DURATOMIC scores a success in DURALDUR

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The piston that Duraldur company of Italy is cast technically for internal-combustion engine production and forgings, protruding piece air cylinder and centrifugal and cast-iron piston lever. TP2500 material pledges grade improves cutting tool life and productivity: Zun Qi, nicola Manfrin of production engineer of Marco Benini of engineer of technology of hill tall cutting tool, Duraldur and hill tall cutting tool sell engineer Alberto Barone. It was in a cylinder body that makes by Duraldur 1951 oneself lay mines on the west inferior (since the DESENZANO DEL GARDA that BRESCIA) saves sets a plant, employed now 110 employee, be engaged in designing, make, the job such as support of quality control, technology and administration. The company is machinery of lorry, grab, agriculture and car (especially cycle racing) the product that the engine manufacturer with the biggest industry offers high quality. Production manager Mr Nicola Manfrin says, the product of more than 80% exports European nation, especially Germany. Mr Manfrin is very interested in any new progress that can improve productivity and product quality. More such to piston lever, its exterior surface roughness and treatment precision are the engine that makes they are used owning better property is crucial. The technology that this client is in this area from hill tall cutting tool accidentally and the speeches pleasant to the ear that sell delegate Mr Alberto Barone said TP2500. Mr Alberto Barone proved the character of Duratomic film new technology, he emphasized its outstanding wear and very good tenacity especially. Using rod of piston of experiment of WBMT160408-F1 TP2500 razor blade (DD2 pearlite malleable iron) after finish machining, mr Manfrin obtains cutting tool life to rise immediately 15% . Then, he expanded to try knife limits to raise cutting parameter to Vc=240m/min, Fz=0.

13mm/r and Ap=0.

3mm, and productivity also rose 15% . Mr Manfrin is very satisfactory to these results, use TNMG160408-M3 TP2500(Vc=240m/min subsequently, fz=0.

25mm/r, ap=1.

5mm) replaced the bit that is used formerly at rough machining. This confirmed the dominant position of Duratomic technology, also make Duraldur raises productivity and wear further. The function of Duratomic material qualitative grade makes Duraldur uses this kind of bit in a vital technology. CNC Milling