Use agree generation of take in the fresh-take in new Party members improves cutting tool of edition Romicron® accurate boring, realize treatment of closed circuit boring

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Below high rotate speed implementation high accuracy bores hole treatment, need not assist equipment or relevant operation experience to be able to be operated agree the system of Romicron® accurate boring of accept. Get on cutting tool installation in the machine tool hind, can achieve requires treatment measure through dial operation directly, shorten the time that move a knife, the operation is simple. Romicron boring system can carry the noncombatant duty that bore hole inside limits of a few micron, bore hole the precision difference between has only very micron. Cutting tool of Romicron accurate boring is new-style Romicron®AVS series offers diametical range now 25 to 79 Mm (0.

984 to 3.

11 inches) boring cutter product, the rotate speed on high speed main shaft can be amounted to 20, 000 RPM. The proposal uses standard ISO bit, include to agree accept is newest the BeyondTM material qualitative cutting tool that roll out. The proposal uses high-pressured refrigeration system (pressure is highest can amount to 120 cling to) , platoon bits is more smooth, drop the temperature of cutting area effectively. Usually, romicron system deploys orgnaization of patent and slip gate, working principle and gearing are similar, with 10:1the relation changes regulated quantity. This means operator to enter a small adjustment on cutting tool, and report is less diametical change on cutting workpiece. Orgnaization of a powerful person is slip brake to lock up type oneself, need clamp screw helps a lock decide. Main shaft does not bear cutting force, whole orgnaization uses unoccupied place design of very close to each other. Use this kind of accurate design, although do not have the use of Romicron experience and groomed operation personnel also can undertake be operatinged correctly. With traditional around shift compensates the attune of clearance to rectify orgnaization photograph to compare, the unoccupied place design of very close to each other with because this kind of tone is overall special compose, need not turn substantially the adjustment that can realize bigger diameter limits. Because use system of Romicron cutting tool to adjust,go to the lavatory, need not assist tool or other measurement equipment can undertake adjustment on the machine tool, extend the locomotive time of equipment, rose to machine the stability of the process. Shorten effectively treatment metre, need a few seconds to be able to be finished only below certain circumstance adjust, and congener cutting tool system needs at least a few minutes. In addition, because Romicron cutting tool does not need to use locking bolt or auxiliary tool, the CNC that can use a machine tool undertakes self-correcting, form closed circuit boring (CLB) system. Measure equipment through each processes, dimension bores hole currently to measure data to be able to send the CNC to the machine tool after treatment is finished. The machine tool moves Romicron cutting tool to have fixed position to machine tool interior, the computation that realizes CNC adjusts increment, the dimension that makes bore hole maintains from beginning to end inside tolerancepublic errand limits. Romicron? Each CLB that cutting tool adjusts annulus bore hole inside, through the spring that can contract the lock sells auxiliary fixed position and with bore hole clench the teeth. According to computational result, need to ask main shaft to rotate according to increment only can realize cutting tool to adjust, before can maintaining the next to the plan is measured and adjust cycle. Use existing machine tool to be able to be in bore hole very exact treatment size is reached in finish machining, improve the productivity of job shops and treatment efficiency. Super- fine bore hole below the good treatment condition that finish machining lists in following place, romicron boring system can carry the noncombatant duty that bore hole inside limits of a few micron, bore hole the precision difference between has only very micron: - the cutting that realizes finish machining measures coaxial of ground of even, rule to distributing, maintain in 0.

010 inches (0.

In 25 Mm) . - the treatment material according to lathe and finishing requirement, cutting tool every rotate circuit feed maintains in 0.

006 inches (0.

15 Mm) or lower. - radius of circular arc of point of a knife of the microscope before boring is machined. - can achieve below normal treatment condition be equal the public errand at IT6 of ISO accuracy class, large size workpiece can amount to the tolerancepublic errand grade of IT5. - it is crucial that solid and favorable workpiece mix is held. Treatment allows changeful entity when thin wall workpiece, must place appropriately hold. - if bore hole,length exceeds 2.

5 times diameter, need uses tailor-made knife handle. - must scrutiny is special material in order to determine optimal treatment method. With normally the state puts forward to machine regulation and proposal, to the special proposal that freeboard precision boring machines, connection agrees accept or visit agree accept website Www.


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