Flexible ModuleLine system

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Although people thinks Heller company develops ModuleLine system of production (MLS) it is to be used at another kind of treatment polyhedron spare parts merely flexible manufacturing system, but the Bernd Zapf that is in charge of developing system of this one machine tool looks, MLS is not only however a few change added on existing system foundation, however a kind brand-new flexible manufacturing system. Current, of car product demand wave motion is bigger, new model is rolled out ceaselessly, the development cycle of the product is shorter and shorter, car manufacturer hopes to be able to find a kind of such production to machine plan: Want to have the primary production efficiency of automatic product line already, should have again flexible the flexibility that produces a system. Of course, investing cost also is a factor that car manufacturer key considers. In fact, the production cost of the spare parts depends on not only the investment cost of product line, still matter to a lot of other factors at the same time, if handle charge, safeguard charge and the cost that increase facility for later period to wait. For example the time ability that manufacturer of a car thinks the likelihood needs to cost 10 years reclaims the investment of a product line, to achieve this one goal, they must with 80% ~ the index of 85% develops integral equipment efficiency (namely OEE, OEE= equipment can use quality of × of the productivity that lead × ) . Accordingly, in the production of big, medium-sized batch that fastens a spare parts in motivation, face metabolic demand of production, while car manufacturer is considering to invest automatic product line, consider to use even flexible production processes a system. Modular composition is when the plan that speaks of MLS system, the American business department of HELLER company sells explanation of vice-president Mr Vincent Trampus to say, this basically fastens component to produce for motivation and the system of the design can be regarded already is automatic product line, also can be being regarded is flexible manufacturing system. The woof of MLS system is the treatment module that comprises by the machine tool, cover an area of an area small one of advantages that are MLS system. These machine tools include: MC 10 of odd axis machine tool with MC 20 model, the journey of main shaft is 630mm and 800mm respectively, the structural photograph contrast of the machine tool is more compact, its width has 1 only.

8 M. MCT 10 for machine tool of double main shaft, it is on the foundation of MC10 machine tool collect becomes double rod machining center; MC 200 be MC20 machine tool strengthen model, can configure have 4:1Gear case, what can produce 800Nm is torsional, can use boring of large size cutting tool to machine cylinder body or crankshaft, milling machines end face. MPC machine tool is designed much axis machines a head. Other auxiliary equipment still include knife library, cutting tool to exchange device and workpiece trade unit, these are the general configuration of the machine tool. In addition, still one deserves to have rotate the trunnion device of workbench, by two add axis is comprised (A axis and B axis) , with 3 of the machine tool main essential factor is combined together, MLS system had the 5 axes that debug outfit card and pentahedral process capability. And more important is, choose the main shaft of different type, MLS system still can be installed wet treatment, treatment doing type or minim lubricant treatment (MQL) means. Automation system is the main component in MLS system, main show is in of the spare parts convey automatically and of cutting tool in conveying. This system uses transmission of linear electric machinery, the power transmission of electric machinery uses contact guide, control signal is sent through radio. Because be not taken easily tatty daggle type cable, construction of this kind of design not only can make care and maintenance asks to drop lowermost limit, and when need, be helpful for producing further expansion of the system. Investment cost and productivity and automatic product line are compared, the structural advantage of MLS system is in the project at the beginning of be able to reflect. That is to say, the productivity of transfer matic is the productivity that its have manufacturing facilities, manufacturing arrangement also can rely on existing automatic product line to solve only. Plan the earlier investment of a transfer matic is quite considerable, however, a project needs to spend a few months normally, even one year or longer time, ability achieves established productivity quite, this means equipment to be all the time under productivity move. However, compare with automation product line, the earlier investment expenses of MLS system has its 1/6. Each workstation on its, include a part automatic deferent system, can install. Once produce craft to decide, if need to add equipment, still can install other manufacturing unit again. Graph 1: MC10 machining center but not be to say MLS and other the manufacturing system condition that is a foundation with machining center differs somewhat, mr Trampus says, in the circumstance that wears system of feed a machine high falls, confirm through practice, what the implementation of systematic part craft wants to compare MLS system it seems that is more costly and complex. Because,this is, to wearing system of feed a machine high character, whole expectant automation unit is to purchase those who obtain. The advantage of MLS system is returned not merely hereat, if use flexible produce a system and have its and the MLS system that produce same ability comparative, MLS system is OK and average managing of 37% cover an area of an area. From on the whole, if annual productivity is this system 50 thousand spare partses, MLS system system can help an user managing the charge of 18% . Graph 2: The automation system of deferent workpiece and cutting tool introduces drive of linear electric machinery, do not take easily system of tatty cable MLS can achieve so tall production efficiency, having the factor of many sided. Among them mechanical function and norms are very important of course, fast feed speed is exemple if 60m/min, acceleration is 8m/s2, its purpose is to achieve taller manufacturing efficiency, is not to should make the machine tool has faster character. Mr Bernd Zapf that the basis is in charge of developing system of this one machine tool and its work in the same placing (this development working group shares 40 people) computation, if improve the performance of each axis further, they still can make productivity raises 1% ~ again 2% . If they can change through accelerating cutting tool speed and cut bits the time to cutting bits in order to reduce the free time of the machine tool, manufacturing efficiency still can rise about 6% . For this, they are being solved hard how to reduce cutting tool to change further the problem of time. Go up from essence for, position of knife library installation is in main shaft commonly over. And next cutting tool that use need find a place for beforehand go up in unit of cutting tool trade, accordingly " the knife is right knife " time is adjacent already at " 0 " , and cut bits to need only to cutting bits time 2.

