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Net of couplet of industrial other people is not a new term any more, as interrelate ceaseless development of the technology, the engineer increases to the demand of connector, and raised taller requirement. In the application of severe exacting industry that using like Gao Zhen especially, engineers are being sought more but small, more reliable connector. Peaceful division electron (TE Connectivity, TE) of the following abbreviation can offer the join solution that satisfies these requirements. Want to understand plan of a few kinds of commonly used aether net connector to apply in industrial IP20 (the spare parts of the interior of electric equipment of finger bring into contact with that arrests a person, avoid medium measure, the diameter is more than 12.

Of 5mm outside content is invaded, do not have to water or damp defend specially) medium join dependability? The connector of the test in white paper includes: Are ● RJ45 and thorn of ● of   of Mini I/O   broken, solder and but does ● of   of field assembly type differ 5 times do you know manufacturer? Net of couplet of industrial other people / industry 4.

The rapid development of 0, make sensor and increase sharply of brake connective amount, besides the join program that needs smaller size, the demand that transmits to network of small delay time also asks join plan is more reliable. Make dosage the biggest in application of industrial aether net at present RJ45 connector, interface is designed to do not have screen line so, used thorn to defeat technology of type terminal join, because this RJ45 connector does not fit industrial environment! In vibration and damp caustic environment, RJ45 connector cannot achieve stable and reliable requirement. In wanting how to solve RJ45 connector to apply in severe exacting industry not stable? System of Mini I/O connector solved the instability of RJ45 and unreliability, can saying is connective of industrial aether net perfect await choose plan, and 25% what its dimension has RJ45 connector only. Come to those who see system of Mini I/O link and RJ45 connector quickly compare! Mini I/O and normative IEC 60603-7-X of IEC of   of RJ45 connector standard of comparison regard an introduction as fiducial norms requirement, but serve as the norms that compares Mini I/O and RJ45 performance only with it is insufficient. For example, the gas mixture that it asks 4 days only checks, and the vibration that 50 M/s2(makes an appointment with 5G) checks, test a requirement without concussion. Industrial connector standard and the applied environment that check alignment imitate connector, for instance ISO/IEC 11801-1 set " MICE " environmental grade, from machinery, defend, climate & chemical, the respect such as electromagnetism interference makes a definition, among them M3 environment grade checks with respect to the concussion that defined 250m/s2. Onefold laden test can increase load capacity simply, but for imitate real industrial application environment needs varied test combination. Imitate wears away and corrode need durable sex (insert repeatedly unplug) , the environment checks (gas mixture) , high temperature checks, in reaching oscillatory test to check alignment in. It is better that this makes us OK the expression that inspects link system to fall in severe exacting environment. IEC 60603-7 regulation monitors the test level that twinkling breaks in oscillatory test. Eventuate is passed or fail, and check in our comparison in, we will use computational vibration to check medium twinkling to break the method of the frequency to replace. The 8P8C that RJ45 joins connector of systematic   RJ45 is standardization is modular, accord with IEC60603-7, ANSI/TIA-1096-A and ISO-8877 standard. The T568A that RJ45 decides through cabled yarn and TIA/EIA-568 standard middle finger and T568B bring crural photograph to join, but at the same time compatible phone is mixed aether net. RJ45 is one modular connector, original design is used at phone layout. Compare with RJ45 photograph, join of Mini I/O system is smaller and more reliable. It uses housing of whole sealing metal, reduced insert receive interface to enclose dimension, increased to insert force, can provide close public errand and interface stability. Through using many solder dish cover bolt with aperture, it can bear the 98 N retentivity that product standards asks, remain true SMD to take at the same time put connector. It is used without polarity terminal layout, the terminal of plug and electrical outlet used stretch terminal design, every contain 2 independent contacts to nod to terminal, also be called double insurance " battle snake terminal " . In joining with Mini I/O in this RJ45 systematic dependability is compared, after all their expression how? CNC Milling