The general operation flow of numerical control process designing

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The unit process of cargo bandling that numerical control process designing machines heads first to load semifinished product, define the target that working procedure machines, design cutting tool, define the way of treatment and make this corresponding treatment form, next the content of basis treatment form, guide like what machine the specific parameter of the object, cutting tool move knife of angle of rotate speed of step pitch of means, milling, main shaft, feed, milling, advance and retreat the detailed content such as face of dot, interference and safe plane comes the type of unripe set prescription of contrail of establish cutting tool; Undertake to cutting tool contrail corresponding editor is revised after emulation treatment, duplicate etc; After waiting for all cutting tool contrail to design qualification, the treatment code that undertakes the aftertreatment makes system of corresponding numerical control undertakes DNC is transmitted with CNC machining, its are specific flow is shown 1 times like the graph. The success or failure that after the 1 the first pace that guides CAD model guides CAD model serves as CNC Machining is deciding flow chart of general operation of graph 1 CNC Machining, handles, its guide the parameter such as the shrinkage of the model, unit or shape structure must accord with effective demand. Guide cent of CAD model measure is two measure: Must undertake CAD file is changed above all, CAD file passes PS-Exchange changeover, guide through PowerMILL next. If do not have PS-Exchange changeover, powerMILL is to cannot guide of CAD model. PowerMILL guides CAD model, in can carrying choice menu column [file] / [example] option lades model, if pursue,2 are shown. Graph 2 [treatment model lades] operation measure PowerMILL 7.

The data file of 0 acceptability much sort format, open [open example] in the dialog box [file type] next pulling list casing, if the graph is shown 3 times, the type format that can differ according to needing to choose opens model data file. Graph 3 PowerMILL7.

