Face cleanness to change production semifinished product to choose to consider

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Change as the legal system of environmental protection, barrier of trade of the green in standardization and world trade is restricted to what the product exports, the production enterprise of world each country is using life cycle to analyse a way almost (the product that LCA) evaluates him, to the product the resource inside life cycle, the sources of energy uses up the problem such as the environmental protection character that reachs litter to have thorough research. The semifinished product that the article offers to face cleanness to make chooses the semifinished product that principle knead dough makes to cleanness to develop a tendency. The basic mind that the connotation cleanness that 1 cleanness makes changes production is what form stage by stage in process of prevention and cure is pollute in longer industry. But as a result of its just arisen before long, because this turns production to cleanness at present,medium cleanness makes a process (cleanness of the following abbreviation is made) the understanding that returns neither one to unite. The author thinks to cleanness is made even if be in the manufacturing process finished product of raw material translate into, through using all sorts of advanced technologies and administrative method, blend in " comprehensive precaution is polluted " thought, make the enterprise produces implementation economy and environmental synchronism the harmonious, process that develops a purpose continuously. It is namely in the whole production process of the product, through taking all sorts of step, make its resource, the sources of energy is used up the smallest, the smallest to environmental pollution, final can economic ground production gives green product. Can say, cleanness is made can increase market competition capacity for the enterprise, can last what realize an enterprise development strategy provides strong technical measure, it is product cleanness one of indispensable important segment in changing manufacturing life cycle. From this knowable, cleanness makes the production concept foundation in the tradition go up, considered environmental factor in the round, the attribute of the attribute of the property that increased 4 environments respect in the manufacturing process of the product, attribute of economic natural resources, economic energy resources, environmental protection, good labor protection attribute. The importance semifinished product that the 2 semifinished product that face cleanness to make select a principle to select semifinished product correctly is measure of the appearance that asks according to spare parts place, technology the machining target that wait and makes, it is the foundation of formulate machining procedure. The different sort of semifinished product and production method is very old to part process influence, the working procedure amount in part process, material is used up, machining amount of labor depend on greatly selects semifinished product, reason chooses semifinished product correctly to have important technical economy sense. In facing the semifinished product that cleanness makes to choose a principle to be designed in conventional technology, choice semifinished product basically considers economy issue, semifinished product of very few attend to produces the effect to the environment. And in clean production process, choice semifinished product should consider all sorts of semifinished product and the economy of production method not only, consider them even the influence to the environment, to resource, the sources of energy use up state and can affect duratively to social production. The semifinished product below guidance of clean production thought chooses to should follow the following principle: When economic rationality principle selects semifinished product, the appearance of semifinished product and dimension are more adjacent at finished product spare parts, semifinished product overall material utilization factor is higher, machining amount of labor is less, machining fare is lower also, but rose to the production requirement of semifinished product so, corresponding ground semifinished product makes the investment expenses of equipment increase. Conversely, if semifinished product production precision is low, the investment expenses of semifinished product production equipment is little, but amount of labor of the following machining is big, overall material utilization factor is low, spare parts finished cost will increase, this two respects are mutual contradiction. But answer when craft is designed comply with " economic rationality " principle, integrated consideration semifinished product is made and decide with this for machining charge of the foundation, it is a purpose with achieving first-rate economic benefits finally. Place laying a plan is shown for the spare parts integrated production cost, semifinished product makes cost, machining cost 3 person relation curve. The X0 in the graph is the optimal combination point that semifinished product makes precision and spare parts produce cost integratedly namely, spare parts of this bit produces cost lowest integratedly. Because this is in clean production process, semifinished product chooses to want as far as possible hasten is bordering on this. Semifinished product production precision and the impact that produce cost are like a spare parts year output is N, criterion put together of spare parts annual synthesizes this E to be able to use next type to convey: In E=Em+Ej=VmN+Sm+VjN+Sj type: Process cost of annual of Em semifinished product; Ej is process cost of annual of spare parts machining; Vm, Vj is made for semifinished product, the spare parts processes alterable charge; Sm, Sj is made for semifinished product, the spare parts processes fixed charge. When