Apply ANSYS Workbench to optimize a design quickly

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SolidWorks is one outstanding, the 3D with wide application designs software, assembling body respect to use distinctive technology to optimize systematic performance greatly especially. The article gives out a few kinds of methods that improve SolidWorks to assemble system performance, below same systematic condition, can raise the maneuverability of software, improve design efficiency then. Well-known, software of most 3D design is using the metropolis in the process to appear such circumstance, as assemble a part amount and complex degree increase, software increases relatively to the demand of systematic natural resources, systematic maneuverability can drop. The cause that creates this kind of situation has two kinds: It is inadequacy of configuration of hardware of all of computer science department, 2 it is to do not have reasonable use assemble a technology. The article undertakes an analysis to these two kinds of circumstances and offer corresponding solution. One, the solution   SolidWorks with insufficient configuration of all of computer science department uses a process in, inadequacy of computer hardware configuration is the immediate cause that causes systematic performance to drop, among them the CPU, memory, effect that shows clip is the biggest. If memory of all of computer science department is insufficient, windows enables fictitious memory automatically, because fictitious memory is located in hard disk, cause systematic memory and hard disk to exchange data often, bring about systematic performance to drop quickly; When CPU function is too low, extend operation time, bring about a system to answer time to grow too; The function that show clip does not cause view to update when beautiful slow, halt phenomenon appears when mobile model, bring about CPU to take up rate increase. The computer of moving SolidWorks recommends program of the following configuration: CPU: Gallop Ⅱ above memory: Small part or assemble system (little at 300 features or little at 1000 spare partses) , memory is 512M the least; Large part or assemble system (be more than 1000 features or 2500 spare partses) , memory needs 1G or more; Fictitious memory sets 2 times what be physical memory commonly. Show clip: The independence that supports OpenGL shows clip (avoid to use compositive show clip) , show put had better be more than 64M. To existing computer, use the following method to analyse systematic bottleneck, specific aim ground upgrades the computer. (1) starts Windows task to manage in SolidWorks use process implement, in function page, if of CPU take up rate often be in 100% , so systematic bottleneck is in CPU or show clip, the proposal upgrades CPU or show clip; If systematic memory is taken up for the most part, fictitious memory uses an amount very big, lamp of the hard disk in unit process of cargo bandling twinkles often, this explains systematic bottleneck is put inside, the proposal enlarges memory. It is with the author's PC exemple: If pursue the 1 assembly that includes 2500 cube body, CPU utilization rate is regular, memory on the low side, the system operates property some drop. If pursue the 2 assembly that include 10000 cube body, CPU utilization rate 100% , physical memory is insufficient, started fictitious memory, right now the system operates function to drop quickly, cannot on the rails designs the job. Graph the 1 assembly that includes 2500 cube body pursues the 2 assembly that include 10000 cube body   (2) uses SolidWorksRX (function is diagnosed) the requirement that the tool tests all of your computer science department to whether satisfy SolidWorks, this tool reachs more detailed diagnostic result and proposal. If graph 3SolidWorksRx diagnoses a report, software of SolidWorks2006 edition above includes this tool. Graph 3SolidWorksRx diagnoses a report 2, reasonable use the solution   that assembles a technology to improve systematic performance 1.

In changing component gently to assemble system in SolidWorks, component has a variety of state, it is respectively: Change reductively, gently, compress, conceal. The component of different position takes up different systematic natural resources. All sorts of condition of component define as follows: Return virgin state: The model information of component loads memory completely; Change position gently: The model information section of component loads memory, just load memory when need only and participate in operation; Reduce position: The model information of component keeps clear of from inside memory temporarily, spare parts function can be used no longer also do not participate in operation; Lock position: The model information of component loads memory completely, but component is sightless. Component is like a watch quite in the function below all sorts of condition 1: Express the property that all sorts of condition leave 1 component to compare component to take up systematic natural resources is jumped over much, the system is overall function drops more. Through the watch 1 reach, change component gently to make load and rebuild the speed of the model is accelerated; Compress component to be accelerated not only load and rebuild the speed of the model, still accelerated indication function; Conceal component to accelerate indication function, but unalterable load and rebuild the speed of the model. Through using different component position integratedly, design personnel can obtain taller assembly system performance. 2.

