern company. This kind of special liquid is called magnetism bundle (KURASUTA) , it is to contain a diameter the iron sphere of 1 micron and diameter the oily mixture liquid of the ferric oxide of 10 accept rice, use permanent magnetism magnet to bring to bear on magnetism forms tiny strong record solid body to serve as a brush, have abrade treatment to polishing workpiece thereby. At present FDK company has put in the small-sized polisher that can machine a diameter to be 3 centimeters of the following workpiece to the market, future plans to put in ten centimeters large facility to the market. CNC Milling