undertaking semifinished product plan is chosen below established production program, need only to going up type seeks dinky cost, the person that beg Emin of cost of the minorrest integrated production namely is be seleted plan. Place of functional adaptability principle chooses semifinished product sort to reach production method to want to be able to assure semifinished product reliably to wait for the requirement of the respect in function, quality, productivity. Well-known, although same material, when using different semifinished product to produce a method, gotten mechanical property often also differs. Demand of semifinished product strength is normally high, use forging more. But in recent years, rise as what cast technical level, cast-iron mechanical function is being improved ceaselessly, some index are close to or exceed steel. When selecting semifinished product, consider the factor such as the appearance of the spare parts, dimension even, make sure the quality of semifinished product asks hard otherwise. If form is complex,with thin wall semifinished product cannot use metal mold to cast, can arise otherwise cast blemish. Be like the semifinished product with larger size again, cannot use the semifinished product such as die forging, Die Casting and casting of essence of life to produce a method. Resource is optimal use principle resource optimal use a principle to include two meanings, it is to save raw material to use up, 2 it is to make full use of existing equipment resource. Energy uses up the smallest principle from the type of used the sources of energy, energy the respect such as effective utilization rate takes step, save the sources of energy, reduce energy as far as possible use up, the sources of energy in making produce is used up achieve the smallest. Environmental protection principle faces the semifinished product choice that cleanness makes, pay attention to semifinished product to manufacture the environmental protection in the process. People is right the manner of environmental problem already of the manufacturing process from in the past " extreme is administered " , development arrives " comprehensive precaution is polluted " the source reduces level. In process of semifinished product production, no matter be in,process management is produced to go up in semifinished product, should endeavor to adopt measure to avoid to produce environmental pollution, "0 pollution " the ultimate goal that is cleanness production pursuit. Aborning endeavors to use clean new material, new technology, new method, if forginging,blame black lead lubricant data is used in production, in sand mold molding sand of blame coal fines is used in casting, can avoid effectively to produce pollution. Be like again, in casting production, with shoot pressure, static press modelling machine to replace noise huge shake hits type modelling plane; In die forging production, with electro-hydraulic the equipment of the new principle such as the compressor of brace hot die forging of transmission, high-energy helix compressor replaces vintage noise, oscillatory, specific power consumption very great die forging weight, the noise that can reduce a workshop greatly and vibration are polluted. Cleanness of safe and delightful principle makes the labor protection of the handlers in returning opposite to produce a course raise a requirement, avoid to cause harm to health of handlers body and mind. The place on put together is narrated, the principle of semifinished product choice that faces cleanness to make is OK reduce 3 kinds: It is economy principle; 2 it is functional adaptability principle; 3 it is the environment coordinates sexual principle. These 3 kinds of principles are in process of semifinished product selection, interplay, interact, affect the choice of semifinished product jointly. The tides of 3 semifinished product development that face cleanness to turn production are protected as resource and environmental protection voice is louder and louder, force semifinished product workmanship to develop to direction of accurate figuration craft. Namely precision of the appearance of semifinished product figuration, dimension from close clean figuration (NearNetShapeForming) Xiangjing figuration (NetShapeForming) does not have surplus figuration direction to develop nearly namely. In the future " semifinished product " with " spare parts " dividing line may be smaller and smaller, some semifinished product already may were close to or reach the final figure of the spare parts and size, grinding hind can be assembled. because of such, the last few years of workmanship of accurate semifinished product will get rapid development, basically nicety is cast, nicety forgings, nicety is strong cut into parts, accurate rolling, pulverous metallurgy and fast prototype are made wait for advanced technique. Problem of environment of 4 last words already made the central point that international society pays close attention to, protective environment already became the consensus of people. The clean production course that produces green product will become prospective industry to make the standard of the process. Current, the development of product of our country green and photograph of world developed country are compared, no matter be,is very big difference on the amount, still be in primary level. Want to overtake level of world developed country, give massive effort even. Our country up to now still continue to use is worn extensive management traditional industry pattern, specific power consumption low, environment pollutes tall, benefit serious. Because this begins systematic cleanness to change manufacturing research from theory and method, the rapid development of product of green of stimulative our country, get used to the research of the international market, receive future to challenge, already was a task of top priority that our country industry grows. CNC Milling