Heavy-duty and rigid line of business adds fast fall after a rise to walk along opportunity of door going abroad to mature

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Newest statistic makes clear, 1~2 month is heavy-duty and mechanical this year of industry total production value and sales revenue add fast compare respectively go up fall after a rise of year of the corresponding period 24.

23% with 24.

74% , profit is added fast by 111 last year.

64% drop 25.

87% (see a table) . "Such going down, the of 20% industry economy that is afraid the beginning of the year estimates grows speed to will come true hard, industry whole is added fast drop likely half above. "Wang Jian course of study told director of association of industry of Chinese heavy machinery the reporter a few days ago. The gross value of industrial output that mechanical fall after a rise carries to have heavy carriage machine apparently again since holds gross value of industrial output of entire industry of serious machine industry 65% the left and right sides, its increase fast fall after a rise very apparent, pull move whole of serious machine industry to add fast glide. "This is only then makings do not industry of " Wang Jian says, "Explain the effect of macroscopical adjusting control begins the country to be shown in serious machine industry. "  has the personage inside course of study to express more, fall after a rise just just begins, the time that this kind of circumstance will last 23 years likely. Han Xian keeps president of limited company of Wei Hua group tell a reporter, at present although the enterprise still is produced in full load, but it is to digest the order form that takes before, new order was done not have almost, how company of second half of the year grows ability so is the thing that he cares most. Bark built course of study to analyse the cause that creates this kinds of situation, he thinks, the construction work in technical reformation of our country major company (build factory building) finish basically, all sorts of foundations build investment to drop, heavy carriage machinery makes dosage also decreases subsequently since. Additional, rolled steel rises in price range is too big, those who make be given priority to in order to use up rolled steel is medium production of company of small heavy carriage machinery encounters difficulty. The actual strength bark that already had door going abroad builds course of study to say, rise to carry amount of imports and exports of mechanical 1~2 month to be as high as 8 again.

400 million dollar, entrance forehead is 3.

8.2 billion dollar, exit 4.

8.5 billion dollar, appear first favourable balance. This makes clear, heavy carriage machinery has begun to move toward an international market since our country. The limited company of group of Henan Wei Hua that expands at full speed in last few years is growing to carry the bibcock business of mechanical industry again to rise gradually, han Xian protects what also lose no time to turn the look abroad. He tells a reporter, center of newly-built foreign technology research and development will this year second half of the year is enabled in Singapore, radiate of this technology center is whole southeast Asia area, the product that its purpose is group of farther Jiang Weihua infiltrates southeast Asia market. Dr. Xulei that ever worked in institute of Beijing lifting appliance, at present hold post at lifting appliance of heart Ma Ge (Shanghai) limited company, the market opportunity that he what understand state-owend enterprise and foreign enterprise very much reminds domestic lifting appliance the company must hold good home. He says, take lifting appliance trade for, the at best of foreign capital enterprise that develop truly to home occupies a of whole market small odd only, so domestic enterprise uses afraid meeting to be squeezed break down by the foreign enterprise far from. Want to had made the product of own enterprise truly only, not only can stand firm in home, and still can abroad the market develops a scope of operation. He takes door going abroad to Chinese enterprise confident. Exit has representative serious aircraft company most is Jiangsu tells limited company of embellish Electromechanical group, the jack that this company produces has gotten wide recognition in abroad. Connected embellish Electromechanical exit to achieve 2004 collect amount to 1.

1.4 billion dollar, occupy domestic jack to export gross 3 into. Limited company of heavy-duty and rigid group regards Taiyuan as the big company in serious machine industry, in last few years flying development has a reason. Gao Zhijun president says, too heavy last year sales revenue achieves 2.1 billion yuan, this is unprecedented good achievement, too heavy the level that ever wandered for a long time in 500 million yuan, production does not have improvement all the time. But in recent years, too heavy will main energy is put in development to the product of own intellectual property goes up, sales revenue rises considerably. Gao Zhijun says, too heavy now oily film bearing is completely OK to international congener product cries board, it is famous high grade product. Researcher of Zhengzhou machinery institute pays Wei Ping to think, the industry is added fast glide and cannot be afraid of, want the enterprise has great progress, still answer to give out the product that has him intellectual property, increase innovation capacity ceaselessly. Through long-term research he discovers, on the core component of equipment, the technology of product of our country heavy machinery not second the technology at foreign equipment, even the product that domestic company can design an accord with to add up to an user to need actually more, but company of the home on outer view and the processing of a few detail still needs continuous study. CNC Milling