City of northeast hardware Electromechanical is in saddle hill build

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On March 31, develop limited company to invest 3 billion yuan by investment of business of Shanghai China time " city of hardware of northward international Electromechanical " in build of saddle hill start working, the hardware city after building will become the hardware Electromechanical other people with the oldest northeast to spread base. According to introducing, "City of hardware of northward international Electromechanical " cover an area of a face to accumulate 1000 mus, floor area 800 thousand square metre. Its confluence world's advanced market plans to design a concept, combine the layout habit of northern region, give priority to with hardware Electromechanical commodity, cover trade wholesale, commerce, exhibition, office, live, hotel, recreational wait for a variety of industry condition to form, the beneficial result that achieves combination of much trade condition is the biggest change. This project is located in surely " big northeast of base oneself upon, radiation is northeast inferior hardware Electromechanical the first city " . CNC Milling