4s, change in cutting tool below frequent circumstance, the accumulative total of this one word also is quite considerable, normally, it is a spare parts to motivation (wait like cylinder body, casing and gear case) treatment also is having main effect. The spare parts changes device also is such, when a spare parts is machined, another part that needs treatment already waited outside machining an area, accordingly, of workpiece change time needs 10s only fewer even. Graph 3: The cutting tool of MLS system exchanges device to need to debug cutting tool first before change, this can make cut bits to reduce lowermost limit epilogue to be able to be told so accordingly to cutting bits time, MLS system uses much stage machine tool to compose is built and be become. The spare parts can be machined by serial means or shunt-wound means undertakes machining, still can use mixture means treatment below certain circumstance. The spare parts of completely different type can run treatment in same time. When product or crop produce change, the person that use still can use directer form, machine tool amount increases on the system or reduce machine tool amount. Normally, what MLS system can resemble be a foundation with machining center is flexible manufacturing system in that way, will main energy arrives centrally how utmost ground reduces total assets cost to go up. Cimatron Germany branch will sell GibbsCAM software and offer a technology to support Israel Cimatron company to announced a few days ago, its begin to sell advanced GibbsCAM to machine software solution in German branch, provide technical support, appear on the market with the name of Virtual Gibbs in Germany. It is reported, after company of Cimatron of the beginning of the year and American Gibbs company are amalgamative this year, german branch is the provides GibbsCAM software solution finally company in the numerous subsidiary of Cimatron company. Cimatron company sets agency in Ettlingen, Hamm, Ismaning, Cologn and Nuremberg, have powerful client base, will more than 10 years be by tens of thousands maker of German industry pattern and treatment manufacturer service. GibbsCAM software solution is treatment, car, Che Xi compound, rotate cut of system of treatment of milling, gravestone, line and much knife tower / machine tool of much main shaft (much task machines a machine tool) etc offer extensive CNC process designing function, the sex of the function that build a model that applies to manufacturing industry technically is harmonious, those who support line draw a frame round, curved surface and substance to wait found and operate. GibbsCAM software used intuitionistic user interface, buy is united in wedlock inside gender and emulation function, can make manufacturer improves productivity, raise the response rate that asks to the client, change a design in time. This software supports the controller of advanced supplier and machine tool, include GE Fanuc, Infimatic, Siemens, Doosan Infracore, Haas, Index, MAG Fadal, Matsuura, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Mori Seiki, Nakamura Tome and Tornos to wait. The sale of Gibbs company and strategic program are advanced vice-president Robb Weinstein expresses, conform with the resource of Cimatron company and information, provided a quick and reliable medium of communication to enlarge GibbsCAM software to sell a network in global cent. Cimatron company cooperates the agency that is in Germany with GibbsCAM, use potential synergic dominant position further. Dirk Dombert of Cimatron GmbH general manager says: "GibbsCAM software can make we answer the demand of solution of German market manufacturing industry better, we expect to be able to offer the solution with this kind of very high prestige, the others that product of software of OK and complemental Cimatron wraps. The others that product of software of OK and complemental Cimatron wraps.. CNC Milling