The treatment that craft of treatment of craft of treatment of 2 analysises model analyses the type pattern of 0 data file even if points to pair of spare partses undertakes planning orderly, its are specific arrangement should locate according to character of the structure of the spare parts, material, clamp, the machine tool function, amount that processes place and installation frequency undertake differentiating neatly, can undertake differentiating according to following method commonly. 1) law of foreword of cent of cutting tool concentration undertakes differentiating with applied cutting tool, with same it is all and OK to complete cutting tool treatment complete cutting tool treatment the spare parts place of treatment, reoccupy the 2nd or the 3rd cutting tool finishs the other position that they can finish. Can reduce the number that change a knife so, reduce the time of blank program, reduce needless fixed position error. 2) law of foreword of treatment place cent machines a spare parts on numerical control machine tool, working procedure can be centered. Very much to machining place spare parts can hold clip and complete whole process as far as possible, can press its structure characteristic to will machine place to be divided into a few parts, be like inside form, appearance, curved surface or plane. But should follow following principle commonly: (1) machine face of planar, fixed position first commonly, aperture is machined after. (2) process simple geometrical form first, the geometrical form with complex rework. (3) machine the place with inferior precision first, the position with rework precision higher demand. 3) with thick, finish machining the law that divide order machines metabolic spare parts to easy happening, because the likelihood after rough machining happens to be out of shape and need to have school look, reason wants those who have thick, precision work to want to part working procedure commonly. 4) the principle CNC Machining that assures precision asks working procedure is centered, normally thick, finish machining places next finishing in outfit, be opposite to reduce heat to be out of shape with milling force is out of shape the influence of precision of the appearance of workpiece, position, dimension precision and exterior surface roughness, answer to have thick, precision work apart. Countershaft kind or dish kind of spare parts, will everywhere first rough machining, take a few surplus precision work, in order to make sure exterior quality asks. In the meantime, to workpiece of a few casing, to assure the treatment precision of aperture, answer to machine the surface to machine aperture after that first. The place on put together is narrated, differentiating when working procedure, when should consider above to go in commonly, undertake deciding according to machining spare parts structure actually again next, but must do one's best is reasonable. Department of coordinate of origin of 3 settings CNC Machining builds coordinate to fasten is to define cutting tool or work the position in the machine tool, decide limits of the position of component of machine tool motion and its exercise. Coordinate of machine tool of unified regulation numerical control fastens the name of each axis to reach its to losing way, can simplify to program, make the program that writes has interchangeability. The coordinate department on numerical control machine tool is to use flute of right hand right angle to get stuck coordinate is, the square that the direction of thumb is X axis to, the square that forefinger is Y axis to, the square that middle finger is Z axis to, if pursue,4 are shown. Graph flute blocks right angle of 4 right hands position of origin of coordinate department work is by him handlers of set, it ends in workpiece outfit clip hind, in carrying fraction with affirmatory to the knife. What it mirrors is the distance position relation between workpiece and machine tool origin. Once workpiece coordinate department is secured, change no longer commonly, if pursue,5 are shown. The outfit clip of 4 workpiece, corrective workpiece is having place of coordinate of origin of graph 5 CNC Machining before milling is machined, must outfit of accurate and reliable ground is placed on the machine tool, with the positional dot that will decide workpiece to go up in the machine tool, line or face, call fixed position fiducial. Because dot or line are reflected by particular face commonly, the fixed position on workpiece is so standard call fixed position datum plane again. Holding clip is to point to attend work in the machine tool or the process of the fixed position in clamping apparatus, clamp, can use vice or add motherboard to smoke the means such as screw to hold clip. When holding clip, put standard space block in vice mouth above all, put work, then gently locking workpiece, adopt dial gauge or dial indicator next the level of corrective workpiece and perpendicular position, next again locking workpiece, finally again workpiece has review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court shift. Locating certainly fiducial with clamp should notice as follows when plan at 3 o'clock: (1) design of do one's best, craft and process designing calculative are fiducial and unified. (2) reduce the number that hold clip as far as possible, accomplish as far as possible can machine a place that needs treatment entirely after outfit clip locates. (3) clamping apparatus should open free, orgnaization of its fixed position, clamp cannot affect treatment to take a knife mediumly, prevent cutting tool and clamp orgnaization collision. When encountering this kind of situation, can use the kind that use vice or imposes motherboard to smoke screw to hold clip. Parameter of milling of 5 settings treatment 1) milling parameter regards milling dosage as one of dominant keys in CNC Machining, what its install is reliable affected life of treatment efficiency, cutting tool or spare parts precision to wait for a problem directly. In CNC Machining process, can choose cutting tool and affirmatory milling dosage immediately below interactive condition. Accordingly, process designing personnel must be familiar with the affirmatory principle of the selection method of cutting tool and milling dosage, assure the treatment quality of the spare parts and treatment efficiency thereby, produce the advantage of numerical control machine tool adequately, raise the economic benefits of the enterprise and manufacturing level. The principle of dosage of logical choice milling is as follows: (1) when rough machining, to improve efficiency, below the condition that makes sure cutting tool, clamping apparatus and sex of steel of machine tool intensity are enough, the choice of milling dosage is orderly: Choose milling deepness first a few bigger, choose bigger feed next, pick proper milling speed next. When mental allowance small, when milling deepness cannot be big, can increase feed appropriately. When milling material surface crusty layer (be like cast-iron) , milling deepness should surmount crustaceous layer ply, make cutting tool is in first the edge when milling wears away not easily, avoid appearance of knife of collapse of the generation when hard cortex of cutting tool and material is contacted directly. When milling nonferrous metal, material plasticity tenacity is better, hardness is inferior, milling dosage can be chosen appropriately big, if main shaft rotate speed is optional greater value, but feed speed cannot too big, otherwise easy generation of red copper material sticks knife phenomenon. (2) when finish machining, mental allowance is small, spend to make sure the surface of workpiece is bright and clean, raise milling rate as far as possible, at this moment feed can decrease appropriately. Milling dosage can ask according to the technology of mental allowance and spare parts and decide. (3) high speed milling is to use hard alloy knife, below very high rotate speed, the high temperature of the generation in using milling (600~1000 ℃ ) , make workpiece machines exterior bate, and method of a kind of of function of milling of cutting tool of can sufficient play efficient treatment. When high speed milling, answer to determine milling dosage according to concrete shop sign. 2) main shaft revolution counter shows rate of main shaft roll, the unit is R/min. Can wait for circumstance set according to material of size of cutting tool diameter, cutting tool, hardware data. Computational formula is: Install main shaft rotate speed to answer commonly a few comply with is following principle: (1) cutting tool diameter is bigger, to make the milling of every tooth complete, rotate speed of setting main shaft should be jumped over low. (2) cutting tool diameter is smaller, to assure the steel sex of cutting tool, rotate speed of setting main shaft should be jumped over tall. (3) cutting tool data is harder, had sufferred slow rate effect to avoid cutting tool tooth, pound cutting tool, rotate speed of setting main shaft should be jumped over tall. (4) milling material plasticity is bigger, for example treatment of red copper electrode, main shaft rotate speed should be jumped over tall. (5) milling material hardness is big, plasticity tenacity is smaller, main shaft rotate speed should be jumped over low. According to experience, the diametical cutting tool of 3~16 of high-speed steel Φ , rotate speed of general setting main shaft is 500~1800r/min; Hard alloy cutting tool is 1500~3000r/min (high speed machines except) . Rotate speed of common stock main shaft writes melody on the Control Panel of numerical control machine tool (fold) switch, can undertake to main shaft rotate speed in machining a process multiple is adjusted rectifying. If of the choice is the cutting tool that famous manufacturer manufactures, for example Toshiba, day stands, the cutting tool such as 3 water chestnut, SECO, Shanteweike or the cutting tool of a few special functions, the milling dosage that main shaft rotate speed can consult the manufacturer is offerred is calculated formulary, undertake rotate speed of its cutter spindle joins numeric computation. (6) the speed when rate of milling rate milling points to material of cutting tool milling, the unit is M/min. Milling rate should ask according to the treatment precision of the spare parts and exterior surface roughness, and cutting tool and workpiece data will choose. The addition of milling rate also can improve manufacturing efficiency. When demand of treatment surface surface roughness is low, milling rate can choose a little bit big; When treatment material hardness is taller, can choose slower career. In mould treatment process, the rate that the value of process designing set of milling rate compares effective treatment commonly wants big, make machine speed actually to adjust range the value is greater. Because machine speed actually to be able to adopt the long tone on machine tool Control Panel (fold) switch undertakes be adjustmented artificially, if encounter empty knife to machine,adding man-hour actually, speed can be adjusted a few faster, raise empty knife advancing rate, but speed of the biggest feed should get equipment stiffness and feed system performance sexual limitation. Milling rate parameter affects treatment surface quality directly, see treatment circumstance judge normally whether to install reasonable, it is to read material, look cut falling scrap to whether be a shape, color and semifinished product whether similar, if similar criterion setting is reasonable. 2 it is to hear voice, sound is normal, oscillatory without workpiece noise is reasonable. If appear color of grain, pulverous, Cheng Zi, amaranth, state unreasonable or milling dosage is too big, but except of hard alloy material. The 6 knife course that build knife course and examine to knife course makes cutting tool way in PowerMILL treatment system and arise, OK and apparent ground reflects the direction of cutting tool and milling position, pass collision function, still can examine the effective length of clamping apparatus collision, cutting tool and the length of the smallest cutting tool that increase not to produce collision place to need. 1) generating knife course to build knife course is the milling position that shows through method orbit reflects model part (the mobile contrail of cutting tool) . PowerMILL system is knife course generate those who offerred color is divisional, make the user can understand the milling situation of each positions on model spare parts clearly, had prevented effectively to cut or bump into the happening of the knife, the knife path that the user can show 6 times through be like a graph examines its milling position. Graph 6 examine knife course 2) examine knife course uses PowerMILL 7.