Use simplify component component is contained mostly assemble the model information with unwanted put oneself in another's position, if decorate sexual circle horn, pour aperture of horn, part, groove and protruding stage to wait. If component carries these message,assemble system inside, can take up partial resource, reduce systematic performance. Design personnel passes those who found component to simplify configuration, compress unnecessary information (like the graph 4 are shown) , simplify spare parts resource is used up, load / rebuild the speed when the model is met faster. Additional, assemble use simplify after component, it is more easy to choose and browse a model, when design project pursues, also won't show needless detail. Graph 4     3.

Use in assembling body configuration to assemble body to design a process, design personnel is aimed at commonly assemble system a certain module undertakes centralized operating. If pursue of 5 electronic-controlled ark, design personnel designs the module such as door of capacitance, fuse, cupboard, bronze medal respectively. When designing bronze medal, door of fuse, cupboard and switch do not have any correlation with bronze medal, their existence reduces systematic performance not only, still can disturb the line of sight that designs staff. When designing bronze medal so, design personnel to wait for irrelvant component through compressing door of fuse, cupboard, can rise to insert and rebuild apparently the speed of the model. Graph 5 in A) , B) , C) gives out to did not simplify respectively, simplify and use 3 kinds of key that assemble body configuration, the analysis is as follows: (Place of 1) graph 5a) shows did not simplify configuration legend, a lot of detail show in assembling system. Be like: The aperture on pillar, such meetings drain many system resource, bring about insert / rebuild model speed is slow, indication rate is slow, procrastinate apparent halt phenomenon appears when using a model. (The use component that place of 2) graph 5b) shows simplifies configuration legend, a lot of detail of component do not show also do not participate in operation. Such insertion / rebuild model rate rises apparently, the improvement with indication clear speed, pull movable mould time base to do not have occurrence halt phenomenon originally. (The use that place of 3) graph 5c) shows assembles body to configure legend, when designing bronze medal, use assemble body configuration, compress needless component, use simplify configuration, make insert / rebuild model rate rises greatly, indication rate also has very big rise, procrastinate halt phenomenon appears no longer when moving. The place on put together is narrated, can reach: Below coequal condition, use the systematic performance excel that assembles body configuration to get simplify the function of component, use simplify the systematic performance excel that component gets was not used simplify the function of component. Design personnel basis assembles the functional module of body, found respectively assemble body configuration. According to need switch goes to corresponding configuration when the design, such with in whole assemble the design inside body to be compared, local design can improve systematic performance greatly. Graph 5     4.

Use child in assembling body to assemble body to design, partial design personnel is in individual assemble a large number of parts are loaded inside body, and do not use child assemble system, make individual assemble the following problem causes too much with layer spare parts inside body: (1) inserts / rebuild model speed is slow: The spare parts that be the same as a layer is redundant, every insert a component or rebuild when the model, all cooperating information of relation, geometry recount, take up so many systematic natural resources. If assemble body to differentiate to assemble system for much stature, when whole is operated, do not calculate child assemble system inside cooperate and geometrical information, make computational quantity decreases greatly, raise systematization. (2) searchs appoint cooperate difficulty: If be the same as a spare parts overmuch, coordinate a measure the meeting is more, such very difficult amid are found appoint cooperate. Once cooperate occurrence mistake, it is very difficult to analyse and be changed. Delimit by module the element assembles system, the mistake is in by limitation child assemble system inside, it is easier that the analysis searchs a mistake to be met. (3) searchs spare parts difficulty: If assemble the part inside body overmuch, should search so it is very difficult to appoint a spare parts to become. Differentiate the spare parts to differ child assemble system, search by tree structure go to the lavatory more. When so the design assembles system, delimit according to functional module the element assembles system, such integral structures are more clear, change and the platoon investigates an error more convenient, also shorten at the same time insert and rebuild the time of the model, hold out expensive system performance. 5.

Use assembled SolidWorks of body option   to be designed to assembling system greatly greatly optimize in great quantities. In carrying use option " assemble body option greatly " the systematic setting that can optimize software, rise to assemble the function of body greatly. When large when assembling system pattern to open, the following option is in its cannot be used in page of respective system option or tool column (turn into gray) , and if express,2 narrate automatic set. When large when assembling system pattern to shut, option returns his previous set. Express the 2 systematic option that assemble condition to fall greatly to install 3, last word the performance that through upgrading computer hardware can improve a system directly, through reasonable use it is certain to assemble body technology to be able to be in first-rate system property is acquired below the condition, use above method integratedly to be able to improve the efficiency of the design with the smallest price. CNC Milling