0 medium collision check a function to be able to explore a cutting tool clip is held or arbor is apart from work space to whether be less than clearance to be worth limits, can undertake colliding checking to the cutting tool method of activation. When undertaking colliding checking to the cutting tool method of activation, powerMILL 7.

0 the biggest collision deepness will be shown to break up cutting tool method two parts on screen, if pursue,7 are shown. It is the part of cutting tool method that did not collide partly among them, and another part is the part of cutting tool method that collision can produce below the condition that changing cutting tool length. The cutting tool length that can produce method of collision part cutting tool will increase automatically to the length of the smallest cutting tool that does not produce collision place to need, because this is right,any cutting tool won't produce collision method. Graph deepness of 7 indication collision and break up cutting tool method 1.


7NC aftertreatment and found workshop craft file to NC aftertreatment format, average user has the demand of 3 administrative levels: (1) PowerMILL has those who fit requirement of him machine tool in the aftertreatment of the belt oneself, do not need to revise, code of additions and deletions. (2) did not suit, need adapting aftertreatment. (3) the code format of the machine tool differs completely with common code format, need to build brand-new aftertreatment. Workshop craft file namely CNC Machining program is only, it is the communication platform between process designing personnel and machine tool operator. After process designing personnel writes the program of spare parts of a model, should fill in on sheet of CNC Machining program means of the type of name of file number, date, program, cutting tool, length that hold clip, treatment, surplus and the parameter such as the means in minute, but a few special technology ask to still need process designing personnel and machine tool operator to communicate each other, in an attempt to reachs consensus. The specific requirement of sheet of CNC Machining program expresses place to show as follows. File number: Date: Date process designing member: Fit clip pattern: £Vice£Code board£Special fixture£Outfit of radius of round horn of diameter of remarks of mental allowance of means of cutting tool treatment places name of program of single serial number of program of other watch CNC Machining surplus of bottom of surplus of length type wall 123456789101112 installation sketch map: Access is fiducial: £In be being divided quadrilateral£Dimension of standard limit stuff: Treatment of number of machine tool of stuff kind operator begins time to machine graph of the time that finish to file the program files CNC Milling